In Conversation: Uner

<i>Welcome to In Conversation, the podcast dedicated to giving you an unparalleled look into electronic music's greatest minds, both in the studio and</i> …

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12 love-filled photos from one of the world's largest techno parties

The Zurich Street Parade looked vibes as always

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Shlømo Returns to ARTS

Shlømo will return to ARTS with a new EP, Hardwave. Having released on Delsin, Wolfskuil Limited, Bright Sounds, and Soma in recent years, Shlømo’s …

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Spotify playlist: 50 weighty techno tracks to get your heart rate racing

It may be summer but we're keeping it dark


DGTL Barcelona 2017

DGTL Barcelona is, in many ways, the black sheep of the city's festival calendar: it's organised by an international company, an offshoot of Dutch …

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Spotify Playlist: Devious techno that brings the warehouse to the gym

Tunnel vision focus

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Splice Presents: 8 Days of 808

Despite the 808’s indisputable fame today, the drum machine failed commercially upon its release in 1980. There were other drum machines on the …

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Ask the Experts: Carl Craig

With our Ask The Experts Maceo Plex feature still in the works, we're already moving on to publish our next one—this time with Carl Craig, a creative …


Spotify playlist: 50 exhilarating techno rockets

Hold on tight

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Cologne’s Springinsfeld Festival ready for August 2017 launch

The brand new German event invites revellers to ‘take a break from everyday life’ for 24 hours, with Solomun, Yellow Claw, Martin Solveig and …


Is Techno Tourism What Detroit Needs?

Movement festival in Detroit.Paxahau/Movement Once a year on Memorial Day weekend the Movement Electronic Music Festival transforms downtown …

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Leftwing & Kody release the fine 'Sound Boy EP' on Solid Grooves

Artist: Leftwing & Kody<br>Title: Sound Boy EP<br>Label: Solid Grooves<br>Release: Out Now<br>Genre: Tech House<p>There’s no doubting that every single person on this …


A new LGBTI house and techno club is opening in Amsterdam

JACK was unveiled at Pride Amsterdam

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Roland has revived the classic TR-808 for its Boutique line

Happy 8/08 day, everyone<p>Roland Boutique TR-08<p>Today, Roland announced it has brought back its iconic drum machine, the TR-808, for its Boutique line. The new iteration, now called the TR-08, is a “detailed and faithful replica” of the original, updated in a more compact size with a few new …


Berghain on film: 16 incredible portraits of ravers leaving Berlin's techno temple

Celebrated photographer Philipp Pusch is the main behind the images…<p>Relive a wild night out at Berghain through this series of 16 captivating …


Scrobarnach BYOB Cork electronic festival cancelled

Update: The festival due to take place this weekend was cancelled, “due to roadblocks set in our path.” Scrobarnach Electronic Music and Arts …

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Scooter: Who is this German techno band?

Scooter has kicked up controvery with its performance in Crimea. While the band is known in the global techno scene, the name is new to others. A …

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When techno was house: Chicago’s impact on the birth of techno

Writing for <i>RBMA</i>, Jacob Arnolds uncovers the early influence that Chicago house had on its sister scene in Detroit.

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August: 22 techno releases you need to hear this month

Heavy-hitters from the likes of Gemini Voice Archive, Kobosil and GOG

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Why Sleep D are bastions of Melbourne's lively underground

In recent times, the underground electronic scene in Melbourne has seldom faltered. Selectors, producers and labels have kept the heart beating with …

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Premiere: Hear a Relentless Techno Cut From Brothers Black

Next week, Berlin-based duo Brothers Black—the collaborative project between James Sison and Edward Antonio—will kick off their self-titled label …

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“tech house? that’s not music! music is meant to be joy” – inside ibiza’s balearic revival

Thirty years ago, Ibiza was a priest on a donkey. It's a saying you'll hear a lot on the island but, then again, this small rock in the Mediterranean was built on myths: from the Carthaginians who named the place after their god of dance, Bez; to the four lads who went on holiday there in 1987, …


Truncate Is The Beeriest DJ In Techno

Most know him as "Truncate"; others, as "Audio Injection" or "Broken Rules"; to his mother, he’s simply "David." But I prefer to call one of the …


An Existential Namaste: ADULT. Interviewed

For their most recent album Adult.'s Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus invited the likes of Douglas McCarthy and Shannon Furness into their Detroit …


Barcelona's Red 58 books DJ Masda, Alexandra in August

The fabric blog spends some time with the UK artist.<p>Listen back to 90 minutes of mesmerizing selections from the ESP Institute boss, recorded the …

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Brothers Black launch a self-titled vinyl-only label

Debuting with a banging four track EP of their own


'The SoundCloud you loved is doomed'

<i>Pitchfork</i> weighs in on the streaming site's ongoing troubles.

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Courtesy to tour North America in September

The Copenhagen-based DJ is one of techno's rising stars. She'll play gigs in Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn and Montreal this …

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Huxley on his new label, No Idea's Original

Listen back to 90 minutes of mesmerizing selections from the ESP Institute boss, recorded the last month's RA Live session at Brilliant Corners in …

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