Spider Silk Is Heavy-Duty Strength

<i>Excited for today's eclipse? Visit our Eclipse 2017 page to explore the science, history, and myths of the event.</i> <i>The Curiosity team will be viewing</i> …


Preserving electronics: vermin, leaky batteries, melting rubber, brittle plastics, dribbly capacitors, fungus and dust

Benji Edwards's guide to preserving vintage electronics is a fascinating look into all the ways that even solid-state gear can go off in long-term …

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Do spiders scare you? A Scottish zoo is offering phobia sessions with the creepy crawlies

No need to whack one with a newspaper, you can learn how to overcome your fears.<p>As Scotland braces for a dramatic increase in the number of spiders …


Graphene-fed spiders spin bionic silk

Natural spider silk is already amazingly strong stuff, plus scientists have developed synthetic versions of the material. Now, however, Italian and …


These spiders crossed an ocean to get to Australia

If you look at a map of the world, it’s easy to think that the vast oceans would be effective barriers to the movement of land animals. And while an …


Correction Again Halted In The Spiders

Looks like last Thursday's lows will mark a brand new daily cycle.<p>Intermediate sentiment in the spiders illustrating that we are nowhere near a …


This Brilliant Hack Keeps Spiders Out of Your Home

If you feel like the spider population in your home is spiking, you aren't imagining it. August and September are the months male spiders enter the …

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UFC middleweight champ is terrified of spiders

Former UFC middleweight champ Chris Weidman fears no man — but he is terrified of spiders.<p>As a guest on MSG Network’s “People Talking Sports* (*And …


Freaky Spiders Engage in Threesomes to Avoid Being Cannibalized

Threesomes have rarely been witnessed among other animals. (Besides humans.)


Bristol zoo gives rare spiders a leg-up with breeding programme

More than 1,000 of the endangered species, which come from one island off Portugal, have hatched in captivity in a world first<p>In what is believed to be a world first, one of the rarest spiders has been bred in captivity at Bristol Zoo Gardens. More than 1,000 Desertas wolf spiderlings, classed as …


How spiders mastered spin control

A strange property of spider silk helps explain how the arachnids avoid twirling wildly at the end of their ropes.Researchers from China and England …

Personality affects how these smart spiders hunt - Futurity

Jumping spiders' personality types—aggressive or docile—affect how they make decisions and hunt.


If You Have This Plant In Your House, You Will Never See Mice, Spiders And Other Insects Again!

Insects are the most numerous species on Earth. In truth, there are over 2 hundred million insects residing on our planet proper now. They are …


Elements of a Great Story

Herman Melville is the author of the great story of Moby DickWell-crafted writing occurs when the writer is able to integrate narrative elements so …


Bug warfare: Making good insects and spiders work against the bad bugs around your home

Insects and spiders crawling freely through your home is not for everyone, but putting down the pesticide may actually work in your favour.


Half-spider, half-scorpion — all evil

A man came face to face with a horrific half-spider, half-scorpion monster…and lived to tell the tale.<p>Thomas Acosta, a builder in Queen Creek, …


Trapdoor Spiders Made a Terrifying Ocean Voyage to Move to Australia

Driftwood and a dream.<p>Tales of epic ocean crossings are usually reserved for sailors with two legs, but an eight-legged odyssey millions of years ago …

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16 Photos That Will Determine Once And For All If You're Afraid Of Spiders

Nope!<p><i>This post was translated from German.</i>

How One Brave Spider Floated Thousands of Miles to Colonize a New Continent

Improbably, new genetic analysis shows that trapdoor spiders may have ridden ocean currents from Africa to Australia


Fishing for AirPods with Magnets

Note to self: if you’re going to hack at 4 in the morning, have a plan to deal with the inevitable foul ups. Like being able to whip up an impromptu …


Squirm alert! Watch 200 baby huntsman spiders crawling over their mum as they come out for a drink

It is the second time this week huntsman spiders have been in the news.<p>If you've just had your lunch then this might not be for you: 200 baby …


Giant spider’s 200 babies make mad dash for water

The nightmarish moment a nest holding hundreds of baby spiders crawling over their massive mom in a feeding frenzy has been caught on …



Our home is our sacred place where we relax and feel the most secure. However, there are some things inside our homes like spiders and other pests …

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Hamilton has ‘five or six years left’ in F1

<b>Despite recent headlines claiming he could retire at the end of this season, Lewis Hamilton says he has “five or six years” left in Formula 1.</b>Over …

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Great Escape to debut virtual reality spider battle

Technology could be expanded at park in future

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Unique Silk Physics Keeps Dangling Spiders From Twisting Wildly

Imagine a spider plunging in front of your face. First, don't be alarmed — it's all in your head, remember. What do you see? Probably a spider that …


Wet Winter A Boon For Spiders

DAVIS (CBS13) – The record-breaking wet winter has been a bonanza for black widows, daddy long legs, and other arachnids.“The moisture will increase …


Spider waves its front legs like antennae to mimic warlike ants

This sneaky jumping spider performs antics to fool predators in what is an unusual example of mimicry through behaviour, rather than appearance


Watch this spider walk just like an ant

Strategy helps fool predators


The drone inspired by spiders

Imperial College London Aerial Robotics Lab has taken inspiration from nature to develop a new drone.<p>Tools can be attached to the drone’s moving arm, which could allow it to repair and examine buildings in hard to reach or dangerous areas.<p>The challenge is to keep the drone steady to allow precise …