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Aylmer tap water advisory lifted

A boil water advisory in the Aylmer area has been lifted after two days.<p>The city of Gatineau has confirmed test results show the water is completely …


Drinking Tap Water Might Be the Simplest Solution to Ocean Plastic Pollution

Is the solution to plastic water bottle pollution as simple as educating the masses that their tap water is safe to drink? Photo: Elite Reader<p><b>Beaches</b> …


Not Sure About Your Tap Water? Here's How to Test for Contaminants

In the wake of Flint, Michigan's water crisis, you may have begun to wonder: Is my tap water safe? How would I know? To put your mind at ease—or just …


Turn your yucky tap water into delicious mineral water

If you're one of those people that insists water has a taste and are picky about it, Mitte might be the solution to your nasty tap water problems. …


Tap water ban in place for part of Aylmer

More than 2,000 homes in Aylmer were placed under a tap water advisory Tuesday after workers detected the smell of heavy oil in the water supply.<p>Jean …

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16 million water bottles go unrecycled every single day in the UK

<b>35 million. That’s the number of new plastic bottles we get through in the UK every single day.</b><p>And if that’s not bad enough, it’s estimated that 16 …

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This New Company Wants to Bring You the Cleanest Water Ever

Just how clean is your drinking water, even after you put it through that Brita? According to one new German company with lofty goals to innovate …


Testing your tap water for contamination is way easier than you think

There are more options for at-home testing than ever.<p>Do you trust that your drinking water is safe? Recent surveys suggest that nearly half of Americans are unsure. In the wake of environmental tragedies like the Flint water crisis, it's not shocking that many citizens feel this way. But while the …


How to test your tap water for lead

Nearly half of Americans suspect that their water might be unsafe.<p>People don’t trust the water that comes out of their tap, and not just in places without adequate sanitation. A 2016 survey by The Meyocks Group, an Iowa-based marketing firm, found that 43 percent of Americans either believe their …


Rig workers told not to drink tap water on platform

Offshore workers were banned from drinking the tap water on their platform after it was found to be contaminated with diesel – but were told to keep …


That glass of Miami tap water might taste and smell like chemicals. It shouldn’t last.

People drinking tap water across the Miami area this week may notice the smell and taste of chlorine as Miami-Dade launches the annual cleaning of …


The Quartz Water Bottle Cleans Up Your Nasty Tap Water With UV-C Light Tech

The Quartz bottle is a self-cleaning water bottle that instantly purifies water using UV-C LED light. Today it is launching a Kickstarter so you can get the Quartz water bottle<p>for the early-bird price of $49. The final price of the bottle will be $99, even though the early-bird is sold out, there …


The tap water in this remote community could kill babies

Pandanus Park Director Bronwyn Callaghan, Yaru Foundation Co-Founder Shaun Martin, Pandanus Park CEO Patricia Riley, Yaru Foundation Tessa Martin

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Paris is installing sparkling water fountains all over the city

The French capital hopes to have at least one of the fountains in each arrondissement<p><b>Paris</b>—the city of love, lights, and… sparkling water fountains? …


Why you should wash your produce with this pantry staple instead of just water

Whether you stock up on your fave fruits and vegetables at the farmers’ market or grocery store, most people know that giving ’em a good wash before …


Rwanda’s aggressive attitude towards curbing plastic pollution

The negative impact of plastics in our environment is worse than we thought. Earlier alarms had been sounded about plastics concentrating in large …


Water contamination warning for Joburg north residents

Johannesburg - Joburg Water on Wednesday advised residents of Northriding not to drink tap water due to sewer contamination. ''Johannesburg Water …


Safety Tips for Travelling with Kids

If you believe everything you read in the media, it’s a big, bad world out there filled with potential dangers. And if you believe that, we'd never …

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Study: Washing apples with just water may not wash away pesticides

How do you wash your apples before eating them?


What Do You Know About Your Drinking Water?


‘Wasteful use of taxpayer money’: State urged to end excessive spending on bottled water

BOSTON (WHDH) - Financial records indicate that Massachusetts’ tab for bottled water has his hit nearly $200,000 since July. The shocking use of …


This is the best way to wash apples, according to science

No, wiping an apple on your shirt or massaging it under tap water isn’t going to cut it.<p>According to a recent study published in the <i>Journal of</i> …


13 Foods Millennials Should Just Get Rid of Already

13 Food Trends Millennials Should Just Kill Already<p>We're better than this.<p>Millennials get blamed for just about everything—from the rise of selfie …


This Super Simple Household Item Gets Pesticides Off Apples, Study Says

TIME Health<p>For more, visit TIME Health.<p>If you “wash” your apples by wiping them on your shirt—or even rinsing them in tap water—a new study suggests …


An Easy Way to Remove Pesticides

If you’re an apple lover, then fall is the time of year for you. But unless you buy organic apples, you might be concerned about pesticides that may …

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United Utilities 'issued unclear advice' over water bug contamination

<b>A water firm's "unclear" advice to up to 700,000 customers when their tap water became contaminated "caused uncertainty", a report has concluded.</b><p>Water was infected with cryptosporidium at Franklaw treatment works near Preston in July and August 2015.<p>United Utilities (UU) later admitted supplying …


The Mitte water system doesn’t just purify — it adds minerals to your water, too

Who says all water is created equal? Certainly not the team at Mitte, the Berlin-based company seeking to improve lives with healthy water. Now, …

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This is why Wirral tapwater is running at a trickle

Engineers are trying to fix a water fault which left hundreds of homes in Wirral with just a trickle coming from their taps.<p>Some businesses and …


Why You Should Think Twice Before Drinking Tap Water on a Plane, According to a Flight Attendant

The next time the drink cart passes during your flight, you might want to think twice before asking for a cup of tap water, hot tea or coffee. …


How super are those pricey 'superfoods'? Marketplace puts 3 of them to the test

See how 3 cheaper Canadian alternatives stack up head-to-head<p>Coconut water, quinoa and chia have three things in common: they're popular, they're …