These are the stunning shortlisted images of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017

The Royal Observatory Greenwich, in association with Insight Investment and BBC Sky at Night Magazine, organized the ninth annual contest for the …


The Best Astronomy Pictures of the Year Are Absolutely Incredible

Auroral Crown<p>During an astrophotography tour of the Murmansk region with Stas Korotkiy, an amateur astronomer and popularizer of astronomy in Russia, …


Best Astronomy shots: Travel Photography that will make you reach for the stars

These jaw-dropping photos are from the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition 2017 shortlist, run by the Royal Observatory Greenwich …


Out of this world: The best astronomy photos of the year


The Year's Best Astronomy Photos Will Transport You To Another World

Image: Nicholas Roemmelt<p>The Royal Observatory Greenwich in the UK has shortlisted its nominees for its annual Insight Astronomer of the Year …


L.A. Indie Agency Supermoon Merges with Mistress

Two independent Santa Monica agencies recently became one as brand strategy/media-focused Supermoon merged with nearby creative shop Mistress.<p>The …

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Your horoscope for June 22 to 28, 2017

Does it feel like sun-and-fun season yet? If the summer-solstice marker has slipped by you unnoticed, look to the super new moon in Cancer on Friday …


TripAdvisor launches UK campaign and hires local agency

TripAdvisor is rolling out a new campaign in the UK today, featuring its owlish mascot Little Wiser for the first time.<p>To continue reading this …


June’s New Supermoon Magnifies Our Ability to Attract Our Heart’s Desires.

Cosmically everything happens in sequences, and this current supermoon is a fine example of this. This is due to the current


June’s Galactic New Supermoon: The Collision of Love & Fate.

Love is a little bit of magic, a dash of free will, and whole lot of fate.<p>On Friday, June 23rd, there will be a new supermoon lighting up our …


How I became a Rock Fairy

It's the noise of bone snapping that stays with you. That's the noise that wakes you up in the night as the delusional dream mist clears to find a …


Minimoon: 5 Things To Know About The Wild Phenomena Happening This June

This is for all the stargazers out there! The minimoon is coming your way for a magical night and it only happens once a year. We’ve got five facts …


Why you won’t see the new supermoon

The new moon of May 25, 2017 is a supermoon. In fact, it’s 2017’s closest and largest supermoon. This is the first time since 2009 that a new moon …


NEW MOON SuperMoon in Gemini May 25th 2017~ | MYSTICMAMMA.COM : consciousness, spirituality, astrology, wisdom, inspiration new

<i>*NEW MOON* SuperMOON in GEMINI brings us the lesson of self reflection through the myriad mirrors of external forms. She teaches us to trust our</i> …


The Largest Supermoon of 2017 Is Happening This Week

But there's a catch.<p>There's another supermoon on its way, and this one happens to be the closest and largest of the year. Unfortunately, the stars …


2017’s closest supermoon is May 25

For the 1st time since 2009, a new moon – not a full moon – will be the closest and largest supermoon of a year.<p>In recent years, the year’s largest …


Stealth Supermoon: The New Moon Supermoon Explained | Video

The moon will be at its closest point to Earth on May 25, but it will be invisible to skywatchers. [Read More]


Not-So-Super (New) Moon Coming Next Week

Next Thursday (May 25) brings us the moon that will come closest to the Earth in 2017.<p>This information may bring to mind the term "supermoon," …


Death Becomes Hers

It was nearly midnight in the Peruvian Amazon when our cameras started rolling. The moon above was as full and as close to the earth as it had ever …

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Here's Looking at You: Eye Cloud Appears in Skies Over England

Created with Sketch.<p>Imagine stepping outside your home, looking up at the sky, and seeing the sky staring straight back at you.<p>“These clouds just …


Burn Old Bridges on the Closest Supermoon of the Year.

Everything in the universe works in cycles, and the one that affects our deepest thoughts and emotions and has a major impact on our lives is the …


Here's Your Drink Pairing for Your May Horoscope

Here’s Your Drink Pairing for Your May Horoscope<p>Taurus – Lambrusco<p>It’s about to get a bit crazy, Taurus. You’re about to have a lot on your plate and …


Look to the skies: You won't want to miss these incredible celestial events in 2017

Winter’s chill is gone, and spring has arrived. Nights are warmer, too — great for doing a little stargazing. So what should you look for? We’ve put …


The Taurus new moon supermoon is here, so here's how we're celebrating!

Ah, Taurus season. As the season of the bull, ruler of everything luxurious and grounded, this time is all about finding your footing and settling in …


The first supermoon of 2017 will rise into the sky tonight, but it's not good news

It might not be that "super"<p>The first of four supermoons in 2017 is on the way tonight, but sadly this latest occurrence isn't going to be quite as …


First supermoon of 2017 on April 26

Today – April 26, 2017 – presents the first of four supermoons in 2017. What, you say? Supermoon? But the moon isn’t anywhere near full on April 26! …


BIZ DEV: Supermoon Picks Up Two Accounts

Supermoon was named agency of record for AutoGravity, a financial tech startup that lets people use a smartphone to secure finance offers before …

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Five fascinating facts about the moon

How did the Moon come to exist? What causes a supermoon? Here are five fascinating facts you may not already know about Earth's natural satellite.

Jeni's newest ice cream flavor is what Sailor Moon would eat for breakfast

Oh, look — it’s time for ice cream (well, it is somewhere, anyway). Lucky for you, there’s a brand spankin’ new flavor in Jeni’s Spring 2017 …