Astronomers Spot Unprecedented Glow Around Neutron Star, and Whatever It Is, It’s Important

Scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have glimpsed a neutron star unlike any seen before.<p>Neutron stars, which contain more mass than the Sun …


TESS the Exoplanet Hunter Just Sent Home the First Images From Its Mission

For the first time since its launch in April, NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has sent home images of our stellar neighborhood. TESS …

James Webb Space Telescope

Alien Life on Proxima B: NASA Study Throws Lifeline to Nearby Exoplanet

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for scientists studying Proxima b—an Earth-like planet sitting around our solar system’s nearest stellar neighbor, …

Planetary Habitability

The TESS space telescope has spotted its first exoplanet

The next exoplanet hunt is officially on. NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), which launched in April (<i>SN: 5/12/18, p. 7</i>), has taken …


The sea behind a shadowy VLT

ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) crowns the Cerro Paranal mountain in Chile, sitting in front of the cloudy waters of the South Pacific Ocean.<p>With a …

Very Large Telescope

Asteroid hides behind sparkling spiral galaxy in dazzling view

The European Southern Observatory's (ESO) Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile has a busy observation schedule, but sometimes cloudy or moonlit skies mean a temporary halt to scientific measurements. During those times, the observatory team chooses interesting and beautiful objects across the …

Spiral Galaxies

Hubble Will Use ‘Natural Telescopes’ To Find the Oldest Galaxies in the Universe

By on September 18, 2018 at 7:14 am<p>Hubble may be old, but it can still survey incredibly distant objects in the universe. NASA is even undertaking a …


Space & Science Festival Launches at NYC's Intrepid Museum This Week

NEW YORK — The seventh annual Space & Science Festival kicks off at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum here this week, and will be there …

Space Travel

Imágenes de la nebulosa Medusa captadas por el telescopio Very Large Telescope de ESO

Very Large Telescope

Image - Hubble Interacting Galaxy Arp 220

Hubble Interacting Galaxy Arp 220<p>Download Options<p>×<p>Fast Facts<p>About the Object<p>Arp 220, IC 1127, VV 540, KPG 470, UGC 09913<p>Interacting Galaxies<p>15h 34m …

Stony Brook University

Join us for the opening of the 10th season of SciCafe! Museum astrophysicist Jackie Faherty discusses her current work visualizing and studying the universe using newly-released data from the Gaia catalog. In April, the Gaia space telescope released its second catalog of over 1.3 billion stellar distances, this unprecedented dataset is helping astronomers map the Milky Way like never before. Doors open at 6:30pm. Event details:

Study Skills

8 Space Documentaries That Will Blow Your Mind

With all the buzz surrounding the new film <i>First Man</i>, set to release on October 12, we’re seeing quite the uptick in people interested in learning …


Aliens sadly not to blame for closure of New Mexico solar observatory

After being closed for 10 days following a sudden and unexplained evacuation, the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico is set to reopen on Monday.<p>The observatory on Sacramento Peak, which overlooks the nearby White Sands Missile Range, was cleared along with the local post office and a handful …

The Future

This Is Why Hubble Can't See The Very First Galaxies

Even the most powerful telescope in history, the Hubble Space Telescope, can’t do it all.<p>The most distant discovered galaxies are all Hubble’s, but it’s unlikely to go farther.<p>When distant galaxy clusters are present, these massive gravitational clumps behave as natural magnifying lenses.<p>The most …


10 of the strangest exoplanets in the universe

Exoplanets are planets that lie beyond our own solar system and revolve around other stars many light years away. In the past two decades, thousands …


Dozens of Ice Volcanoes Discovered on Nearby Dwarf Planet

Science & Innovation<p>New observations suggest that a lonely world in the asteroid belt has been erupting frozen lava for the past billion years.<p>On the dwarf planet Ceres—the largest body in the asteroid belt—icy volcanic activity may be a regular occurrence rather than a puzzling anomaly. New …


This is a fascinating tour of the Space Shuttle in 8K VR

Just over 34 years ago, on 30 August 1984, the Space Shuttle Discovery lifted off for the first time on mission STS-41-D. 365 days in space later, it …


Neutron star spitting out infrared radiation has unseen features

Hubble Space Telescope

FAST to be available to world’s astronomers by 2019

China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) in Southwest China's Guizhou Province, the world's largest filled-aperture radio …

News (China)

Knots and bursts

About the Image<p>Id:<p>potw1838a<p>Type:<p>Observation<p>Release date:<p>17 September 2018, 06:00<p>Size:<p>4014 x 2986 px<p>About the Object<p>Type:<p>Local Universe : Galaxy : …

Hubble Space Telescope

Thermal Model Performance for the James Webb Space Telescope OTIS Cryo-Vacuum Test [STUB]

Thermal Model Performance for the James Webb Space Telescope OTIS Cryo-Vacuum Test [STUB]<p>NTRS Full-Text:<p>Click to View [PDF Size: 2.1 MB]<p>External …

James Webb Space Telescope

2018 September 17 - Cosmic Collision Forges Galactic Ring

<b>Cosmic Collision Forges Galactic Ring</b> <b><br>Image Credit:</b> <i>X-ray:</i> Chandra (NASA, CXC, INAF, A. Wolter et al.); <i>Optical:</i> Hubble (NASA, STScI)<p><b>Explanation:</b> How …

Neutron Stars

China's radio telescope 'FAST' to be put into use in 2019

China's 500-meter aperture spherical radio telescope or FAST is expected to be put into use for Chinese astronomers next year, announced Chinese …

News (China)

Artificial Intelligence Helps Track Down Mysterious Cosmic Radio Bursts

Taking a new step forward in the search for “little green men” and “extraterrestrials” in the universe, the University of California, Berkley, has …

Artificial Intelligence

Der Carina-Nebel im Infrarotlicht

WorldWide Telescope

Slowest-spinning radio pulsar detected by astronomers

An international team of astronomers has discovered a new radio pulsar as part of the LOFAR Tied-Array All-Sky Survey (LOTAAS). The newly detected …

Neutron Stars

On Contested Ground, SKA Looks to the Heavens

A vast new radio telescope system promises new astronomical insights. But on the ground in South Africa’s Karoo, it’s stirring up a complex …

South Africa

Mark McCaughrean

Exploring the solar system<p>Saturday 22nd September, Cosmos Stage<p>The European Space Agency's science and exploration missions have been much in the …

European Space Agency

Join ESA at New Scientist Live

Spacecraft monitoring the Sun<p>17 September 2018<p>Join ESA at New Scientist Live, a four-day festival of ideas, science and discovery taking place 20-23 …

Solar Cycle

Image - A Quasar's Companion Galaxy (left) and Galaxy Nucleus (right)

About this image<p>Images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope have allowed astronomers to clearly see the link between quasars and their companion …

Black Holes