Stephen Hawking

For Stephen Hawking, a brief history of human potential

Recently, renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking said we should colonize the moon and Mars as soon as possible. He predicts that, …


Experts Want Robots to Have an “Ethical Black Box” That Explains Their Decision-Making

Ethical Black Box<p>Scientists Alan Winfield, professor of robot ethics at the University of the West of England in Bristol, and Marina Jirotka, …


Germany has ended a century-long debate over a missing letter in its alphabet

Picture your last name written in all caps. Now imagine one letter in the middle is in lowercase. Now imagine this is the only way for you to write your name, that shrunken middle letter dwarfed by its neighbors. All your legal documents glare at you:<p>SMiTH<br>WOLFsON<br>CHUnG<p>Until very recently, this was …


Machine learning has entered the kitchen, and I for one welcome our AI culinary overlords

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have both opined about the dangers posed by artificial intelligence, with Musk famously comparing it to “summoning a demon,” and Hawking suggesting it could end mankind. But when they said that, I don’t think they were talking about an undercooked chicken leg.<p>That’s …

Artificial Intelligence

New Study: Most Effective Way to Fight Global Warming? Don’t Have Kids

Posted: Jul 19, 2017 4:00 PM<p>A radical solution is being proposed by those promoting the theory that man is to blame for climate change. Their …

Climate Change

Should we be worrying about artificial intelligence?

Elon Musk is warning artificial intelligence (A.I.) will end humanity. He says the government needs to regulate A.I. and implement preventative …


Top US general warns of the dangers posed by autonomous killer robots

While artificial intelligence has brought countless benefits to humanity, the danger that we might hand too much control over to the machines remains …


Sad robot takes dip in a fountain

Science and technology luminaries such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have spent years warning us about the dangers of AI becoming too smart. …


Robotics experts dismiss Musk's call for AI regulation

Leading robotics experts are rebuffing Elon Musk's siren call for the urgent regulation of artificial intelligence, which he calls an existential …

Artificial Intelligence

When Robot Face-Plants In Fountain, Onlookers Show Humanity — By Gloating

The rise of artificial intelligence poses its fair share of dangers. Last year, for instance, physicist Stephen Hawking said its development could be "either the best or the worst thing ever to happen to humanity." And just this weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk described AI as a potential "existential …


AI is the biggest risk we face as a civilisation, Elon Musk says

Artificial intelligence is the “biggest risk we face as a civilisation” and needs to be checked as soon as possible, Elon Musk has warned.<p>The billionaire technology entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX said there is a risk that “until people see robots go down the street killing people they don’t …


Humanity's 'sustainability' is no excuse for abandoning planet Earth

“Spreading out into space will completely change the future of humanity,” says Stephen Hawking. It “may be the only thing that saves us from …


Security robot 'drowns' in D.C. office building's fountain

A security computer patrolling the grounds of a Washington, D.C., office building tragically "drowned" Monday in the building's decorative wading pool.<p>At least it looked drowned to CrystalMD founder Bilai Farooqui, who shared a photo of the hapless bot of lying face down — or maybe it was face up — …


Elon Musk Warns Governors “AI is Fundamental Risk to Civilization”

Speaking to more than thirty of the nation’s governors on Saturday, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk quieted the room with this warning: “AI is a …

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Elon Musk doesn’t think we’re prepared to face humanity’s biggest threat: Artificial intelligence

The subjugation of humanity by a race of super-smart, artificially intelligent beings is something that has been theorized by everyone from generations of moviemakers to New Zealand’s fourth-most-popular folk-parody duo.<p>But the latest prophet of our cyber-fueled downfall must realize why people …

Elon Musk

Beware the dark side of artificial intelligence

AI can help humanity but at some point computers and robots are expected to be become smarter and will evolve — faster than we may be able to control


Climate-change fearmongering has turned totally unhinged

One of the hallmarks of the “Ugly American” is the habit of thinking foreigners will understand what you’re saying if you just shout it louder and …


Acceptable cat-calling lines for tradesmen who are trying not to be sexist

It has been a good week for men who think that sexism is bad. First of all, reigning men's singles champ Sir Andy Murray took time out from being …

Thing of the Past

100 Books Every INTJ should read

The list was compiled based on votes from the Goodreads community<p>1. <b>Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking</b> by Susan Cain …


Christianity’s Unbroken Record of Failure

Christianity makes big claims. When you actually look for evidence for these claims, however, you come up empty.

Large Hadron Collider

The Right Chemistry: No, Hawking isn't hawking brain supplement

Stephen Hawking is a brilliant theoretical physicist. But even brilliant scientists can be wrong, as Hawking was about his contention that the “Higgs …

Canadian News

Scientists have named the world's most indestructible species that will survive until the sun dies

Scientists have identified what they believe will be the last form of life on Earth that will survive until the sun dies.<p>Long after humans on the …


The Race For A Space Base

Who will triumph in the billionaire space race?<br>Continue reading »

Space Travel

Aaahhhhpocalypse Now!: 10 Dark Visions Headed Your Way

Click here for reuse options! First, the bad news.Things are not looking good out there. Manmade climate change has already led to widespread …

Noam Chomsky

5 Secure Jobs That Machines Will Never Be Able To Take From Humans

Without wanting to get <i>too</i> morbid, one of the greatest existential fears humans face is that one day, we’re going to be completely unnecessary in the …


Russian weapons maker Kalashnikov developing killer AI robots – VICE News

By David Gilbert on Jul 13, 2017<p>Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov has announced it will launch a range of autonomous combat drones which will use artificial intelligence to identify targets and make decisions on their own. The move is likely to fuel ongoing concerns about the ethics of …


Dadaist Science

Earlier this month Stephen Hawking declared: “We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump’s action …

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Absorb Books In 15 Minutes With Blinkist

<i>Curiosity is proud to spotlight products like Blinkist t</i><i>hat can make you smarter</i><i>.</i> <i>Look for a special offer for the Curiosity community at the bottom</i> …

Uninhabitable Earth?

David Wallace-Wells’ article “The Uninhabitable Earth,” New York Magazine, July 9, 2017 has created a furor of criticism, people bouncing off walls …

Climate Change

Want to stop climate change? Have one less child, UBC study says

For one person to have any real impact on climate change, it would take some major sacrifices: give up the car, stop eating meat, avoid transatlantic …

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