Stop Motion

Early Man review: A reminder of why stop motion animation is worth saving

Is stop motion animation in the battle against its own death? That portrait of the world is tempting. Modernity is equal to efficiency, as it would …


This Guy Shot, Sculpted and Edited this Entire Stop Motion Animation in His Bedroom

Stop motion animation artist Guldies has just released his latest short film, <i>GOING FISHING</i>, and it’s wonderful. Made from 2500 still pictures (4530 …


How to Make Stop Motion Videos

Stop motion is actually a really easy thing that everyone could integrate into their videos. Here, Rob starts out with a broad overview of where you …

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How Anime Has Changed Over The Past 100 Years

<b>Video:</b> Can you believe it? Japan has been making animation for over a hundred years. Let's see how things have changed!<p>As <i>Japan Trends</i> points out, the …


21 Little 'Elf' Details That You Missed The First Time Around

Even though it's already nearly 15 years old, one of the newest additions to the classic Christmas film canon is <i>Elf</i>. Will Ferrell's Buddy the Elf is …


Cocoa Strikes Back, A Stop Motion Animation of Marshmallow Luke Skywalker Facing Darth Vader

Bodega Studios, Northern Lights, Mr. Wonderful, and SuperExploder have created “Cocoa Strikes Back,” their 2017 stop motion animation for the holiday …

Star Wars

Artist pieces together Shellharbour’s history via animation

STOP MOTION: A frame from Angie Cass's animation about the Illawarra Central Co-operative Dairy created for Shellharbour Council websites, with the …


The 17 Best Video Essays of 2017

A tour of our favorite video content of the year from a number of brilliant creators.<p>After taking over for H. Perry Horton as the new Video Content …


See the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer Recreated with Action Figures

It’s been a week since the first trailer for <i>Avengers: Infinity War</i> hit YouTube, and it’s safe to call it a sensation, what with almost 90 million …


Stop Motion Animation of a Man Building Kylo Ren’s LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter With Force Powers

In honor of <i>Star Wars: The Last Jedi</i> hitting theaters on December 15th, Joey Shanks of <i>Shanks FX</i> created a fascinating stop motion animation of a man …

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Louis & Luca and the Snow Machine | Scandi animation in the Wallace and Gromit vein

There’s something of the handmade quirkiness of Wallace and Gromit about <i>Louis & Luca and the Snow Machine</i>, a slice of Scandinavian stop-motion …

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Watch This YouTuber Build Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter With the Power of the Force--Er, Stop Motion

By Matt Novak on 15 Dec 2017 at 10:30PM<p>By Charles Pulliam-Moore on 15 Dec 2017 at 4:30PM<p>By Evan Narcisse on 14 Dec 2017 at 11:00AM


Zügel The Hügel // Full Part // BIRDS BRIGADE


OK Go / Obsession

Stop motion, 567 printers, and one band — that's all you need to make OK Go's latest innovative video, "Obsession". Filmed over five days, the …


Watch a completely mental set of MeeBlip synth stop motion animations

You’ve got your acid basslines. Then, you’ve got your acid trips involving a bass synth. Roikat takes us in the direction of the latter.<p>Creatures …


Foster Huntington’s stop-motion short of an '80s Californian skate off

Foster Huntington’s short <i>Pool Scum</i> is a stop-motion animation set in southern California in the mid ’80s. It’s set up and shot like an old Western …


Here are two niche categories of cinematography that can set you apart

We continue our small deviation from the usual still <b>photography</b> articles and concentrate on some unconventional forms of photography that have gotten …

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Stop Motion with the Time Glove

What do you get when you put an ultra-bright LED in the palm of a glove, and strobe it controlled by an accelerometer? A Time Control Glove! In …


This stop motion animation made with a power drill is surprisingly fun to watch

A Los Angeles-based artist is making waves on the internet by creating stop motion animation with only a stack of paper, ink and of course, a power …

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Instagram tests Stop Motion tool for its Stories feature

Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform, Instagram is currently testing a new update for its app. This new feature is called Stop Motion and it will …

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You can now make GIFs on Instagram!

Instagram have finally launched a feature that allows you to create a GIF - which we are so here for because Boomerang is great and everything, but …


Instagram's new feature lets you make your own GIFs and we're into it

For those of you who have finally exhausted the possibilities of Instagram's Boomerang feature, we have some great news for you.<p>The photo-sharing platform has just announced plans to roll out Stop Motion, a shiny new in-app tool that will allow you to create your own GIFs.<p>Ooooh. Ahhh.<p>Stop Motion …


Kate Isobel Scott's shorts display the painstaking joy of stop-motion animation

Kate Isobel Scott is a dab hand with a ball of plasticine. The illustrator, animator, prop maker and all round creative has a knack for creating …


Light Painted Stop Motion Skeletons Play Music, Dance and Party Hard in a Brilliant Video Short

“Kill the Lights” by Darren Pearson is an amazing long exposure animated film short that captures stop-motion animated light paintings of some really …


Turn a series of stills into a video for Instagram Stories with latest test

Instagram is testing out a new sibling to the popular Boomerang video effect — Instagram recently confirmed that a Stop Motion tool is currently in …


Instagram’s Superzoom Could be the Next Boomerang by @MattGSouthern

Instagram has a new effect for videos that could end up being one of its best features since the Boomerang.The post Instagram’s Superzoom Could be …

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You may soon be able to make stop-motion animation on Instagram

Instagram is working hard to shed its title of Snapchat-clone. The company is now testing a stop-motion camera just a few weeks after releasing the …

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Tarantina unchains demonic visuals for dark pop odyssey “Fables”

UK multi-instrumentalist and videographer Tarantina today airs the bewitching self-produced clip for new single "Fables".>

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Incredible Stop-Motion Pumpkin Carving Animation

Abstract Jack o' Lanterns<p>Artists Sean Ohlenkamp and Rob Popkin literally spent years, and a boatload of pumpkins, to create the following animation. …


Instagram may soon add a sweet new creative tool

Getting tired of the same old Instagram Stories? Get ready for stop motion, the newest feature in Instagram's story camera.<p>The tool allows you to …