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2019 Oscars: Best Supporting Actor Predictions

We make early predictions in the Oscar race.<p>At Sundance 2018, Forest Whitaker and Jonah Hill both scored in Gus Van Sant’s “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get …

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A Young Steve Carell Plays a Ladykiller Who Helps a Neighbor Fold Laundry in a 1994 Second City Pilot

In a 1994 pilot for the short-lived <i>The Second City’s 149 1/2 Edition</i>, a young Steve Carell played the role of Chuck, an Ohio boy who just moved to …

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The cast of 'The Office' shares behind-the-scenes dish about the best episode ever (you know which one)

Few nights will ever compare to that one night <i>The Office</i> aired the "Dinner Party" episode and set a whole new bar for comedy.<p>The thirteenth episode …


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Santa Barbara Livin’<p>Jennifer Garner and Steve Carell attended the International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, Calif., on Friday, Feb. 6.

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Christian Bale stops to spend time with fans as he arrives at LAX airport

Christian Bale clearly has a lot of time for his fans.<p>As the actor returned from a family break in Hawaii, he was mobbed by fans waiting for him in …

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Facebook Group Features

Facebook, the social media giant has been under a lot of bad press lately. But that hasn’t stopped marketers from flocking to Facebook to sell or …


10 Mind-Blowing Doppelgängers That Are So Similar It's Creepy

These people aren't related and we don't understand how that's even possible. The similarities are uncanny. We can't help but wonder if they were …


Who’s Had the Best Career Since ‘The Office’?

Ranking the 18 actors and writers who found stardom thanks to the iconic workplace comedyThere is, of course, one major drawback to appearing on a …


Ryan Gosling Has A Long History Of Unknowingly Stealing John Krasinski's Roles

John Krasinski is ready for his time in the spotlight, so move over Ryan Gosling! No, really, Ryan Gosling may have been the one standing in the way …

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Easter 2018: 5 faith-based films to binge watch

It's Easter and many are celebrating Christianity's holy holiday.<p>But whether you're spending the day in church, or visiting the Easter bunny, or …

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Tiger trainer doc is ‘fascinating look at female empowerment’

Susan and David Rocke­feller Jr. hosted a dinner at their Upper East Side home following a MoMA screening of Leslie Zemeckis’ latest film, “Mabel, …

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10 Worthy LGBT Films You May Have Missed On Netflix

Whether you’re recovering from a chocolate induced coma, or still making your way through the edible delights this weekend had to offer, there’s no …


John Krasinski Has An Idea For How ‘The Office’ Could Come Back

As if there wasn’t already an excess of reboots and revivals, the outstanding ratings for <i>Roseanne 2.0</i> further confirmed that all your favorite shows are probably going to come back at some point. For instance: NBC’s <i>The Office</i>, a remake of a British series that went off the air only five years ago, …

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Dana Carvey Recalls Hiring "Nobodies" Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert on 'The Dana Carvey Show'

"We could not get arrested, honest to god," Colbert joked.<p>In 2018, Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell are pursuing very different careers — but in …


Director Fights Back at Hollywood Ageism: 'Why Is Time on Earth a Liability?' (Guest Blog)

“Who decided number of Instagram followers is more valuable than real-world knowledge?” writes “All I Wish” writer-director Susan Walter<p>A few days …

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Find out which TV shows LIers Google the most

From “Friends” to “Stranger Things,” Long Islanders seem to watch it all, according to search data from Google. But which show ranks highest in their …


Uber driver gets stuck on staircase, of course blames navigation app

An Uber driver messed up big time while picking up passengers in San Francisco.<p>Instead of leaving a grocery store parking lot, you know, through a …

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Everything You Need to Know About Stormy Daniels Before 60 Minutes

Stormy Daniels is no stranger to the small screen. In her two decades as an adult entertainer, she’s appeared in 275 films and directed 91. Her …

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Despicable Me 3 | More goofy fun for Steve Carell’s supervillain turned goodie and his cute sidekicks

<b>Oh brother.</b><p>Steve Carell’s supervillain turned goodie, Gru, is back for animated comedy sequel <i>Despicable Me 3</i>. And, once again, it is the cutely …


Here’s every Kanye West album explained in ‘The Office’ clips

Is Kanye actually Michael Scott?<p>First we had <i>Spongebob</i> summing up Radiohead albums, then we had Radiohead records explained in <i>Always Sunny</i> clips. Now, …

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This Kanye West & ‘The Office’ Mashup Perfectly Describes All Of The Rapper’s Albums With Scenes From The Sitcom — VIDEO

Kanye West albums and endless criticism go hand in hand. NBC’s <i>The Office</i> and endless quotable moments go hand in hand. But Kanye West and <i>The …

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Let the cast of The Office walk you through the musical accomplishments of Kanye West

Straight out of Scranton, the employees of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company are here to offer up an emotional primer on the musical accomplishments …

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10 Things Every Man Should Keep In His Office

Because you spend most of your life there anyway<p>One of the trademarks of Michael Scott, the terrible boss played by Steve Carell on <i>The Office</i>, was his hilariously cluttered workspace.<p>It wasn’t so much that he had a giant mess lying around, but that his mess was an inexplicable mix of toys no kid …

Steve Carell

‘Beautiful Boy’ First Look: Timothée Chalamet Eyes Another Oscar Nomination as Meth-Addicted Teen

Chalamet stars opposite Steve Carell in the upcoming drama from "The Broken Circle Breakdown" director Felix Van Groeningen.<p>The Oscars may have just …

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The Crew From ‘The Office’ Explain Kanye West’s Albums In Hilarious Video Mashup

If you’re a fan of Kanye West and “The Office”, you’ll bow down to the creator of this epic mashup.<p>In a hilarious new video, clips from the beloved …

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Alan Cumming applauds equality but insists there is room to grow as he prepares for role with female Doctor Who star

The actor, who was awarded an OBE in 2009, insists society has a long way to go until we can enjoy full equality.<p>As Alan Cumming prepares to star …

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The Top 50 Episodes of ‘The Office’, Ranked

The premise of <b>The Office</b>—borrowed from its original U.K. counterpart—is as simple as a blank sheet of paper. A documentary crew decides to follow the …

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Did 'Star Trek' actor Zachary Quinto just visit UM on same day as Steve Carell?

It looks like there's been a second celebrity sighting in Ann Arbor. This time it was actor Zachary Quinto.

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Leslie Mann reveals she and husband Judd Apatow CUT their daughter out of The 40 Year Old Virgin on Lorraine

Those in the spotlight often try to protect their family - especially their children - from suffering the difficulties of life in the public eye.<p>But …

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Steve Carell may be at the University of Michigan and students are losing it

Carell of 'The Office' fame was allegedly spotted by students Tuesday, March 20, according to social media.

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