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Where have all the teachers gone?

Where are all the teachers?<p>That’s what education expert Linda Darling-Hammond asks and answers in this post about the teacher shortage in many parts of the United States — and what can be done to finally end it.<p>While teacher shortages are not new, they are getting worse in many parts of the …


State School Chiefs Offer 'Playbook' on Improving Teacher Preparation

« Could an App Help Teachers Recognize Their Own Biases? | Main | Fla. Teachers' Union Sues State, Ed. Dept., and Districts Over Teacher Bonus …


Looking for a shortcut to identifying great teachers? You may be out of luck.

Teachers are important. From Pakistan to Uganda to Ecuador to the United States, study after study shows that a good teacher can make a big …



The Art and Structure of a First Paragraph<p><i>The detailed analysis of a sample first paragraph of a thesis shows the importance of attention to detail</i> …


The real issue in Ontario’s schools

<i>Catherine Little is a Toronto-based educator, consultant and writer.</i><p>The school year hasn't even started, and the news isn't good. Ontario's Education Quality and Accountability Office has announced that half of Grade 6 students failed to meet the provincial standard in mathematics.<p>Results have been …


HRD's Teacher Education Programmes To Train 11 Lakh Teachers By March 2019

The Ministry is also likely to start another ambitious project of teaching 2000 Kendriya Vidyalaya students, using tablets for science and …


The Undergraduate Teacher Education Program

<b>Subject Matter</b><i>:</i> Content expertise in an academic field taught in middle or secondary schools. UTEP offers preparation to teach biology, chemistry, …


Universities can do more to stop the exodus from state school teaching

Almost a third of state school teachers quit in five years, but by supporting and mentoring NQTs for longer, universities can help keep people in the job<p>We are in the middle of a teacher retention crisis. Of the 21,400 teachers who started teaching in state schools in 2010, 30% quit within five …


Farewell (and Cheerio) From the K-12 Contrarian

« Teach Your Students Well: This Land Is Their Land | Main<p>| No comments<p>On November 18, 2014—almost three full years ago—I made my first post to this …


50 Years Later, Californians Can Get an Undergraduate Degree in Education Once Again

« Despite Rocky History, AFT Gets a Puerto Rico Affiliate Once Again | Main<p>Aspiring teachers in California will now be able to major in education as …


Morning Brief: Pakistan ‘Smart Fence’ By Next March; Cabinet Nod For Scrapping No-Detention Policy

Top headlines for Swarajya readers.


Jo-Ann Archibald, Indigenous Education Leader, on ‘Indigenizing the Academy’

Recently retired UBC prof reflects on a career-long crusade to include Indigenous culture in curriculum.


Millennials are no more evolved, digitally, than anyone else

I’m glad to get confirmation of what I’ve long known from other research: Millennials aren’t techno-whizkids:<p>Marketers and social theorists love to …


Connected Learning in Teacher Education: Come Make With Us

A couple of years ago, I worked in the summer to build Connected Courses with some amazing colleagues. I dabbled in the work of connected learning …


ideas for heads of department

There’s a good case to be made that better teaching and learning is best achieved by departments. Some things can only be solved at a whole-school …


Virtual reality simulates classroom environment for aspiring teachers

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Two University at Buffalo education researchers have teamed up to create an interactive classroom environment in which …


Teacher Education Shirts

<b>Limited Edition, Premium Quality T-Shirts with Exclusive Design.</b><p><b>TIP: If you buy 2 or more (hint: make a gift for someone or team up) you’ll save</b> …


Creativity in Australian schools suppressed by onerous testing regime and crushing teacher restrictions

Once upon a time early childhood teachers used to learn singing and playing the piano, primary school teachers could study electives (and even …


Building a K-16 Education Pipeline for Global Competence Development

How to systematically build K-16 partnerships for global education.


An Evolving Makerspace for Teacher Education

If you could design a makerspace, what would it look like and whom would it serve? How does location fit into your planning? What about expertise? …


In Planning Lessons, Math Teachers Rely on What They Learned During Preservice

Elementary math teachers remember what they learn in their teacher preparation programs, and use it when writing lesson plans years down the road, …


Why Teacher Education Should Include Neuroscience

By <b>Dr. Judy Willis</b>, M.D., M.Ed.<p>The neuroscience of how the brain learns and what influences the most successful brain acquisition and application of …

The Brain

How we teach our children: We must prepare children for professions of the digital age

<b>Moira Leydon</b> of the Association of Secondary Teachers of Ireland outlines her organisation’s perspective on what can be done to improve our education …


Teacher education regains popularity

Riena Mercene is weeks away from graduation. On June 25, the 22-year-old will bid farewell to the University of the Philippines College of Education …


Finn and fun: Lessons from Finland's new school curriculum

Responding to the challenges and developments faced by the country over the past two decades, the Finnish education ministry implemented a new …


Arts education is vital to help foster creativity and innovation

I have a dream that this nation will achieve its full creative and economic potential and that Arts education will rightfully be seen as central to …


‘Teachers unpreparedfor ADHD students’ research study finds

Second-level teachers say they are unprepared to teach students who have ADHD or other special educational needs, because of “inadequacies in initial …


Trainee primary school teachers tell MSPs they lack basic maths skills needed to educate P7 pupils

The latest indictment of the SNP’s record on education came one day after a report showed literacy in Scottish schools is in decline.<p>Primary school …


'Critics of university teacher training are those who champion approaches that are formulaic and, in some cases, sterile'

As someone who works in initial teacher education (ITE) I am used to hearing people raging about the state of the training we provide. Such …


America’s Teachers to Everyone: Stop Looking to Finland (Or Japan, Or Canada) For An Easy Fix

Most of us know the difference a good teacher makes in the life of a child. Many global institutions working to improve access to education, such as …