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​Linux gaming gets a new head of Steam

Steam's dream of Linux-powered Steam gaming machines never came to fruition, but the company has returned to Linux by bringing Windows-based games to …


Playing Windows Games On Linux Is About To Get Much Easier

Valve is apparently taking another stab at increasing the appeal and usability of PC gaming on Linux, but it won’t require installing SteamOS or investing in a new type of Steam Machine. The approach <i>this</i> time around is more sensible, and frankly kind of exciting. I’ve spent a month now exclusively …


SteamOS May Soon Support Windows Games

Rumours are circulating that Valve may soon be adding support for Windows games to its Linux based SteamOS operating system which launched a few …


Steam may be getting tools that will enable Windows games to run in Linux

Valve announced the Linux-based SteamOS in 2013, just prior to the reveal of the vaguely console-like Steam Machine PCs. It was a big, bold move that …


Valve may offer tools to play Windows games on Steam Machines

As long as you're happy with emulation.<p>Valve's Steam Machine platform hasn't really taken off, and it's not just because of the hardware. When few developers are willing to release Linux-native versions of games to run on Steam OS, there just isn't a lot to play. Thankfully, the company may have a …


Valve seems to be working on tools to get Windows games running on Linux

Files hint at "Steam Play" compatibility tools to help expand SteamOS library.<p>Valve appears to be working on a set of "compatibility tools," called …


Valve says its Linux-powered Steam Machines aren't dead yet

Earlier this week, Valve removed the listing for Steam Machines from its Steam gaming store’s site, leading many to believe that the company had axed its project to launch an open Linux-based OS and accompanying hardware to rival consoles in living rooms. The company now says its ambitious …


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In the kitchen, laundry room and cleaning closet, steam appliances are gaining popularity.


Steam features are hot in home appliances

What is hot in home appliances these days? That's a steamy story, say industry watchers.

Home Appliances

Outback campdrafts one of the nation's richest horse sports at up to $100,000 a throw - ABC Rural - ABC News

Campdrafting may not be able to fill the stands of Sydney's Olympic Stadium, but it can fill hundreds of acres of outback paddocks with well-kept …

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RIGHT AT HOME: Steam features are hot in home appliances

What hot in home appliances these days? That’s a steamy story, say industry watchers.<p>Across several categories — cookery, cleaning and personal care — steam features are the big news.<p>“I first started seeing them in laundry products,” says Nigel Maynard, an editor based in Hyattsville, Maryland, who …


Atari Launches Linux Gaming Box Starting at $199

Title: Atari Launches Linux Gaming Box Starting at $19931 MayLearn more


Valve’s PC game streaming service Steam Link launches in beta on Android

Stream PC games to your Android smartphone<p>Valve announced earlier this month that its Steam Link game streaming service would be coming to mobile by the end of May, and now we have a beta version on Android to play around with. The app is live on Google’s Play Store starting today, and it will let …

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Steam Libraries Will Soon Be Playable on Phones Via Steam Link App

Living in a Post-'Pose' World: Trans Actors on How the FX Series Has Affected Change<p>What It Says When Cis Actors Are Cast in Trans Roles<p>Laverne Cox: …


Steam Link for Android beta is now live – your games library in your pocket | Trusted Reviews

<b>UPDATE: Friday May 18: The Android version of Steam Link is now live for devices running Android 5.0 and up. The app can be downloaded from Google</b> …

Gear & Gadgets

You can soon stream your Steam PC games to Android, iPhone, Apple TV

Valve Software is getting ready to launch a Steam Link app for Android, Apple iOS, and tvOS that allows PC gamers to stream their library of Steam …


Slayer Gets In the Groove With ‘Box Set’ of New Machines

After more than a decade of establishing its foothold at the high end of commercial espresso machinery, and now in the immediate wake of its …


The Atari VCS might be the next crowdfunded console, but who is this for?

And why is it being sold on a crowdfunding website?<p>Atari, once a forerunner of the video game revolution and now a primarily French-owned collection of related media companies, has plans for a new game console called the Atari VCS. After a false start last year, the company is ready to offer …


Steam Machines “aren’t exactly flying off the shelves” but Valve are sticking with Linux

Steam Machines went nowhere, Valve have basically said (I’m paraphrasing a touch), but nah, don’t sweat it, they are still committed to improving …


Steam Machine Sales Below Expectation, Valve Confirms

Valve's Steam Machine line of gaming PCs has sold rather poorly, according to a statement from the company. • facebook <br>• twitter <br>• google+ <br>• tumblr <br>News John …

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Geared Up Podcast: The great privacy debate — and how companies like Apple could benefit

How should gadget fans think about privacy? Geared Up cohost Andru Edwards, for one, says growing concerns about data privacy will be a boon for …


Valve Isn’t Done With Steam Machines After All

By on April 4, 2018 at 3:30 pm<p>Valve recently pulled its home page links to Steam Machine listings, which led many of us to speculate about the end of …

Game Development

How the Steam Machines failed in the gaming industry

Two days ago, Valve removed any trace of Steam Machines from its store. If it weren’t for the media coverage, people might not have even remembered …


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A Brief History Of Steam Machines

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty)<p>Remember Steam Machines? Valve's console-style gaming PC rigs meant for the living room felt like they might revolutionise …

Ready Player One

Valve: Steam Machines Aren't 'Flying Off The Shelves', But They're Still Working Hard On Linux Gaming

The recent removal of Steam Machines from the hardware section of Steam's hardware tab recently. The removal actually took a week before anyone …


Valve: 'Steam Machines aren't exactly flying off shelves'

Earlier this week Valve dialed down the presence of Steam Machines on its digital store by delisting the device from the Steam hardware tab, and …

Game Development

Follow-up: Valve updates the world on the fate of Steam Machine game consoles

It turns out that the Steam Machines aren’t dead. Yet.<p>Over the weekend, several websites, the first of which appears to have been Gaming On Linux, …

Living Rooms

Steam Machines are going the way of the Dodo

There was a time not too long ago when Steam Machines were an exciting component of Valve’s emerging hardware business. Acting as a vehicle for …


Steam Machines quietly disappear from Valve’s home page

In what seemed like a foregone conclusion, Valve removed Steam Machines from the hardware dropdown on Steam’s homepage GamingOnLinux reports. No …

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