Theodore Roosevelt

John McCain Quotes Teddy Roosevelt While Discussing Trump’s Remarks On POWs: ‘I’m In The Arena’

The fallout over how President Trump handled a condolence call to the widow of one of the U.S. soldiers killed in an ambush in Niger continued Monday as the president and Sen. John McCain continued their most-recent war of words. This added to speculation that Trump doesn’t respect members of the …

Donald Trump

Mainstream Scream: ABC analyst claims Reagan's party 'is gone'

This week's Mainstream Media Scream features a top ABC analyst who believes that the Republican Party would no longer welcome its iconic leaders, …


Dowd Questions Kelly’s Intelligence, Claims Lincoln’s GOP Is Gone

ABCs make-believe Republican, Matthew Dowd was on a tear Sunday morning during his appearance on <i>This Week</i>’s “Powerhouse Roundtable.” While there, he …


16 Blissful Quotes on Motivation to Make You Turn New Page in Your Life

1. Know or listen to those who know. – Baltasar Gracian<p>2. Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time …


Why going after this act of Congress could wreck America’s national parks

The Antiquities Act has been used to preserve some of America’s most beloved wild lands and historic landmarks and is facing assault from Trump and Congress<p>One-hundred-eleven years and a few months ago, Theodore Roosevelt signed the landmark law that helped cement his place as America’s …

National Parks

Movie review: New documentary 'Saving Brinton' tells the story of Michael Zahs, who helped save 100-year-old movies of Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Edison and more

A retired history teacher in rural eastern Iowa, where Amish farmers still plow their fields and travel to town on actual horsepower, Michael Zahs …


How Fitness Can Help Heal a Fractured Society

If we sweat and strive together, it will not be so easy to tear us apart.Photo by Bev Childress read more

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

25 Recommendations For Life Changing Biographies For The Voracious Reader In You

Smart people read biographies. Generalizations are usually worthless, but you can pretty much take this one to the bank.<p>Look at their libraries and …


The Best Science Books

Photo Credit: Vladimir Simovic/Shutterstock<p>Slide 1 of 35<p>Science and Storytelling<p>Whether you're interested in space travel, the inner workings of the …


The Alienist: A New Trailer Finds The Team Hunting Killers

The hunt for serial killers is seemingly an obsession for TV – crime is everywhere, and just this past weekend we had the first trailer for David …


Under Mr. Trump, America Surrenders | RealClearPolitics

Americans have long struggled with the question of whether this country should be more involved in world affairs, or less. The contest of ideas …

William Howard Taft

Today in History for October 14th

News (U.S.)

The Use, Abuse and Criticism of Capitalism

Via 2016, Trump was derided by his fellow Republicans for, among other things, …

Conservative View

Marine Species Named after Celebrities

Sometimes inspiration strikes in unlikely places, and researchers turn to pop culture, fiction and the political arena to name newly discovered …

Severus Snape

Tracing The Origins Of College Sports Amateurism

Today, sports are seen as a way for kids to get a college education. But that's not how college sports started out. Only A Game's Karen Given looks …

College & University

Theodore Roosevelt’s Almost Assassination – History Video!

This Dick Morris Lunch Alert! sponsored by Patriot Gold Group. Click Here to give me your thoughts and continue the discussion.Please forward this …

Conservative View

Trump’s zeal to deregulate may lead to a robber baron era

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is an unabashed ally of the fossil fuels industry his agency is supposed to regulate<p>This piece originally appeared on The Conversation.<p>The Trump administration has a clear economic objective: deregulate. Loosening regulations on industries, the White House believes, …

Liberal View

This dog’s reaction after going missing is priceless (Photo)

A dog that went missing couldn’t be happier to be reunited with his owner after what looks like a strenuous venture.<p>Nothing terrifies a dog owner …


11 Open Thread

If you’re reading this post anywhere other than on or its affiliates, you are reading STOLEN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and this site is …

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Teddy Roosevelt Could School Trump on Football Controversy

Football was besieged in 1905 when the president helped save it from those who wanted to abolish it on grounds of violence. TR acted to save the game, not promote his own agenda.<p>In 1905 President Theodore Roosevelt was at the height of his political power, especially in foreign affairs. That was …


Hate Unconstitutional Government? Blame Hamilton

Posted: Oct 07, 2017 12:01 AM<p>Donald Trump made a lot of hay on the campaign trail by decrying the foreign adventurism of previous …

Conservative View

What David Brooks (Still) Doesn’t Understand About America

Among the finest and most thoughtful commentators plying the trade these days is David Brooks of the <i>New York Times</i>, whose columns are always packed …

Conservative View

The devastating American opioid crisis... of 1908

Opiates were wickedly addictive to early 19th century Americans, and their control became a cause celebre for Progressive-era reformers.


BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Dave Walker, candidate for Connecticut governor and former comptroller general of the U.S. and head of the GAO

<b>How/where are you celebrating your birthday and with whom?</b> “My wife Mary and I are about to board the Port Jefferson Ferry in Bridgeport to go for Sunday brunch in Port Jefferson. We’re going to Danfords, which is right on the water. We are going to Essex, Connecticut, on Monday. I will play …

United States

With His National Monument Proposal, Zinke Proves He Is No Teddy Roosevelt

Back in April of this year, Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, proclaimed that he was “a Teddy Roosevelt guy,” and that “you can’t love public land more than I do.”<p>Five months later, those claims turned out to be untrue. In a memorandum to President Trump that was leaked to the media last month, Zinke …

Ryan Zinke

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are working on a Teddy Roosevelt biopic

Pair worked together on 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and 'Shutter Island'<p>Leonardo DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese are reportedly working together …

Martin Scorsese

Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese collaborate in upcoming Theodore Roosevelt film

The former U.S. president's achievements include a Nobel Peace Prize and increasing national forests in the country.The post Leonardo DiCaprio, …


American Historical Sites People Think Are Real—But Are Actually Fake

You probably went to one of these on vacation or a field trip. You probably thought you were walking in the same rooms as the great figures in United …

National Parks

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese reuniting for US President biopic

The dream team is back. Again.<p>Hollywood legends Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are teaming up once again, this time to make a biopic about a …

Martin Scorsese

Americans are desperate for a third major political party in the Trump era

More Americans than ever—61 percent—say the Democratic and Republican parties are inadequate and the U.S. should have a third major political party, …