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Black Friday is right: our relentless consumption is trashing the planet

Growth must go on – it’s the political imperative everywhere, and it’s destroying the Earth. But there’s no way of greening it, so we need a new system<p>Everyone wants everything – how is that going to work? The promise of economic growth is that the poor can live like the rich and the rich can live …


Music to Cook to: A Contemplative Culinary Playlist

Listening to music while cooking can provide the same joy and solace as a delicious meal paired with the perfect wine. Deciding on what music to …

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Michael Arnone’s Crawfish Fest Expands 2018 Lineup

All but one of the many acts set to play the 29th annual Michael Arnone's Crawfish Fest have been confirmed.


Indian politician offers $1.5m bounty for beheading of top Bollywood star Deepika Paukone

The release of a highly anticipated Bollywood blockbuster has been delayed after a politician from India's governing party offered a bounty of $1.5 …


Where To Find The Best Travel Deals On Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Just remember to read the fine print before you book ✈️<p>If you’re hoping to snag a good travel deal during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales weekend, you’re in luck. Many travel sites are already teasing deep discounts on travel packages, flights, hotels and more.<p>The experts at DealNews say …


5 Holiday Travel Destinations You Never Thought Of Visiting

Photo: Shutterstock<p>1. St. Vincent and the Grenadines<p>Travel trendsetters take note: this island in the heart of the Caribbean sea is a must-visit. The …

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Paris Hilton’s selfie claim is a snapshot of the current assault on truth: Menon

Hilton’s idiotic claim she invented selfie once again suggests truth is no match for confident delusion.

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The Solution To ‘The Problem With Apu’ Already Has Arrived

Are all accents inherently funny to other cultures?<p>College classmates of my father in Pennsylvania teased him mercilessly about his Boston accent …


Paris Hilton claims she and Britney Spears invented the selfie (but she's only 172 years too late to the craze as these pics prove)

Did you maybe get ahead of your selfie, Paris Hilton?<p>On Sunday, the heiress wrote on Twitter, alongside a 2006 photo of herself with pop queen …

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Twitter Disproves Paris Hilton’s Claim that She and Britney Spears Invented the Selfie in 2006

On Sunday, Paris Hilton announced on Twitter that she and Britney Spears invented the selfie back in 2006, but it didn’t take long before Twitter …

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Smelt, yard buck, Fishin' Blues, old laker: Notes, Chicago outdoors

Notes from around Chicago outdoors.<p><b>FIELD NOTES</b><p><b>WILD OF THE WEEK</b><p><b>Bruce Czajkowski</b> photographed this buck outside his back door in Westchester.<p>Wild of …


The Art of Travel Preparation ~ Part 1

THE ART OF TRAVEL PREPARATION ~ PART 1<p><i>Behind-the-scenes tips on Efficient Organization for Packing and Departure</i><p>The Art of Travel Preparation ~ At …

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Uttar Pradesh civic polls: Yogi Adityanath says govt committed to establishing rule of law; claims 'no communal clashes' in 8 months

<b>Aligarh:</b> Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday said that his government was committed to establishing the rule of law and claimed …


What is Longitude?

Longitude is the angular distance of any point on Earth measured east or west of a point on Earth's surface.<p>Where Is Zero Degrees Longitude?<p>Unlike …


11 countries to visit where you can get the most bang for your buck on airfare

• <b>GoBankingRates consulted Kiwi.com's 2017 Flight Price Index and identified the countries you can fly to for the cheapest airfare (per 100 kilometers).</b>• <b><br>The top 11 countries include South Africa, Portugal, and Romania.</b>• <b><br>The country on their list with the cheapest airfare per 100 km is Malaysia.</b><p>Airfares …


London diners get immersed in the jazz age, Bombay style

Actors reproduce lost world of ‘Indian noir’ in former art deco department store, which will afterwards become part of the Dishoom restaurant chain<p>Amid clouds of cigarette smoke and the pungent aroma of spices, the swirling sounds of jazz took off in Bombay almost a century ago. Now, thanks to a …

Wonders of the World

Williams quinellas Zipping Classic as The Taj Mahal stakes staying claim

He would surely have been impressed with what he saw from The Taj Mahal, a son of northern hemisphere wonder sire Galileo.<p>In Europe the colt did not …

Wonders of the World

9 of the Best Things to Do in London

In 2016, London hit a big first-time tourism mark -- 19 million visitors in a single calendar year. It’s clear travelers are flocking to the capital …


The best Black Friday travel deals and discounts

Black Friday is almost here. The annual orgy of high street sales and bickering shoppers is less than a week away, but the discounting has already started in earnest. Here are some of the deals that have caught our eye. We'll be posting more offers here as and when we get them. See our guide to …

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Missouri Joins Cuba, Myanmar, Honduras On List Of International No-Go Destinations

“Sometimes you have to say no to the ones you love,” reads the opener of the “No List” for 2018, a list of places best avoided by travelers from Fodor’s, the travel guide publisher.<p>Some of the “no-go” destinations are ones you might predict from recent headlines: Myanmar for ethnic cleansing, …


Southern California's best holiday light shows for keeping spirits bright

You’ve made plans for Thanksgiving, but what are you doing the day after? Going to see holiday lights may be the ideal bridge from Turkey Day to Christmas. Here are five events guaranteed to keep your spirits bright.<p>Festival of Lights, Riverside<p>The Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn in Riverside …


Confronting “The Problem with Apu” - Salon.com

Comedian Hari Kondabolu opens his hour-long documentary, “The Problem with Apu,” with a scene from a stand-up appearance in Denver that, at least initially, appears to go smoothly. His jokes land, the audience laughs comfortably with him and he has a relaxed demeanor.<p>Then it happens during a breath …


Behind the Scenes of Oculus Educational Content, Plus Our Favorite Immersive Experiences that Foster Learning

<i>November 13 – 17 is National Education Week in the US. To celebrate, we’re highlighting the intersections of VR and education with a series of blog</i> …

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We need to get rid of selfies – and I say that as someone who can't stop taking them

I'm waging a war against selfies; they are photos of people looking self-consciously at an image of themselves instead of into the lens.<p>Selfies are …

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Moscow – Russia’s Architectural Wonder !

Delhi to Moscow has been my longest continuous flight till date. Engrossed in my dream book series, six and an half hours didn’t seem too long to a …


Mumbai museum challenges Indians' self image

As narrow minded nationalist voices rise in India, a new exhibition illustrates the depth and wealth of foreign influences on the nation's …


The Movies and Television Shows to Watch This Weekend

<i>Our staffers have some recommendations for what you can watch at the theater or in the comfort of your home this weekend.</i><p>Movies<p><b>K. Austin Collins</b><b>:</b> The …


‘The Problem With Apu’ Wonders How to Rehabilitate the Embarrassing ‘Simpsons’ Character

In <i>The Problem With Apu — </i>a 50-minute documentary that TruTV will premiere Sunday night — the comedian Hari Kondabolu scrutinizes <i>The Simpsons</i>’ most …


Boldy James "Bounce Right Back" feat. Ziploc Chucky, Taj Mahal, and Duke F.

Detroit's own Boldy James made a big splash in 2013 with his debut album "My 1st Chemistry Set" produced entirely by The Alchemist.

Wonders of the World

Finding the Heart of the Ancient Silk Road in Uzbekistan

This Central Asian country, with its tiled cities, vast deserts, and bazaars full of textiles and ceramics, is still unmarred by tourism.<p>Late one spring evening, after my first day in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital, I walk into Tarona restaurant on a quiet side street, restless with a growing …