15 tiny witch tattoos that are pure magic

Wonderfully intuitive goddesses <i>probably</i> don’t need our assistance when it comes to choosing ink designs to adorn their skin, but we think we have a …

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This Tattoo Artist Is Turning Mastectomy Scars Into Art

Holly Feneht of the Gilded Lily in Santa Clarita, CA, is giving breast cancer survivors a fresh (and colorful) start.

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Poetic Tattoos by Mariusz Trubisz

The Polish tattoo-artist Marius Trubisz is an artist, a true one. With his particular lines, between all-traced curves and a game of dots, he …


Man with disturbingly lewd face tattoo busted for sexual assault

An Ohio man with an unusual tattoo on his forehead has been charged for his involvement in a sex crime two years ago.<p>Christopher Wilson, 37, was …


Artist’s Illustrative UV Tattoos Come to Life and Glow Under Blacklight

Melbourne-based tattoo artist Tukoi Oya uses colored ultraviolet ink to highlight specific areas of her illustrative designs. This allows viewers to appreciate them in a whole other light…literally.<p>UV tattoos (also known as blacklight tattoos) are made with inks that glow visibly under an …

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This Woman Covered Her Double Mastectomy Scars With A Fierce Wonder Woman Tattoo

'I have this image of strength, power and fearlessness across my chest and that continues to build me up.'<p>Session 3 done! This one hurt- but it looks …

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Hand-Poked Tattoos: An Act Of Healing And Liberation

Artists Tea Leigh and Kelli Kikcio tell us all about the art<p><i>The following feature appears in the October 2017 issue of</i> NYLON.<p>Jade Taylor sat down with Brooklyn, New York-based hand-poked tattoo artists Tea Leigh and Kelli Kikcio at their studio, Welcome Home, to discuss the therapeutic side of …

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Jeremy McConnell gets a tattoo of a nun snorting white powder for some reason

Jeremy McConnell has found some space on his body for a brand new inking.<p>The Celebrity Big Brother star has got a tattoo on leg which appears to be …

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Why You Shouldn’t Get a Tattoo on Your Eye

You may have heard of tattoos in strange places.<p>But what about the eyeball?<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>A 24-year-old model was left partially blind …


How A Wonder Woman Mastectomy Tattoo Helped One Mum Feel Fearless Again

✊✊✊<p>A mum-of-four has told of how covering her mastectomy scars with a Wonder Woman tattoo made her feel fearless again.<p>Stephanie Kelly, 42, from …

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Brooklyn Beckham pays tribute to his dad’s iconic football history with a fresh new tattoo

Forever edgy Brooklyn Beckham has added a couple of brand new tattoos to his collection, and the latest inkings are in tribute to two of his …

Brooklyn Beckham

Shay Mitchell Debuts New, Delicate Roman Numerals Tattoo on Her Wrist

As one of the four liars on “Pretty Little Liars,” <b>Shay Mitchell</b> is always keeping fans guessing. And though “PLL” ended more than four months ago, …

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Man with 'I'm a pornstar' tattoo on forehead arrested for sex crime

A man with "I'm a pornstar" tattooed on his forehead was arrested for a sex crime that occurred in 2015.<b>WXIX</b> in Cincinnati reports Christopher …


Shay Mitchell's new ink will inspire you to try the dainty tattoo trend

Whether or not you have ink, you can’t deny its appeal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large piece or a delicate, small one — customizing your body with …

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Handmade ‘Tattoo Socks’ Lets You Flaunt Striking Designs Without Getting Inked

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Images via Tattoo Socks<p><b>Tel Aviv-based</b> Gabby and Idan are behind home-based online shop Tattoo Socks. They sell …

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Woman Gets a Wonder Woman Tattoo Over Her Double Mastectomy Scar: 'I See My Scars Now As Entirely Positive'

<i>This article originally appeared on</i><p>When Stephanie Kelly learned that she had tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation, which signals a …

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A 3-3 Record Is Enough For This Jets Fan To Get A Super Bowl Prediction Tattoo

"Hi, I'm a Jets fan, welcome to Jackass"<p>A post shared by NFL MEMES (@nflmemes_ig) on Oct 17, 2017 at 7:17am PDT<p>This season is the first time in …

New England

Nautical Tattoos, What Do They All Mean? Sail on Board

We’ve all seen them, adorning the arms, legs, chests of sailors – and quite a few people who have never been to sea – nautical themed tattoos…<p>Chances …

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No One Knows What Shay Mitchell’s New Tattoo Means

Tattoos are a definitely a form of self-expression — sometimes it’s a tribute for someone you love or for your favorite TV show, but ultimately, you might be the only one who knows why you chose that design. That’s exactly the case with Shay Mitchell’s latest body art — no one else is exactly sure …

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16 Tattoos Dads Got to Permanently Display Love For Their Kids

Tattoos have become one of the most popular trends among adults of all ages. Ideas stem from tiny tattoos to matching best friend ink, but our …


Long Beach Legend Kari Barba Broke Tattooing's Glass Ceiling Without Even Realizing It

When Kari Barba moved her tattooing career to the West Coast from her native Minnesota in the early 1980s, she didn’t really know much about the …

Los Angeles

Shay Mitchell Gets Roman Numeral Tattoos

With a secret message.<p>Secret message.<p>Out of all the former *Pretty Little Liars* stars, [Shay Mitchell]( topped our list for “least likely to debut new ink anytime soon.” While the actress does have the same [initials …

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How Friday the 13th Became Black Friday for Tattoos

You can thank (or blame) sailors, and a little shop in Big D.<p>Atlanta resident Brit Dunn has a tattoo of a pair of boobs on his butt. Disembodied, cartoon-y, and "exaggerated," above them hangs a necklace with a dangling "13" pendant. He got it on Friday the 13th a few years ago, one of an …

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These gorgeous temporary tattoos may be better than the real thing

Programmes like Just Tattoo Of Us and Tattoo Fixers show just how much you might regret getting a permanent inking if you don’t give it serious …

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'Let's champion diversity': Two men with tattoos EVERYWHERE to celebrate their love of ink

They’d both have a strong case for being crowned Britain’s most tattooed man.<p>Body Art, originally called Matthew Whelan, and Paul Allen, from North …

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17 Photos That'll Make You Say "It Me"

I feel seen.

Bette Midler

Seen@ 6th Annual Tommy's Tattoo Convention in Hartford

The tattoo convention runs through Oct. 15 at the Hartford Convention Center from 12 p.m.-7 p.m.

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Rhod Gilbert reveals weird potato tattoo during Saturday Kitchen segment and viewers are shook

Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert has revealed an unlikely tattoo on his back – a baked potato.<p>Keith Duffy hints at Coronation Street return for Ciaran …

British Humour

This is the latest tattoo craze in Hull

More and more people in Hull are asking for head tattoos according to one artist in the city.<p>Hussam Osman of Black Ink tattooists in Carr Lane says …

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17 Stunning Tattoo Ideas For Artists of All Kinds

Whether you're a painter, musician, actor, or dancer, these gorgeous tattoo ideas are sure to leave you inspired. From colourful paint palettes to …

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