Practicing Spelling? Play Spelling Word Bingo!

Bingo is one of the best classroom games because you can play with a big group! We’ve seen lots of different variations of Bingo in the classroom, …


Why Is Whiskey Spelled Differently in Different Countries?

2 minute Read<p>In a single story about whiskey, you may see it spelled with and without an “e.” It might seem confusing, but whiskey (and whisky) …


Primary English: Sensational spelling ideas

Spelling lists and schemes<p>There is a reason that look, cover, write, check is a firm favourite in classrooms up and down the country. While lists of …


This Spelling Test from 1974 Will Drive You Insane

Dr. William Kottmeyer was a “bespectacled, grandfatherly man” who, if you went to elementary school in the ‘70s or ‘80s, is probably directly …


Does poor spelling really mean Donald Trump isn’t fit to be president?

In the aftermath of a controversial clash of protests in Boston, Donald Trump sent out a tweet about the need to heal the nation – managing in the …

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Spelling, Agin – Lingua Franca - Blogs

Earhad Manjoo is of the mind that mockery of Donald Trump’s spelling mistakes exhibits elitism. It’s a vexed question that I’ve addressed once before …


So Trump Makes Spelling Errors. In the Twitter Age, Whoo Doesn’t?

As protesters across the country marched in opposition to neo-Nazis this month, President Trump did something truly shocking on Twitter: He issued a level-headed statement praising the marchers.<p>“Our great country has been divided for decades,” he wrote on Aug. 19. “Sometimes you need protest in …

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How to adjust the spell-check language in macOS

macOS has a system-wide spell-check feature. Fortunately, for reader JGC, this feature can be adjusted by the user, especially when a problem like …


Little kids’ crazy spelling actually makes sense

Children as young as three are already beginning to recognize and follow important rules and patterns governing how letters in the English language fit together to make words, a new study suggests.<p>The study provides new evidence that children start to learn about some aspects of reading and writing …


Little kids' crazy spelling actually makes sense - Futurity

The "invented spellings" of kids as young as three suggest they know a surprising amount about language.


8 Good Grammar and Spelling Apps for Middle School Students

July 5, 2017 For those of you teaching in middle school, below is a collection of some useful apps to help students learn grammar and improve their …

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since 1994

Chebacco News is a newsletter or blog written by and for Chebacco enthusiasts.<p>Bill Samson (Scotland) started the newsletter in 1994, Richard Spelling …

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So, Is 'Barbecue' or 'Barbeque' the Correct Spelling?

Put aside your stance on Hawaiian pizza and whether or not Miracle Whip counts as mayo for a moment. When it comes to divisive food topics, no meal …


Spelling bee contestants attempt spelling Trump's 'covfefe'

A word used in a tweet by the president on Tuesday had even the country's brightest spellers stumped.

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A Republican politician explains why Trump's bad spelling could be helping him with his base

President Donald Trump's bad spelling is earning him negative reviews from voters.<p>According to a recent poll, Republicans and Democrats alike become less confident in the president when they read tweets of his that contain spelling mistakes, of which there are several notable examples …

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Clinton aide mocks Trump’s spelling of special ‘councel’

A former aide to Hilary Clinton on Thursday mocked President Trump after he misspelled the word "counsel" in a tweet.<p>"He really has trouble with the …

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Invented Spelling Leads to Better Reading, Study Says

« When Children's Books Also Tell Stories About Math | Main | Smarter Balanced to Embed Desmos Online Graphing Calculator In Math Tests »<p>Encouraging …


Roots & Branches - Award winning newspaper column about genealogy » From the chaos of surname spelling variants, a diagram!

Published April 20, 2017<p>I’ve touched on the importance of staying flexible about the spelling variants of surnames numerous times in lectures and in …


Fun Words Created By Spelling Other Words Backwards

Many words in the English language have strange origin stories, but those words created by simply spelling a pre-existing word backwards have a very …


Can You Ace This Spelling Quiz From 1912?

Are you a spelling god?


Should we simplify spelling? | Karina Galperin

How much energy and brain power do we devote to learning how to spell? Language evolves over time, and with it the way we spell -- is it worth it to …

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Grammarly Review: An Online Proofreading Tool for Better Writing

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclaimer for more information.<p>Proofreading is an essential part of writing. Spelling mistakes, …


Google’s anti-troll AI beaten by bad spelling

Dedicated to identifying online toxicity, Google’s Perspective AI can be fooled by misspelt comments<p>An AI is being prototyped by Google spin-off …

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About Novogamer

Novogamer began in <i>October 2014</i> as a small project to build and have fun with after school. Since then it has grown into a small (for now) community …

The NBA Has a Spelling Problem – The Cauldron

3. Some of the mistakes are actually kind of funny<p>Mark and Paul Gasol. Bizarro World Marc and Pau, I presume?<p>Draymond Green is a deserving NBA All …


Aides-mémoire – 1. CUDDLES

At Michaela, we think a lot about memory. We do a lot to design our curricula, sequence our content and construct our lessons to maximise retention …


Entertainment - MarketWatch.com

Average wealth has increased over the past 50 years, but not for everyone.<p>2:31 p.m. Today2:31 p.m. Oct. 5, 2017<p>Actors and crew worked in “brutally …


10+ Of The Worst Spelling Mistakes Ever

From “bonerless steaks” to shoplifters being “prostituted” - there's no shortage of human errors around us. That's why <b>Bored Panda</b> has collected the …


Browns fans' spelling woes continue in 'Cleveveland'

Picking on Cleveland Browns fans for their spelling seems like, oh, taking Tiny Tim’s cane or stepping on Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree … enough is …

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Starbucks Might Be Spelling Your Name Wrong On Purpose

Wake up, sheeple!<p>As anyone who's ever gotten a drink from Starbucks knows, the company is just as well known for its creative approach to spelling names as it is for its coffee. For most people, this is usually something to laugh about — but according to a conspiracy video making the rounds on the …