The Beauty of Webb's Mirrors

The Webb telescope’s mirrors are beautiful, but they are also amazing feats of engineering.<p>NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s gold-plated, beryllium …

James Webb Space Telescope

Hubble Telescope finds substellar objects in Orion Nebula

Yes, the Orion Nebula is a star factory, but a new deep survey has revealed 17 brown dwarf companions to red dwarf stars, a brown dwarf pair, a brown …


Stars with too much lithium may have stolen it

Some small stars have extra lithium before they grow old, suggesting they get extra amounts of the element from an external source.


Nasa's Kepler telescope discovers three 'Super-Earths' orbiting cool dwarf star

The Kepler telescope has so far identified more than 2,300 confirmed exoplanets since 2009.<p>Scientists have discovered three new "super-Earth" planets …



<i>The thirty-three founders of the National Geographic Society were an adventurous and accomplished group. They included scientists, explorers, a</i> …

Mauna Kea

EnVision Maunakea’s process coming to a close; about 100 people participate

Organizers of EnVision Maunakea say they had one main goal — to start a respectful conversation regarding Hawaii’s tallest mountain and its future.<p>In …


A ‘hot Jupiter’ with unusual winds

The hottest point on a gaseous planet near a distant star isn’t where astrophysicists expected it to be – a discovery that challenges scientists’ …


A changing of the guard in NASA’s hunt for exoplanets

<i>This article originally appeared in the Jan. 15, 2018 issue of SpaceNews magazine.</i><p>Sometime later this year NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, orbiting the sun …

James Webb Space Telescope

Upcoming Telescopes Should be Able to Detect Mountains and Other Landscapes on Extrasolar Planets

The study of exoplanets has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Between ground-based observatories and spacecraft like the <i>Kepler</i> …


The road to Nairo's house

<i>Domestic beers are the same everywhere. 2/10 on the taste scale, but 10/10 for ambiance.</i><p><i>Sipping on Salpicón, a ubiquitous fruit drink.</i><p><b>The average</b> …


New for three types of extreme-energy space particles: Theory shows unified origin

New model connects the origins of very high-energy neutrinos, ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays, and high-energy gamma rays with black-hole jets embedded …


Researchers discover a blazar-like narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy

Researchers have identified a new blazar-like narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy that emits gamma-ray radiation. The new galaxy, designated SDSS …


Government Shutdowns Are a Disaster for Scientific Research

NASA, the NIH and CDC were some of the biggest victims of the last government shutdown in 2013.<p>The US government has shutdown. After Senators were unable to agree on a budget plan—even a temporary one—on Friday, most government branches closed their doors until a compromise is …

James Webb Space Telescope

Marshall Space Flight Center: Test Site for NASA's Rockets

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center has played a significant role in the American space program. Marshall helped to …


Falcon Heavy Tests Grounded by Government Shutdown

SpaceX will have to wait a bit longer to test its first Falcon Heavy rocket, as NASA and Air Force personnel stay home due to an ongoing U.S. …


Patients turned away, SpaceX delays: here’s how the government shutdown hits science

At least the CDC will still track the flu<p>As Congress scrambles to reach a budget deal, the federal government is still shut down. That means hundreds of thousands of federal employees will not be returning to work this week — including employees for the national agencies that deal with science, …

Cape Canaveral

Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Hawaiian Vacation

01 of 08<p>What is the Best Time to Go to Hawaii?<p>What is the best time to go to Hawaii? There are many things to consider - the weather; which island(s) …


Ask Ethan: What Does The Future Of Science Look Like?

What do our future missions in physics, astronomy, astrophysics and more hold?<p>If you went back in time just 30 years, the world as we it was a …

Gravitational Waves

Behold Hubble's Best Image of a Distant Galaxy Yet

The galaxy is roughly 13.3 billion light years away, and formed just 500 million years after the universe began<p>Comment on this Story


SpaceX and NASA Probed on Zuma Spy Satellite Failure That May Cost Taxpayers Billions

On Wednesday, House lawmakers probed SpaceX and NASA on the possible loss of the Zuma secret spy satellite. The craft—whose value is estimated to be …


What Happens to Astronauts During a Government Shutdown?

How NASA scales down to a skeleton crew when Congress misses a big budget deadline<p>As the wheels of the U.S. government ground to a halt Friday at midnight, thousands of federal employees prepared to face days or weeks without work or pay until their offices reopened.<p>Some employees will continue …

U.S. Politics

Astronomers Spy a Black Hole's Double 'Burp'


Hubble Mission Commander, Spacewalker to Enter Astronaut Hall of Fame

The commander of the final space shuttle mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope and a three-time spacewalker who helped to install the U.S. …


5 common 'facts' about Earth that everyone gets wrong

<i>This video was first published on April 5, 2016.</i><p>Those "facts" you thought you knew about the earth probably aren't correct. Following is a transcript of the video.<p>1. The Sahara is the biggest desert on Earth.<p>Not all deserts are hot and sandy. They only need to be dry and inhospitable. Antarctica …

Mount Everest

What a government shutdown will mean for NASA and SpaceX

There are still a lot of unknowns<p>With only a few hours left to pass a federal budget today, it’s becoming more likely that the US government is headed toward a shutdown at midnight. That means federal agencies like NASA will be forced to send some workers home without pay and alter daily …


What Happens to U.S. Science and Tech Agencies During a Shutdown?

Here's how the impending government shutdown impacts the government agencies behind U.S. science and technology.<p>The U.S. Congress is currently gridlocked over a spending plan for the next fiscal year, and if they don’t reach an agreement by midnight tonight the government will shutdown.<p>But what …

Scientific Research

Is the Golden Age of Astronomy Nearly Over?

Among astronomers, it’s a commonplace that the last few decades have been a golden age. Starting around 50 years ago, astronomy found itself on a …

James Webb Space Telescope


NEWS EXPLAINER<p>What a US government shutdown would mean for science<p>The National Institutes of Health would stop processing grants, but astronauts in …


The globular cluster NGC 3201

Colour-composite image of the globular cluster NGC 3201, obtained with the WFI instrument on the ESO/MPG 2.2-m telescope at La Silla. Globular …


60-Second Astro News: Black Holes Galore

Supermassive black holes are difficult to observe and measure, yet they have profound effects on their host galaxies. Read up on the latest black …