Taylor Momsen

Heidi Montag’s ‘Superficial’ Is the Most Underrated Album of All Time — Inside the Making of a Pop Opus (EXCLUSIVE)

More than a decade ago, Heidi Montag made a pointed attempt to parlay her reality TV fame into something greater. As MTV producers did their best to …

Heidi Montag

Nashville Season-Premiere Recap: Blonde Ambition

Nashville<p>New Strings Season 6 Episode 1<p>Editor's Rating 3 stars<p><i>Nashville</i> has only been gone for five months and suddenly everyone is platinum …


30 actors you forgot were also musicians

Did you know Alyssa Milano was a pop sensation in Japan? Or that Ricky Gervais was part of a British New Wave group? Have you fallen so in love with Zoë Kravitz the actress that you've completely forgotten about Zoë Kravitz the singer? Here, a reminder of 30 actors who are (or were) also into …

Jada Pinkett Smith

15 Teen Stars Who Completely Disappeared From Hollywood

Have you ever watched a television show or film from a certain era and thought to yourself whatever in the heck happened to that very talented actor …

Frankie Muniz

30 Famous Actors You Forgot Were Also Musicians

"Oh yeah, she has an album!"<p>Did you know Alyssa Milano was a pop sensation in Japan? Or that Ricky Gervais was part of a British New Wave group? Have you fallen so in love with Zoë Kravitz the actress that you've completely forgotten about Zoë Kravitz the singer? Here, a reminder of 30 actors who …

Jada Pinkett Smith

26 Pictures Of Your Favorite '00s TV Stars Then Vs. Now

We feel so old now!


The 14 Perfect Images Christmas Movies Have Gifted Us

We all know that no Christmas has ever resembled the Hallmark ideal that we've all been brought up to expect. But since every holiday wish list is an act of fantasy-making, anyway, let's take comfort in the fuzzy fictional familiarity of your favorite Christmas movies this season: Here, 14 …


15 Kid Stars Whose Careers Flopped After They Grew Up

All child stars know what it feels like to be exactly that: a star. However, not all child stars understand that their fame won’t last. Whether they …

Jamie Lynn Spears

Best touring acts that stopped in Indy in 2017

Close<p>1 of 16<p>St. Vincent at Old National Centre<p>1 of 16<p>If you keep a musical bucket list, you’ll likely remember 2017 as a great year. Indy’s growing …


This was the most popular Christmas film the year you were born

Christmas is a time for eating, drinking and spending seven hours a day horizontal on the sofa ploughing through NOW TV's most festive flicks. But which festive film was a blockbuster hit the year you were born? Time to find out and make it your forever bae.


Cindy Lou Who From 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' Then Vs. Now Is So, So Different

It's Dec. 12, guys!! You know what that means... we're only three days away from the release of <i>The Last Jedi</i>!!!! Wait, sorry. Wrong article. We're …


5 reasons The Grinch is the best Christmas movie of all time

Choosing which Christmas film to watch with the whole family can be tricky.<p>But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect one for you: How The Grinch Stole …

Dr. Seuss

The Best Christmas Movies to Stream This Holiday Season

There are plenty of activities you can do to get in the holiday spirit, from caroling to cookie-baking to decorating a Christmas tree. But near the top of the list has to be cozying up with a holiday movie (hot cocoa and a cozy blanket required too, obviously). Thanks to all the streaming services …


Remember When Taylor Momsen Played Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

<b>Taylor Momsen</b> wasn't always decked out in all black...<p>We've come to know the 24-year-old as the lead singer in <b>The Pretty Reckless</b>, wearing dark …


Drink ‘Cindy Woo-Who’ Cocktails at Adams Morgan’s Grinch Bar

Holiday revelers hoping to immerse themselves in a Seussian classic this Christmas need look no further than the new Grinch-themed pop-up at Town Tavern.<p>The Adams Morgan drinking den last transformed itself into a flick-inspired wonderland a few months back when it channeled all things Hogwarts for …

Washington D.C.

10 Real Life Scandals That Got Actors Written Out Of TV Shows

It's one thing to quit a show in a tantrum, but quite another when the show quits on you. Bad behaviour, bad attitudes, bad blood, bad luck; there are any number of things that can lose an actor their spot in the closing credits. Here are 10 of the more memorable times that networks tore up the …


This is what Joanna from Love Actually looks like now

15 images<p>From the little boy in Love Actually to the then unknown Zooey Deschanel in Elf, here’s what your favourite Christmas film stars look like …


Retake Quiz

Tis the season!


18 Celebs You Definitely Didn't Know Were In Bands

Celebrities, they're just like us—they don't want to be confined to one box! Labels stifle their creativity and make them feel like their options are …

Ezra Miller

Here are the best Christmas films on Netflix, Amazon & NOW TV

Christmas & Chill<p>Looking for the best Christmas films on Netflix UK? We’ve trawled all the major streaming services – Netflix, Amazon and NOW TV – …


In honor of Cindy Lou Who, the girl who singlehandedly saved Christmas

If you were a Dr. Seuss kid, there’s a definite chance that you’re familiar with little Cindy Lou Who, the hero of the Christmas classic <i>How the</i> …


18 things you didn't know about How The Grinch Stole Christmas

<b>1. Jack Nicholson and Eddie Murphy auditioned for the title role of The Grinch,</b> before it eventually went to Jim Carrey.<p><b>2. The first round of make up for The Grinch took eight and a half hours,</b> and on average three hours each day after that. Jim Carrey had to have it done 100 times over the course …


Best Non-Hallmark Christmas Movies: Review Of Six Must-Watch Films On Netflix, Hulu, And Amazon Prime

If you’re looking for the best Christmas movies, then Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have the answer for you. None of the Christmas movies listed …


Where & When To Watch ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ In December 2017

The holiday season is finally here, which means a bevy of Christmas specials will be airing throughout the month. However, this time of year also …


10 Singers Who Could Honor Chris Cornell Singing With Soundgarden

It’s been six months since we lost Chris Cornell, and it still hurts a lot. We lost Chester Bennington shortly after as well, and Tom Petty about a …

Chris Cornell

Amy Lee on Being a Woman in Music: 'I Have Fought So Many Fights'

The Evanescence leader discusses her band's 'Synthesis album, and the inspiration behind single "Imperfection."<p>Thirty years ago, when metal and hard …

Chester Bennington

17 Dark Secrets That The CW Doesn't Want You To Know

<b>The CW</b> has produced some of the biggest hit shows on television, ranging from the long-lived <i>Supernatural</i> to the classic guilty pleasure <i>Gossip Girl</i> to …


Stone Sour and The Pretty Reckless at Arena Birmingham: Stage times, bag restrictions, where to park and eat

Stone Sour and The Pretty Reckless play Arena Birmingham this evening for the start of their UK leg of the 'Hydrograd' 2017 European tour.<p>The Iowa …

Birmingham, UK

Every Special Airing During Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas

You might be familiar with Twelvetide -- you know, the 12 Days of Christmas. But what about the <i>25 Days of Christmas</i>? With the busy holiday season in …


If You Love Holiday Movies, Read This

'Tis the season to be jolly. And, what could possibly be jollier than slipping on a comfy onesie, commandeering the couch, and settling in for a …