Tax Reform

Republicans take on tax reform 2.0

Tax Reform

Meet the Republicans who want 'Tax Reform 2.0' as Russia controversy rages on

Meet the Republicans who want ‘Tax Reform 2.0’ as Russia controversy rages on<p>17 Jul 2018 at 14:12 ET<p>On Tuesday, as the controversy continued to rage …

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Ivanka Harassed While Visiting New York School, Protesters Shout Out ‘Shame’

As Ivanka Trump met Monday with employers adding jobs in Central New York State, about 30 demonstrators marched in protest of the Trump …

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Santelli Exchange: The Trump tax reform advantage and treasuries

Academy Securities' Peter Tchir and CNBC's Rick Santelli discuss high-yield and investment grade bonds.


Ivanka Looks Great In Sleeveless Red-And-White Dress In New York [PHOTOS]

8:54 PM 07/09/2018<p>Ivanka Trump looked terrific Monday at an event in Preble, New York, in a fun red-and-white houndstooth dress.<p>“Great day with Rep. …

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You're Welcome, America: The GOP's Tax Reform Led to a Boom in Craft Beer Production

According to a report by Americans for Tax Reform, the Republican-backed tax cuts have led to an expansion in the craft beer industry.<p>Breweries …

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What Ivanka Did This Week: Pavers, Protests & Paid Family Leave

<b>What Ivanka Did This Week</b> <i>is a weekly column that explores what Ivanka Trump, first daughter and adviser to President Donald Trump, does all day.</i> …

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That 'giant sucking sound' you hear is capital coming into the US, says tax reform advocate

Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform, weighs in on President Trump's tax cuts and jobs act.

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Tax Reform Update and Resources

×<p>Stay on top of the latest tax developments coming out of Washington, D.C., with <i>Tax News & Views</i>, published by the Deloitte Tax LLP Tax Policy Group.<p>The publication provides a compact, reader-friendly perspective on many of the provisions in the new legislation affecting businesses and high-wealth …

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President Trump Delivers Remarks on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Anniversary

Following a meeting with business owners and employees who have benefited from the 2017 tax reform law, President announced a…<p>President Trump hosted …

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IMF supports Duterte admin's corporate tax reform

MANILA, Philippines — The Duterte administration’s planned corporate tax changes will improve the country’s business environment, the International …

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Aquesta seeing 'huge' growth 6 months after GOP tax reform


Six Months of Tax Reform

It’s been just six months under the new tax law, and already, we’ve seen millions of Americans receive bonuses, workers’ wages increase, one million …

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What Nigeria’s tax reform means for you

Earlier this month, Nigeria’s Federal Executive Council approved the review of the country’s tax policies. This comes as the deadline for the …


Americans for Tax Reform president on SCOTUS online sales...

Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform president, weighs in on the impact of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of South Dakota over states being …

South Dakota

Americans for Tax Reform president on SCOTUS online sales tax ruling

Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform president, weighs in on the impact of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of South Dakota over states being …

South Dakota

Paul Ryan: Tax reform has improved American lives in just six months

A lot can change in six months. That is how long it's been since the first tax reform in a generation became law.<p>For working families across America, …

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Cramer: The 401(k) debacle proves why sweeping tax reform will be hard to pass

Jim Cramer explains why limiting 401(k) contributions would harm middle class consumers and why the noise around tax reform could hinder the GOP's …


Senator Marco Rubio says tax reform isn't really benefitting American workers

Republican Senator Marco Rubio told the Economist magazine there is "no evidence whatsoever" the tax law significantly helped American workers.

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New AIC chief views CFIUS, tax reform implementation as top policy priorities

• Drew Maloney comes to AIC from Treasury<br>• Congress weighs changes that could affect oversight of foreign, non-control investments<br>• Maloney also plans to …


Closing Bell Exchange: What do markets gain from tax reform? Experts weigh in

Discussing the current state of the markets with Donald Broughton, Broughton Capital; Mike Gibbs, Raymond James; Stephen Guilfoyle,; …

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Daniel J. Ikenson's blog post, "Will Tariffs Consume the Tax Reform Benefits U.S. Manufacturers Were Expecting?," is cited on CNBC's Squawk Box


Tax reform a boost to housing in Florida?


With Tax Reform, Workers Get Ahead

It’s been almost six months since the enactment of the biggest tax code overhaul in more than three decades. Already, more than one million jobs have …

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Tax reform's impact on California primary


IRS provides penalty and filing relief on transition tax

The Internal Revenue Service said Monday it is waiving some of the late-payment penalties pertaining to the section 965 transition tax on foreign …


Protests continue in Jordan over tax reform

Jordanians turned out for a fifth day of angry anti-austerity protests, a restive outpouring against government tax legislation and an IMF plan calling for an increase in taxes and energy prices.

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Poverty rate expected to increase due to GOP tax reform: UN report

A new United Nations human rights investigation finds that poverty in the U.S. is projected to worsen as a result of President Trump’s new tax reform.<p>…

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Do You Need to Break Up With a Friend Who Publicly Embarrassed You?

Friends should have your back but what if it's just a joke ... gone wrong?<p>A true friend should have your back in private — and in public. But when <i>The</i> …

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GOP Tax Reform Already Showing Major US Reinvestment

6:22 PM 05/30/2018<p>Business fixed investment is up 9.2 percent in the first quarter of 2018, according to a National Association of Manufacturers …

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