Generally Converting For Loops to List Comprehensions

I'm trying to grasp the syntax of converting for loops to list comprehensions.<p>I understand the very basics, which would be:<p>However, I have a for loop …

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Java 11: Local-Variable Syntax for Lambda Parameters - applications

I am curious about Java-11 in general, but specifically JEP:323 which plans to add the var declaration to Lambda operation variables.<p>The motivation …


Defining a Map from String to Function in Scala

I am trying to define a Map literal with key: String, value: (Any)=>String. I tried the following, but get a syntax error:


lm (psycopg2.DataError) invalid input syntax for integer on valid query

psycopg2 (through SQLAlchemy) is throwing (psycopg2.DataError) invalid input syntax for integer for a valid SQL query. I build the query before hand …


Incrementing dict values with dict comprehension

I'm trying to do the following expression with dict comprehension and a ternary operation in python:I tried this:and several permutations thereof, …

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Three mysql triggers

Why shouldn't this work? I tried to fallow an answer from previous question but it gives me errors here.MYSQL ERROR


Javascript: call functions without using parenthesis (what?!)

Let’s dig in a not-well-publicized ES6 feature: calling functions without using parenthesys.<p>If you are familiar with Ruby, you know that in Ruby you …


Allow my own class in Rails to be configured with block syntax

I often see code of the formIs there a feature in Rails that lets me do something similar? I want to be able to configure my own library with a …

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python: builtin function redefinition, with different arguments

Preface: the question is to understand python internals, so pls don't answer with 'upgrade python' or 'import six'Let take for example, 'print'To …


How to use Space in column name

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Codeigniter 3 use of db->like for multiple columns results in an SQL related error

I am working on a basic <b>blog application</b> in Codeigniter 3.1.8.The <b>search posts</b> functionality gives me unexpected trouble:The search() method in the …


How to validate multiple check box selection in a JavaScript?

How to validate multiple check box selection in a JavaScript?Having this syntax is not firing correctly.I presume, the issue is related to change …


Javascript API syntax help - const { uport, MNID }

So while I was making my react native app, I tried to use an API from and there is a …


Syntax highlighting for variables and function arguments in python

Is there a way to highlight variables, function arguments and function calls in python files in vim. I have tried multiple syntax files for python …


5 Basic Concepts of any Programming Language

A computer program is a collection of instructions that performs a specific task when executed by a computer. A computer requires programs to …

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How to use Monadic binding operator on ADT or record syntax

Hello can someone please explain me how can you use the monadic binding operator on a field of an Algebraic Data Type or record syntax?E.g.So for M …

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Aliases with JavaScript Destructuring

By David Walsh on<p>Destructuring in JavaScript has totally changed the way JavaScript is written these days; code is more concise to write but but, …

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What makes ReasonML so great?

A rock-solid type system<p>As primarily a front-end JavaScript developer coming to Reason, this wasn’t something I was used to <i>at all.</i> Since JavaScript …


Syntax problem with sum operation in java-pyton translator

I'm trying to realize a java-pyton translator. I'm using flex to recognize some java tokens. I managed integer number with this regular expression:In …


Support for the experimental syntax 'classProperties' isn't currently enabled

I came across this error<p>So, I install @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties and put this in babelrc<p><b>package.json</b><p><b>babelrc</b><p>The error is still existed, …

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Why Scala By-Name parameter syntax fails when removing space between : and =>

I am just having a question in my mind regarding the named parameters syntax of Scala. I have created the below running code fragment and it works …



This is the first of a series of posts that aim to make your life easier and enhance your productivity while developing websites, by giving you …


returns null on short GraphQL query

I've set up a new API-Platform instance and its GraphQL endpoint behaves strangely.<p>If I run this query:<p>It will return me:<p>Which is wrong, I do have …


How to do count(*) within a spark dataframe groupBy

My intention is to do the equivalent of the basic sqlThe examples that I have seen for spark dataframes include rollups by other columns: e.g.But no …

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My collection of React Interview questions (Part 1/3)

Starting with the most typical questions to some that will blow your mind.<br>Let's go. The goal is to give short and concise answers<p>React is a front-end …


Maybe adding generics to Go IS about syntax after all

<i>This is a short response to the recently announced Go 2 generics draft proposals</i><p>My lasting reaction to the Generics proposal is the proliferation of …

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Can one use reactjs without writing any class?

I am wondering, if classes are just syntax sugar for prototypes, and es6 enhances functional coding, can we write reactJS code purely …


Module Build failed using Webpack4, Babel, React

i keep getting the error:<p>this is my babelrc with the changes it is asking for:<p>Not really sure where i have the wrong syntax for the file. Also this …


Hibernate query ends up in SQL syntax error

I have created a UserPreferences bean. The primary key being id column. Here is the definition of the bean:Now I use Kotlin to insert data in this …


JavaScript And The Web

A really cool look at how you can approach a new code base and start learning how it works quickly<p>Programming Tools<p>This looks like “JSCOdeshift for …