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Leaked image reveals new Nest thermostat w/ first significant redesign in years

Following Tony Fadell’s departure last year, new CEO Marwan Fawaz reiterated that Nest has a long-term roadmap, with plans to scale up and reach more customers. While the their recently released Nest Cam IQ is not the best example of a mass market product, a new leak suggests that the company is …


AI can determine our motivations using a simple camera

Silver Logic Labs (SLL) is in the people business. Technically, it’s an AI startup, but what it really does is figure out what people want. At first glance they’ve simply found a better way to do focus-groups, but after talking to CEO Jerimiah Hamon we’ve learned there’s nothing simple about the …


Innovation Week 2017 begins: 30-some events, parties, and a hackathon

Innovation Week is expected to have double the participants in 2017 as it had in its first year in 2014, UAB President and Birmingham Business …


A Tesla owner shows his 97-year-old Grandpa a car from the future

Zac Carmi showed his 97-year-old grandfather his Tesla. His grandpa was pretty impressed. You can watch video of the adorable interaction below.<p>In what could be some of the cutest footage of a lovable grandpa discovering the future ever, Carmi loads his grandpa into the car and accelerates. …


How hackers are targeting the shipping industry

<b>When staff at CyberKeel investigated email activity at a medium-sized shipping firm, they made a shocking discovery.</b><p>"Someone had hacked into the systems of the company and planted a small virus," explains co-founder Lars Jensen. "They would then monitor all emails to and from people in the finance …


FBI pushes private sector to cut ties with Kaspersky

The FBI has been briefing private sector companies on intelligence claiming to show that the Moscow-based cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab is an …


Robots and humans can coexist. There is no ‘jobless future’ after all

When you look at a robot, what do you see? For those of us who cover technology, it’s a bunch of plastic, a coprocessor, and some software. We know the hard part of hardware design is getting the bot to do anything worthwhile. That’s why the idea of a plastic robot taking over the world or stealing …


Ford CEO talks self-driving strategy

Ford (NYSE:F) CEO Jim Hackett gave a measured outlook on the future of mobility and self-driving technology at the company's City of Tomorrow event …


International Business Machines (IBM) Presents At EnerCom Oilfield Tech and Innovation Day - Slideshow

The following slide deck was published by International Business Machines Corporation in conjunction with this event.<p>119<p>Click to enlarge


Curbing the Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage with AI

By using cognitive technologies, an organization can address the talent shortage by getting more productivity from current employees and improving …


Furman Transformation Aims to Help Technology Startups Accelerate Growth and Value

Growth is insanely important for technology startups. There are more choices than ever before for businesses to reach customers. Startups are …


The Convenience of Remote Controls for Smart Appliances

FlyingCodes is bringing convenience to the connected world by creating remote controls for smart appliances. Globalive Chairman Anthony Lacavera sits …


Considering the downsides of Smart Home technologies

<i></i>Essey is an engineer at Uber and an early adopter of the Internet of things. He can control his lights with his Amazon Echo or an array of touchpad …

Internet of Things

'Pulse Wave' DDoS Attacks Emerge As New Threat

DDoS botnets are launching short but successive bursts of attack traffic to pin down multiple targets, Imperva says.<p>Threat actors have found a new …


Microsoft Report: User Account Attacks Jumped 300% Since 2016

Most of these Microsoft user account compromises can be attributed to weak, guessable passwords and poor password management, researchers …

Information Security

How New Technology Is Going To Disrupt The Automotive Industry

Augmented reality is quickly picking up steam, with the automotive industry taking notice.<p>Despite the fact that the augmented reality market is relatively small at the present time, there's reason to believe that growth will skyrocket in the years to come. There are many reasons for this, including …

Augmented Reality

Twitter's Favorite Excuse Is Failing The Public

An age-old blanket policy that shields Twitter from accountability is no longer working.<p>This past weekend, when Unite the Right organizers used Twitter to rally supporters following the removal of their Facebook event, Twitter let the tweet — which advertised the time and location of a white …


Video: Top DevOps trends of 2017

DevOps helps improve agility, but also contributes to burnout, according to a survey of tech professionals. Asaf Yigal, co-founder of big data firm …

Big Data

VR social network AltspaceVR isn't shutting down after all

Virtual reality hangout AltspaceVR late last month said it no longer had the cash to keep the lights on after a last-minute funding round fell …

Virtual Reality

Microsoft takes the wraps off new Azure Event Grid service | ZDNet

Microsoft is kicking off a preview of its Azure Event Grid, a service to assist programmers building event-based and serverless …


Infiniti goes back to the future with the Prototype 9

The labor-of-love from the Japanese automaker is one part vintage open-wheel race car, one part modern electric vehicle.

Back to the Future

How to Talk to Your Management about IT Security

When you attend this webinar, you will learn:<p>What terms get management’s attention<br>• Which metrics are best to share (and which are detrimental)<br>• How to …


Fiat Chrysler says it has joined BMW's autonomous car partnership with Intel and Mobileye

Fiat Chrysler

Reddit is letting some users upload video right to the site

Reddit has grown and maintained its internet prominence by staying simple, meaning it has to be cautious about introducing new features (its users, erm, aren't fans of change). Last year, the platform added native image hosting to let users avoid the hassle of posting photos outside the site and …

Social Media

70% of DevOps Pros Say They Didn't Get Proper Security Training in College

Veracode survey shows majority of DevOps pros mostly learn on the job about security.<p>Looks like you've hit your article limit. Please or register for …


Australian businesses targeted in Cisco switch and router attacks: ACSC | ZDNet

Attackers are leveraging misconfigurations in networks' Cisco Smart Install and SNMP protocols. Businesses are urged to review their device logs for …


Discover a Data Breach? Try Compassion First

The reactions to a big data breach often resemble the five stages of grief, so a little empathy is needed.<p>Many of the big data breaches over the past …


How to Avoid the 6 Most Common Audit Failures

In a security audit, the burden is on you to provide the evidence that you've done the right things.<p>I’ve been through quite a few audits over the …

Risk Assessment

The Day of Reckoning: Cybercrime's Impact on Brand

Why the security industry needs to invest in architecture that defends against reputational damage as well as other, more traditional …


Slideshows - Dark Reading

These programs stand out for the size of their rewards and how much they have paid in total to security researchers in bounties over the last several …

Information Security