2017’s closest supermoon is May 25

For the 1st time since 2009, a new moon – not a full moon – will be the closest and largest supermoon of a year.<p>In recent years, the year’s largest …


Stealth Supermoon: The New Moon Supermoon Explained | Video

The moon will be at its closest point to Earth on May 25, but it will be invisible to skywatchers.


Not-So-Super (New) Moon Coming Next Week

Next Thursday (May 25) brings us the moon that will come closest to the Earth in 2017.<p>This information may bring to mind the term "supermoon," …


Watch live: 200th spacewalk at International Space Station underway

Friday marks a milestone at the International Space Station. Two NASA astronauts, Peggy Whitson and Flight Engineer Jack Fischer, will perform the 200th spacewalk at the ISS. It's yet another landmark in space for Whitson, who recently broke records for most spacewalks by a woman and most hours …


Here's Your Drink Pairing for Your May Horoscope

Taurus – Lambrusco<p>It’s about to get a bit crazy, Taurus. You’re about to have a lot on your plate and then other plates stacked on that plate with …


Look to the skies: You won't want to miss these incredible celestial events in 2017

Winter’s chill is gone, and spring has arrived. Nights are warmer, too — great for doing a little stargazing. So what should you look for? We’ve put …


The 'Supermoon' Lunar Eclipse As Seen Around The World


The first supermoon of 2017 will rise into the sky tonight, but it's not good news

It might not be that "super"<p>The first of four supermoons in 2017 is on the way tonight, but sadly this latest occurrence isn't going to be quite as …


The Taurus new moon supermoon is here, so here’s how we’re celebrating!

Ah, Taurus season. As the season of the bull, ruler of everything luxurious and grounded, this time is all about finding your footing and settling in …


First supermoon of 2017 on April 26

Today – April 26, 2017 – presents the first of four supermoons in 2017. What, you say? Supermoon? But the moon isn’t anywhere near full on April 26! …


Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here: What's In The Stars For You?

Practical magic, anyone?...


BIZ DEV: Supermoon Picks Up Two Accounts

Supermoon was named agency of record for AutoGravity, a financial tech startup that lets people use a smartphone to secure finance offers before …

Advertising Industry


[TRAPPIST-1]<p>TRAPPIST-1, also designated as 2MASS J23062928-0502285, is an ultra-cool dwarf star that is slightly larger, but much more massive than …


Where We Go From Here: The Moon Does Not Fight

Tonight, the moon comes the closest to the earth that it’s been in almost 70 years. Like a silver ghost rising up in a cloudless night sky, the …


Jeni's New Supermoon Ice Cream Is Out Of This World

Usually when something is described as "out of this world," it's meant figuratively, but the newest ice cream flavor from Jeni's lives up to the expression in almost every sense. As part of its Spring 2017 Collection, the ice cream company has released its new Supermoon flavor, and it's not your …


Fujifilm X100F – Star of the Street

The Camera that’s Just Enough for Most Everything<p>I had the great fortune to beta test the newest iteration of Fujifilm’s X100, the <b>X100F</b> — the little …



One definition of chaos is when nonlinear things are impossible to predict and control. If law and order rule the universe, chaos, by contrast, is the totally disorganized opposite.<p>I have been exploring how to let images create themselves and avoid manipulation by photographers and cameras. For …


Riding Utah's King Kong Trail by Supermoon Light​

On November 14, 2016, the moon traveled closer to the Earth than it has since 1948 — and we'll have to wait until 2034 until it gets this close again.<p>…


Dreaming about landscape photography on Trappist-1

I have always been fascinated by astronomy and the eternal question: are we alone in the universe? NASA’s discovery of seven earth-like planets in …

Landscape Photography

These plates and cups with galaxy scenes painted on them will turn your kitchen into a celestial wonderland

It really doesn’t get much better than space! The outer limits of what surrounds our earth have been inspiring everything from our art to our clothes …


BIZ DEV: Supermoon Named First AOR For Snap Kitchen

Supermoon, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based creative agency, was named the first agency of record for Snap Kitchen, a Texas-based healthy pre-made food …

Advertising Industry

03Feb2017 | Happy Friday from HQ | 360

Friday Flashback : Super MoonMe and the MoonIt has been an interesting week to say the least.As I get my research gathering done from this weeks Q4 …


Healthy food retailer Snap Kitchen names Supermoon as first creative AOR

Healthy pre-made food retailer Snap Kitchen, based in Austin, Texas, has chosen Supermoon, of Santa Monica, California, as its first creative agency …


Full Wolf Moon 2017 rises Jan. 12

January's full moon also considered a supermoon by some.


Is tonight’s moon a supermoon?

The first of 2017’s 12 full moons falls on today’s date. It’s the 3rd-closest full moon in 2017, but is it a supermoon? Even experts disagree. Learn …


Mark your calendar: 5 must-see astronomy events in 2017

Stargazers around the globe will be treated to a variety of astronomical events in 2017, ranging from a spectacular supermoon to the king of all …


Moon made when 'about 20 moonlets collided'

Computer simulations examining thousands of scenarios have determined it would have taken about 20 mini-moons to create the one that orbits the Earth.<p>…


Close and far moons in 2017

We list the 13 lunar perigees (close moons) and 13 lunar apogees (far moons) for the year 2017, plus share a secret on the intriguing cycle of close …


Float Into 2017 With All the Best Balloon Art From the Past Year

Though 2016 ended with the tragic loss of a miniature balloon dog by Jeff Koons when it shattered at Art Basel Miami, the art world was abound with playful, inflatable art. The artist Alex Da Corte, for one, both greeted visitors to Randall's Island at Frieze in May with a giant inflatable baby, …


Top Space News 2016: Discoveries, theories and mysteries

The year 2016 saw scientists solving several mysteries, making new discoveries and formulating theories to figure out the impact that an asteroid hit will have on Earth. Here is a roundup about the interesting space and astronomy-related events which made news in 2016.<p><b>Exoplanets:</b><p>Around 1,284 …