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Snake Head Pops Out of Frog's Maw in Mesmerizing Photo

One Last Scream Into The Abysssss from WTF<p>As a hapless snake vanished down the throat of a frog, the last thing it saw was likely a camera's flash, …


Badger sneaks into home, naps on cat bed

A badger got a wakeup call from animal rescue workers after he sneaked into a home in Scotland and made himself comfy on a cat bed earlier this week.<p>The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) were called to the home in Linlithgow Wednesday.<p>“I got a surprise when I arrived …


The fascinating sex life of Jonathan, the 186-year-old giant tortoise

Straight? Gay? Bisexual? He may be 186 years old, but the years have clearly done little to quell the sexual appetite of Jonathan, the famous giant tortoise who resides on the remote South Atlantic island of St. Helena.<p>Jonathan, the world’s oldest living land animal, has been in the spotlight this …


Birds might be evolving to eat from bird feeders, study says

A little bird common in the United Kingdom is identical in almost every way to its counterparts across the North Sea in the Netherlands: black and yellow feathers, splotches of white across the cheeks. But the British ones have slightly longer beaks, scientists say, and the reason might be British …

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Snail in the coffin: left-coiling mollusc Jeremy dies after finding love

Gastropod hit headlines after his rare shell orientation prevented him from mating – but eventually found a partner and became a father<p>Jeremy the lonely, left-coiling snail, whose unique tale of rare biology and romantic misfortune made headlines earlier this year, has died aged two in his …

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Scientists Rescue First Vaquita Porpoise, Making Conservation History

<b>VaquitaCPR Demonstrating Success in Locating Endangered<br>Vaquita Porpoises as Field Operations Continue</b><p>SAN FELIPE, BAJA CALIFORNIA – Scientists with …

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A 27-year study found the amount of insects flying in the air has declined 75% — but no one knows why

• <b>75% of the flying insects on protected lands in Germany seem to have died over the past 27 years.</b>• <b><br>Researchers aren't sure what's responsible for the decline, but say climate change probably isn't to blame.</b>• <b><br>Bird populations are now also on the decline.</b><p>Bug researchers in Germany are puzzled.<p>New data …


Beluga Living with Dolphins Swaps Her Calls for Theirs - Inkfish

By Elizabeth Preston | October 20, 2017 12:43 pm<p>In November 2013, a four-year-old captive beluga whale moved to a new home. She had been living in a …

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German Insect Breeder is Obsessed with Photos of Bugs on His Face

Take any bug, no matter how adorable or innocuous, and increase its size enough, and you’re going to end up with something horrifying. That’s true …


Dolphins are really smart, scientists say — and if they had thumbs, we’d be in trouble

Humans aren’t the only creatures with sophisticated, advanced societies. Dolphins and whales aren’t that all that far behind humans in that regard, …


Resurrecting extinct species raises ethical questions

Rise of the Necrofauna<i><br>Britt Wray</i><i><br>Greystone Books, $26.95</i><p>A theme park populated with re-created dinosaurs is fiction. But if a handful of dedicated …

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The Slowest Animals on the Planet

In the animal kingdom, it can be dangerous to be a slow moving creature. Unlike some of the fastest animals on the planet, slow animals can't rely on …

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‘Jane’ Pays Tribute To Jane Goodall’s Revolutionary Studies Of Chimp Life

Brett Morgen, director of the Kurt Cobain documentary <i>Montage of Heck</i>, opens his new doc <i>Jane</i> with a montage of evolution. We see 60-year-old nature footage of a fly, a spider, a caterpillar, a fluffier caterpillar, a bird, a bigger bird, and finally a baboon. At last, behold the humans: a guide …

Jane Goodall

Mini, eight-legged 'monster' discovered lurking under Canadian Arctic sea ice

A new species of plankton has been found paddling along the subsurface of the Arctic Ocean – a discovery that marks the first of its kind in Canada.

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Are Fears of Spiders and Snakes Innate?

Itty-bitty babies are stressed by the itsy-bitsy spider, new research finds.<p>Okay, not the nursery rhyme — actual arachnids. In a new study, …


The Shocking World of Electric Fishes

Fish like eels use electricity to navigate their worlds


Dogs Really Do Pull Faces to Communicate With Us, Says New Study

When you're not around? Deadpan.<p>Dogs are much more facially expressive when they're around their human friends than when they're by themselves or …


Dying chimpanzee smiles one last time during old friend's visit

An ailing chimpanzee who refused to eat and could barely move somehow found the strength to let out a great big smile for an old human friend who paid her a visit.<p>The touching 2016 footage, which is currently making the rounds again on social media, shows Mama, a terminally ill 59-year-old …


Newly-discovered hermit crab species uses living coral as shells

For the first time ever, a hermit crab has been documented to have found its “forever” home. Off the coast of Japan, a new species of the crab has …

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Is the world oldest living creature gay?

At 186, Jonathan the giant tortoise is believed to be world's oldest land creature.<p>St Helena vets discovered that Jonathan's girlfriend, Frederica, …

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Researchers see 'horrific decline' in insect numbers

If it seems like there are fewer squished bugs on your windshield after long journeys than in years past, you're not imagining things: Researchers say there appears to have been a steep and extremely worrying decline in insect populations in recent decades.<p>In a study published in the journal <i>Plos …


Scientists shocked by 75 percent decline in flying insect numbers

Bees, moths, and other flying insects can be a bit of a nuisance when you’re trying to enjoy a nice sunny day outside, but they’re still incredibly …


Orphaned, Critically Endangered Beluga Whale Calf Rescued, Under 24/7 Care By Marine Mammal Experts

RESCUED BELUGA WHALE CALF UPDATE: October 7, 2017 – This little one suckles specially made formula by his caregivers through a tube to receive …

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Spiders, up close and personal

Papua New Guinea

Photo: Tiny frog lives in a vanishing world

Photographer of this sweetest of tiny frogs, James H. Muchmore Jr., is working hard to help preserve Ecuador's Chocó region. The area is one of the …


Can Fake Coyotes Scare Off Sea Lions?

The city of Newport Beach, California, aims to find out.<p>Newport Beach, California, has a sea lion problem. The sleek beasts have an annoying habit of …


Mosquitoes evolved to fly away with a belly full of your blood—without you ever noticing

The secret is in their flight.<p>Mosquitoes are weird fliers.<p>Your typical aeronaut—a sparrow or a fruit fly, for instance—takes flight by jumping into the air. Only once aloft do they begin to flap their wings.<p>Mosquitoes have the perplexing distinction of doing basically do the opposite. They begin …


14 brutal, beautiful images from this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest

The winning photo from the 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest is dark and bloody: A black rhino lies dead on the ground in South Africa's Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve, its horn brutally sawed off.<p>Other winning photos showcase the beauty of nature — sharks circle in a column of water, …


New fish species sat undiscovered in the Cal Academy for years. Here's why it's named for Rumsfeld.

After researchers at the California Academy of Sciences discovered a new species of butterflyfish in the Philippines, they returned to San Francisco to find the same species had been sitting in a jar, undiscovered, for years.<p>This first brown-and-white specimen came to the Cal Academy in the spring …

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Chimp Cannibalism Extends to Babies in Gruesome Science Study

Hide your kids.<p>By on<p>Filed Under Ethics, Evolution & Food<p>In the wild, pregnant female chimpanzees have been known to take “maternity leave,” in which …