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How to exclude special characters from select from where like - SQL SERVER


Windows on AWS Kansas City

Thank you for registering! You will receive an email confirmation shortly.<p>Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you …

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Tips on reducing unnecessary cloud service costs

Managing Editor<p>Follow:<p>Infrastructure-, platform- and software-as-a-service (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) free business users from the constraints of IT, but …


Data profiling Task - custom Profile Request

Is there any option to create a custom Profile Request for SSIS Data Profiling Task?At the moment there are 5 standard profile requests under SSIS …


HCI Zone: Your Data Center Revolution Starts Here

VMworld US is around the corner and the VMware vSAN team couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to Las Vegas. The conference is August 26 – August …


vSAN: a great platform for Cloud-Native Apps - Virtual Blocks

One of the fastest growing classes of applications running on VMware’s HCI offering (vSphere and vSAN) is next-gen applications, also known as …


Newest 'azure-sqldw' Questions

<b>3</b>answers<p>34 views<p>I am trying to use Get-AzureRmSqlDatabaseRestorePoints and New-AzureRmSqlDatabaseRestorePoint for managing Azure Datwarehouse restore …


Microsoft Patch Tuesday: 60 vulnerabilities resolved including two active exploits

A total of 19 vulnerabilities are deemed critical, including two zero-day flaws being actively used in the wild.<p>Microsoft's Windows Patch Tuesday …

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Patch Tuesday fallout: Bad docs, but so far no major problems

Microsoft may have fixed July’s horrible, no good, very bad patches. Although the initial documentation for this month’s patches included warnings …

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Microsoft ADFS Vulnerability Lets Attackers Bypass MFA

The flaw lets an attacker use the same second factor to bypass multifactor authentication for any account on the same ADFS service.

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23 Job Openings In Edgewater Area

Brio, CS Globaltech, Colonial Nursery School, Honey Baked Ham, Encore Construction; Edgewater Patch Jobs Board has more openings.<p>EDGEWATER, MD — …


Hedgebook treasures cloud platform - Microsoft New Zealand News Centre

Founded in 2011, in New Zealand, Hedgebook is a dynamic, international financial software company delivering innovative treasury management solutions …


FS Investments | Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developer<p>Location<p>Philadelphia<p>Category<p>Dev / Eng<p><b>The successful candidate is expected to:</b><p>Develop customized solutions within the Salesforce …

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Whats the best way to create a complex view in SQL Server, without an Indexed view?

I have a simple structure of Customer, Setting and CustomerSetting.There are around 60 settings, all using a UNIQUEIDENTIFIER as the key, since these …


SelectCommand error:Validation(ASP.NET) If this attribute value is enclosed en quotation marks, the quotation marks must match

I made this query in sqlserver and when i put in my project the first line apppears in green with that error in title and after the third line it …


Leveraging smart availability to intensify analytic value | Articles | Chief Technology Officer

The fundamental value derived from data-driven processes has become progressively combined with analytics. Once viewed as a desired complement to …

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Quest goes software-only with QoreStor. Next stop, the cloud

Storage Editor<p>Follow:<p>Quest Software has reinvented its backup appliance line as a software-defined backup target product, QoreStor. Customers can …

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Uploading bulk generated data to SQL Server - how to determine batch size?

I'm writing a C# tool that generates data according to rules specified by the user, and need to insert all of it into a (new) table in the database. …


Microsoft SQL Server Login Stuck

I have a Microsoft server 2012 running Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express database. I am trying to log in through SQL Server Management on a remote …


What's the best platform to use to create a tool for copying data from one SQL Server database to another

I want to create a tool that will be able to copy configuration from one SQL Server database to another (for now, they will have the same table …


How automation can help create value, the 5th ‘v’ of data - Data Matters

<i>This is a guest blogpost by Neil Barton, CTO, WhereScape</i><p>For CDOs, defining the data and analytics strategy for their organization is increasingly the …

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Create Setup file for WPF Project

I have designed an application for my client in Visual Studio 2017 (.Net Framework 4.6.1.) using Sql Server Standard version and Crystal Reports. Now …


How to retrieve data from XML column in sql server with no element name

I have XML like this in a column of a SQL Server table:How to retrieve UNKNOWN from above when it doesn't have any element name?


MDriven DB Reverse Engineering / Evolve DB does not work

Trying to reverse-engineer an existing SQL Server 2017 database, but failed as I tried to evolve the DB.I used the article at …


Issues using a stored procedure and what to do next

This is probably a two-part question and maybe a common issue however I can’t figure it out.We have a .net web service using Entity Framework with a …


SQL Server - How to make partially duplicate rows inherit values from original row

In order to link records across datasets I first deleted the records down to non-duplicates based on key linking variables (partitioning over names, …


Add Application Name / Program Name in mysql connection string

I am searching for a solution to add application name or program name in connection string so that it is visible under "Client Connection" in "MySQL …


Persistent Memory Performance in vSphere 6.7

We explain how PMEM can be configured and used in a vSphere environment.<p>We show how applications with different characteristics can take advantage of …


Can i execute multiple sql server queries in a mvc controller and display the results in single view in a MVC application

Right now i have a controller which executes a single query and displays it in the view. I want to execute another query where i get the no.of …


Nhibernate generate plain sql query instead of execution statement

Using SQL profiler, I was able to find the query generated from Nhibernate was executed in thefashion.<br>I am wondering if there is any way to force …