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Celebrities Applaud Australians For Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

"Congrats Australia! Every step taken is one closer to World Peace!"<p>Ellen DeGeneres, Boy George, Lady Gaga and a slew of other celebrities are rejoicing over yet another win for love.<p>A majority of Australians said yes to marriage equality in a nationwide poll on same-sex marriage released …


'Mind' marathon runners receive awards from Prince Harry • The Crown Chronicles

Last night, Prince Harry attended the Mind Media Awards, where he handed out awards to those who had run in this year’s London marathon for the …

Prince Harry

Australia Has Voted "Yes" On Marriage Equality And The Celebrity Reactions Are Pouring In

Advertisement<p>Image: Getty<p>After many months, countless debates and many millions of dollars, Australia has finally voted that same-sex couple should …


Paddington creator Michael Bond remembered at service

<b>A celebration of the life of Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond has been held at St Paul's Cathedral in London.</b><p>Excerpts from Bond's work were read by members of his family, while stars from the Paddington films - among them Hugh Bonneville - read tributes from fans.<p>Writer and broadcaster Stephen …


IQ is not an excuse

The blank slate is dead.The idea of the human mind as a <i>tabulasa rasa — </i>a blank slate at birth to be freely molded by experience — is an artifact of …


'It's always waiting outside the door, waiting to get you': Robert Glenister and other famous cases of stage fright

"This is what it must be like to give birth," Laurence Oliver once wrote of stage fright. "It's always waiting outside the door, waiting to get you."<p>Last night, Robert Glenister experienced it firsthand during a performance of Glengarry Glen Ross at the Playhouse Theatre.<p>The actor, perhaps best …

Glengarry Glen Ross

Detectorists returns to unearth more comic gold – review

For a worrying moment at the start of Detectorists (BBC Four), I thought I was watching The Apprentice on BBC One by mistake. There was a helicopter shot of the shiny London skyline, before the camera cut to a grey-suited, gimlet-eyed estate agent type, striding purposefully down a corporate …


The Paradise Papers reveals new shenanigans of the wealthy

A new leak of a massive trove of documents being called the Paradise Papers (this post edited to add this link) reveals how the global wealthy used …


15 Mind Blowing Facts You Never Knew About The V For Vendetta Movie

The 2006 classic comic book movie <i>V for Vendetta</i> will be remembered for two things. The first is for inspiring the online vigilante network Anonymous …

Natalie Portman

BBC Radio 2 - Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Stephen Fry and Serious Jockin', Stephen Fry: “I thought the internet was going to save humanity…”

Stephen Fry: “I thought the internet was going to save humanity…”<p>Retelling the Greek Myths in his book Mythos and their relevance to today's world.<p>Release date:<p>3 November 2017<p>Duration:<p>13 minutes

5 Recent Books with Authentic Characters with Mental Illness

Initiating awareness and conversations about mental health is a crucial need in these times of great psychological distress. The first week of …


Ignore the Twitter cry-bully brigade – on social media, you reap what you sow

By pointing to the vile insults they receive, these attention seekers can close down any argument<p>The nastiest person on Twitter has quit Twitter. Because I’m so generous I shan’t mention his name. All I’ll say is he that he co-wrote one of the 1990s’ warmest, funniest, daffiest sitcoms — which is …

Gary Lineker

The Penguin Podcast: Stephen Fry with David Baddiel by Penguin Books UK - Listen to music


Why did Apple let a few YouTubers scoop the first iPhone X reviews?

A curious new launch strategy.<p>Apple’s iPhone X — its most anticipated new phone in a very long time — goes on sale this Friday, Nov. 3.<p>So sometime this week, as usual, you’ll be able to read and watch a bunch of serious-sounding reviews, as Professional Gadget Reviewers critique everything from …


Who is Sandi Toksvig? The Channel 4 Great British Bake Off presenter who doesn't feel the pressure of replacing Mel and Sue - Mirror Online

Sandi Toksvig made her screen debut as presenter of The Great British Bake Off in the new series opener in August.<p>TV host Sandi , 59, is fronting the …


Who knew earmarks could arouse such passions?

There is a long and boring profile of former speaker John Boehner that will likely be of interest only to diehard political geeks who are interested …

John Boehner

Stephen Fry in ‘wonder’ at delight of Attenborough series Blue Planet 2

Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II was declared a life-affirming watch by viewers who said it was worth the licence fee alone, with Stephen Fry …

David Attenborough

I tried (and failed) to review Total War: Warhammer II

Dane and I were lying in bed together one night and he said to me, “Chris, do you want this Total War: Warhammer II code for review? You like board …

Abraham Lincoln

'We owe it to our students to discuss our own struggles with mental health' – one teacher’s extraordinary story

In October 2010, I travelled down to Cardiff to hear a speech by the then Welsh education secretary Leighton Andrews.<p>I was sat at a table with a …

Mental Health

BBC Radio 3 - In Tune Highlights, 'A marvellously exciting thing to have done' - Stephen Fry on writing an opera libretto

Picks from across the week on In Tune. Sean Rafferty talks to Stephen Fry about penning an opera libretto for the composer Louis Mander; Angela Hewitt discusses Bach and Scarlatti; and Alice Sara Ott explains the childlike essence of Grieg's music.

Hearing Is Believing: 10 Unforgettable Audiobooks

<i>Read by Robin Sachs</i><p>It’s hard to imagine listening to a Harry Hole novel without the late Robin Sachs. His measured and contemplative reading were a perfect match the bleak, snow-covered Oslo crafted by Jo Nesbo. Harry Hole as read by Sachs is a perpetually haggard man teetering on the brink of …


Why Twitter Wants You To Hate

When I left the Roman Catholic Church four years ago and became an active champion of socially liberal causes, I was stunned by the Twitter attacks …

Canadian News

Why more mid-lifers should take an adult reading week

It normally starts with a message or a notification or the recognisable buzz of an email arriving. Out of the corner of my eye, my phone lights up and I’m drawn away from the book in front of me, no matter how engaging or well-written, to indulge my curiosity. From there, it’s just a flick of the …

Lifestyle (Canada)

Exclusive: Here's the most nerdy QI nitpick ever, as the quiz makes a technical 'gaffe'

Elves do make mistakes.<p>Given the huge range of subject matter <i>QI</i> covers, it's perhaps unsurprising that there's the odd query or quibble about whether …

British Humour

Bill and Melinda Gates on the fight against global inequality

Bill and Melinda Gates are nervous. Since the start of the century, the world’s richest couple has been channelling a growing share of their fortune …


Progress 1000: London's most influential people 2017 - Performers: Comedy

Sharon Horgan<p>Actress and Writer<p>In 2006’s Pulling, her hard-drinking anti-heroines were ahead of their time, but Horgan has gone on to find popular …


Stephen Fry's lecture on a hopeful, cautious, excited vision of a better technological world

Stephen Fry's hour-long Shannon Luminary Lecture at Bell Labs tries to bridge the despair of a world where technology enables bullying, greed and …


Pinewood Studios unveils Sir Roger Moore stage

Simon Brew Oct 17, 2017Pinewood Studios names its new soundstage after the late Sir Roger Moore... Now this is a lovely touch. Days after what would …

Roger Moore

Trump’s Character Counts Week can take a running jump

Character education sounds good, but it's code for indoctrination in a nasty values system.


This video went viral after it was tweeted by Stephen Fry and it’s brilliant

This Vice News video went viral after it was tweeted by Stephen Fry, and you can see why.There’s nothing I can add to this …

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