Biological Species

Status and Ecological Effects of the World’s Largest Carnivores

Structured Abstract<p>Background<p>The largest terrestrial species in the order Carnivora are wide-ranging and rare because of their positions at the top …


New Frog Species Named After Fabled Female Warriors

AnimalsWeird Animal Question of the Week<p>The Brazilian amphibian's name pays homage to indigenous culture and a newly discovered trait.<p>The name of a newly described species of frog, native to the Amazon Basin in northern Brazil, has some serious girl power.<p>The frogs have reticulated, …


Scientists Just Found a 99-Million-Year-Old Baby Snake

Scientists have discovered what they believe to be a 99-million-year-old baby snake. The snake was discovered in Myanmar, preserved in a piece of …


Fun-Loving Scientists Provide Commentary For Deep-Sea Fish Attack

This is a video of an Atlantic Midshipman fish attacking some sort of holographic fish from the future (actually a species of barracudina) from its …


Expert and advocate for iconic monarch butterfly has died

Lincoln Brower, who was considered one of the foremost experts on the iconic monarch butterfly and a scientist who advocated for the declining …


Help name a sea turtle at the Virginia Living Museum

A juvenile loggerhead sea turtle that recently went on exhibit at the Virginia Living Museum needs your help.<p>The VLM is taking name suggestions on …


Precious Photo of Orphaned Orangutan and Caretaker Is a Reminder of the Cost of Palm Oil

Orangutans are peaceful great apes who share around 97 percent of their DNA with humans. Their strong, long arms enable them to swing high from tree …

Palm Oil

Kilkenny has chosen its own county insect... and it's the garden bumblebee

Image: Shutterstock/Mr. Meijer<p>Image: Shutterstock/Mr. Meijer<p>THE COUNTY OF Kilkenny has its own insect ambassador after the council passed a motion to …

Green Party

How dodgy sausages are saving a cute marsupial from toxic toads

RICK SHINE can’t stand the smell of whisky. His aversion stems from a youthful excess of the spirit that left him puking. That was more than five …


Sweeping changes proposed for Endangered Species Act

Endangered Species

Conservationists At Nashville Zoo Trying To Save Tennessee Treasure: The Alligator Snapping Turtle

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The Alligator Snapping Turtle is a Tennessee treasure, but it's a treasure that's on its way to being endangered.<p>Now, researchers …


Why Do We Know So Little About One of the Most Abundant Animals on the Planet?

Krill are ecologically and economically important, yet they have long been misunderstood and misrepresented<p>Adapted excerpt from The Curious Life of …

Southern Ocean

There may be a lot of creepy spiders in the Carolinas. But only 2 types can harm you.

In all the animal kingdom, perhaps no species frightens people more than the spider, so universally terrifying that some scientists have concluded …


Songbird nesting habits may indicate severity of hurricane season

Hurricane season is officially underway, but its peak won’t arrive until mid to late August. The National Weather Service predicts this year’s range …

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2 rehabilitated sea turtles to join Tour de Turtles

MARATHON, Fla. — Two rescued sea turtles were released in the Florida Keys Friday to join a “race” tracking their long-distance migration.<p>“Little Money,” a 365-pound (166-kilogram) mature female green turtle, and “Coco,” a 215-pound (98-kilogram) male loggerhead, were returned to the Atlantic Ocean …


Catching pythons in the Everglades with snake hunter Donna Kalil | Video

The only female python hunter employed by the South Florida Water Management District, Donna Kalil has removed more than 60 of the invasive snakes …


Sea lions: Blaming wrong species

We are now contemplating killing a creature (sea lions) to save another creature (salmon) that has been nearly wiped out. But it is humans who have …


Share your pictures of the Big Butterfly Count

Butterflies can provide a fleeting moment of beauty as they flutter by in the garden, or even as you go about life in the city, but they are also a key indicator of the way our climate is changing.<p>This weekend sees the start of the annual Big Butterfly Count, organised by Butterfly Conservation, …


The Energy 202: Next on Trump's deregulatory agenda: the Endangered Species Act

U.S. Politics

Here to stay, sea pickles are adapting comfortably to Pacific Northwest waters

New research suggests sea pickles are adapting to the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Animal Behavior

How virtual worlds can recreate the geographic history of life

Species alive today are survivors. They are the upper tips of evolutionary trees with many dead branches below, which represent extinctions in the …


Russia, China Coordinate to Save Highly Endangered Leopard

Russia is coordinating efforts with China to monitor the population of a rare leopard that was on the brink of extinction in the late 1990s.


Help the Butterfly Conservation count the world's butterflies

Calling all nature conservationists!<p>The Butterfly Conservation, with the help of Sir David Attenborough, a longtime naturalist and broadcaster for …


Hold Still, Butterflies. Britain Is Counting.

LONDON — To gauge the health of the environment, look to the butterfly.<p>The delicate, colorful insects that help to pollinate many an English garden may not live very long (the monarch butterfly has a life span of two to six weeks), but knowing how well their colonies are faring and how many are …


A Calm Horse Learns Best—So Watch Your Demeanor!

A recent study published in <i>Applied Animal Behaviour Science</i> caught my eye. Conducted by the University of Guelph in Canada, it reported, among other …


Ants ‘nurse’ their injured

A study conducted at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland shows that Matabele ants, <i>Megaponera analis,</i> lick wounds their comrades sustain while …


Monsoon Special: Fantastic critters and where to find them

Himalayan newt. Illustration: Satya Prakash<p>If puddles and flooded roads are one aspect of the monsoon, the other aspect is the appearance of gliding …

Business (India)

Do Brown Recluse Spider Bites Really Lead to Amputations?

An Arkansas woman who recently had her leg amputated above the knee claimed that a spider bite was to blame — specifically, a brown recluse</i> …


Meet The Invasive Insect That Is Changing An Entire Forest Bird Community

In an unusual role reversal, one tiny invasive insect is controlling the species composition and architecture of a large community of forest birds along the East Coast of the United States<p>Throughout the eastern United States, forests of eastern hemlock, <i>Tsuga canadensis</i>, are under attack by a tiny …


Scientists have the best reactions to a surprise fish attack in this deep sea video

The internet is filled with spooky videos of deep sea creatures sure to make your skin crawl. But this deep sea encounter is defying the creepy …

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