manssh is a command line tool for managing your ssh alias config easily, inspired by storm project, powered by Go.<p>Feature<p>No dependence.<br>• Add, list, …


Poor man's ngrok with tcp proxy and ssh reverse tunnel

We have a private development server where we do most our work. But like all modern web application these days, it need to talk (or being talked to) …


Mr. Robot – the security review

It feels like the entire series was leading up to this episode, and I’m hesitant to mention anything more in case someone gets accidentally and …


Half of organizations do not audit SSH entitlements

Cybercriminals, such as malicious insiders, use SSH keys to access systems from remote locations, evade security tools and escalate privileges, …


How to Use Nmap Script Engine (NSE) Scripts in Linux

Nmap is a popular, powerful and cross-platform command-line network security scanner and exploration tool. It can also help you get an overview of …


Autoinstall T-Pot on Ubuntu 16.04.x

This script will install T-Pot 17.10 on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04.x LTS (64bit).<p>It is intended to be used on hosted servers, where an Ubuntu base image is …


Onion Investigator

Scanned: Thu, 09 Nov 2017 16:47:55 +0000 <br>Added: Thu, 09 Nov 2017 17:59:07 +0000 <br>Title: Gradio-record <br>Operating System: Ubuntu <br>Ports: ssh, http <br>Web …

Operating Systems

Advanced Secure Shell: 6 Things You Can Do With SSH

<b>S</b>ecure <b>Sh</b>ell is a network protocol that enables secure connections. It is heavily used to connect to servers, make changes, upload things, and exit. …


ROC - Infineon RSA Vulnerability

This tool is related to ACM CCS 2017 conference paper #124 Return of the Coppersmith’s Attack: Practical Factorization of Widely Used RSA Moduli.<p>It …


Ethereum OS miners targeted by SSH-based hijacker

The increased popularity of emerging crypto-currencies such as Monero and Ethereum has put miners once again in the bad guys’ crosshairs. Illicit …


How to Deploy With Deployer

Automated workflow for deployment is a great tool that every software development team must have. The release process, when it is fast, secure and …


Initial Server Setup and Configurations on RHEL 7

In this tutorial we’ll discuss the first configuration steps you need to take care of after a fresh installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 on a …


The Week in Crypto: Bad News for SSH, WPA2, RSA Privacy

Between KRACK, ROCA, new threats to SSH keys, and the European Commission's loosey-goosey stance on encryption backdoors, it's been a difficult time …

Information Security

How to Install and Configure latest version of Ansible on Ubuntu Linux

I am a new Ubuntu Linux user. How do I install Ansible on a Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS or 17.10 desktop control machine?


The Week in Crypto: Bad News for SSH, WPA2, RSA & Privacy

KRACK, ROCO, exposed SSH keys and the European Commission's loosey-goosey stance on backdoors have made it a rough week for cryptography. Here's your …

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Attackers Start Scans for SSH Keys After Report on Lack of SSH Security Controls

Crooks are mass-scanning online sites for directories containing SSH private keys so they can break into websites with any accidentally exposed …

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SKM is a simple and powerful SSH Keys Manager. It helps you to manage your multiple SSH keys easily!<p>Create, List, Delete your SSH key(s)<br>• Manage all …


Hackers Take Aim at SSH Keys in New Attacks

SSH private keys are being targeted by hackers who have stepped up the scanning of thousands of WordPress website in search of private keys.

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How to Disconnect Inactive or Idle SSH Connections in Linux

In our previous article, where we’ve explained how to TMOUT shell variable to auto logout Linux shell when there isn’t any activity. In this article, …


Deploying a Node App to Digital Ocean

There are various platforms that help with deploying NodeJS apps to production. Zeit Now is one such platform.While those platforms can help, in this …


Wi-Fi packet sniffing / monitoring on Windows using Raspberry Pi - inspired by Wimonitor

Wimonitor is a wonderful product from Hacker Arsenal that saves pentesters the hassle of having to configure VMs, carry compatible wireless cards …

Raspberry Pi

changeme - A Default Credential Scanner

A default credential scanner.<b><br>About</b><br>Getting default credentials added to commercial scanners is often difficult and slow. changeme is designed to be …


Anti-DDOS - Anti DDOS Bash Script

<b>Programming Languages :</b><br>• BASH<b><br>RUN</b><b><br>Cloning an Existing Repository ( Clone with HTTPS )</b><b><br>Cloning an Existing Repository ( Clone with SSH )</b><b><br>Download Anti-DDOS</b>


9 Awesome SSH Tricks

Typically we think of ssh as a way to run a command or get a prompt on a remote machine. But SSH can do a lot more than that, and the OpenSSH package …


How to install an SSH server on your Android phone

If you have a need to secure shell into your Android device, there are plenty of tools available. One of the easiest is SimpleSSH. Here's how to …


How to work smarter with ssh

If you're a Linux administrator, you've probably used ssh once or twice. Jack Wallen offers up a few tips to make that experience more secure and …


How to set up Zeppelin for analytics and visualization

Maybe you want to avoid burning up a bunch of cash on Databricks, the cloud-based Spark machine learning and analytics platform. Or maybe you need a …


How to set up SSH keys in Seahorse

Secure shell can be made even more secure with the help of key authentication. Here's how to set this up with the help of the Seahorse GUI.<p>Security …


Crowbar - Brute Forcing Tool (SSH, OpenVPN, RDP, VNC)

<b>Crowbar</b> (formally known as Levye) is a brute forcing tool that can be used during penetration tests. It was developed to brute force some protocols …


Howto Login to servers using SSH keys authentication

Please follow and like us:<p>Using public key authentication is far more secure and smart way to manage server authentication. And it is quite easy to …