6 SPF Must-Haves That Ensure Your Black Won't Crack This Summer

By Kandice Guice<p>Contrary to popular belief, SPF products are a vital summer essential for melanin folks too.<p>Although darker skin tones are less …

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4 of the Best Sunscreens of 2018 Are On Sale for Amazon Prime Day

Get these deals before the sun sets. ☀️<p>1 MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen [1.7oz]<p>Advertisement - Continue Reading Below<p>Advertisement - Continue Reading Below<p>2 Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, SPF 30+<p>Amazon<p>Advertisement - Continue Reading Below<p>Advertisement - Continue …


It Cosmetics Is Launching An Oil-Free Matte Version Of Its CC+ Cream

No greasy faces here.The post It Cosmetics Is Launching An Oil-Free Matte Version Of Its CC+ Cream appeared first on TheGloss.


Sunscreen Ratings: Everything You Need To Know About SPF, UVA, UVB & More

SPF is an acronym we all use when referring to sunscreen but don't always completely understand. If you're not careful, a high SPF can lure you into …


The Best-Selling Foundations With SPF to Try This Summer

If you are an avid beauty product lover or skin care junkie, then you know the importance of wearing SPF every single day. There are no exceptions to …


How Much Do You Actually Know About Skincare Ingredients?

How well do you know your acids?

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All the SPF You Need to Battle the Sun This Summer

There goes your last sunburn excuse.<p>Sure, you’ve got a cabinet full of half-used Banana Boat from who knows when waiting for the next beach day or pool visit, but your interest in protecting against the sun shouldn’t exclusively pertain to activities. It should be an everyday effort.<p>From daily …

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What We Should Know About SPF Makeup, According To Industry Experts

Serious About SPF<p>Is Your SPF High Enough?<p>While there are many seemingly great SPF-infused primers, foundations and powders, Dr. Lamees Hamdan, …

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Summer Safety: 14 Sunscreens to Avoid for Children

<b>(CNN)</b> — A busy sunscreen aisle can leave parents confused about which lotions, sticks or sprays to buy for their kids.Complicating matters are …


7 of the Best Sunscreens That Won't Melt Away as You Sweat

Many of us don't even think twice when applying sunscreen before hitting the beach or pool, but not everyone follows this practice before an outdoor workout or activity. Just because you're not lying out on a towel doesn't mean it's any less important to protect yourself from harmful UVA and UVB …

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9 of the Best Sunscreens For Kids With Sensitive Skin

By now we all know the impact that applying sunscreen on our children can have on protecting them from sunburns and skin cancer, but they can't all use the same products. Kids can have all sorts of skin sensitivities, from Summer rashes to eczema and allergies, and you need to shop accordingly.<p>To …


Your Moisturizer With SPF Isn't Protecting Your Skin as Much as You Think

For the skin-care obsessed, multitasking products, like a moisturizer with SPF, are a must — you have to save space for new products, after all. But according to a new study, a moisturizer with added SPF might not actually be all that effective.<p>Before measuring how much UV light was absorbed, …

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The best sunscreen for every skin type, budget and preference

Whether you prefer mineral sunscreen options, classic chemical sunscreens or are looking to know the difference, we can help.<p>We know that the threat …

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8 Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizers That Every Woman Over 40 Should Be Using

There are a lot of beauty products out there, but how do you know if you’re using the right one for your skin? Foundation has become a go-to product …

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The best sunscreen for your kids and the environment

With school out and temperatures rising, kids are begging to cool off in the pool or sprinklers. As a parent, you'll slather them with sunscreen, of course.<p>But not all sunblock is created equal.<p>Hawaii's decision to ban most popular sunscreens starting in 2021 has illuminated growing concerns about …


Study Determines SPF Moisturizers Are Less Effective Than Sunscreen

Better double up.<p>Thanks to availability of information provided by the internet, today’s sun-seekers are more aware than ever of the dangers of burns — and how to protect against them. And an increasing number skincare companies are creating SPF-based products in response (even ones with glitter). …

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With Hawaii banning harmful sunscreens, what’s a responsible tourist to do?

Hawaii’s ban on two sunscreen chemicals that kill coral reefs raises a question for sunbathing tourists: What should they use instead?<p>The ban goes …

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The Best Protective Hair Mists to Pack on Summer Adventures


The Best Lip Balms (With SPF) to Wear in the Sun

I love reminiscing about the sun-drenched days of homemade juice pops and Slip 'n Slide. But one summer afternoon of my youth stands out, and not in a particularly charming way. After lolling by the pool for hours slathered in vanilla lip gloss (because there were boys there, after all), my lips …


Dermatologists Reveal Whether Or Not Super High SPF Sunscreens Actually Make A Difference

Summer is now officially in full swing. And with the warmer weather settling in, many of us are leaning toward wearing less clothing and heading to …

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Finally, SPF That Feels Amazing On Your Face

Nothing is more important than throwing on SPF before you step outside, especially during a blisteringly hot summer. It helps prevent skin cancer, …

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Protect your skin! Everything you need to know about sunscreen

07:47 | July 6, 2018<p>Beauty expert, Bahar Niramwalla shares everything you need to know about SPF this …

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The 9 Best Sunscreens to Use This Summer

Sunscreen is essential for the health of your skin. It's that simple. What's not as simple is actually buying it. There are thousands of …

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What a derm and makeup artist want you to know about sunscreen and makeup

Using sunscreen seems simple enough. You slather it on every single day (or every two hours if you’re enjoying a beach day) and boom, you’re …

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Why You Should Use Suncream On Your Face Rather Than Relying On An SPF Moisturiser

Images show SPF moisturisers don't offer the same protection as sunscreen.<p>To prevent sun damage, you should use suncream on your face, rather than …

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Using moisturiser with SPF instead of sunscreen may not protect skin

New UK research has highlighted the importance of using proper sun protection finding that, given the way they tend to be applied, moisturisers with …

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Moisturizers with SPF aren’t as effective as sunscreen: study

You may think you’re ahead of the game by using a moisturizer with sun protection factor (SPF) built right in, but a recent study has shown that it’s …

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8 SPF Infused Lip Balms to Wear this Summer

Along with the back of the neck and tops of ears, the lips top the list of spots that often get overlooked when applying sunscreen. Even though your …

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Best Dermatologist Recommended Summer SPF Skin Serums

In an age in which countless categories of skin care offer exceptional twofers (see: serum foundations, overnight masks, skin-nourishing makeup …

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4 Great Sunscreens That Actually Help You Tan

Sunscreen is a staple no matter what time of year it is, because sun protection is paramount to your skin's health. But while you're protecting …

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