Biological Species

It’s Time to Let Certain Animals Go Extinct

The Hawaiian monk seal is a loveable creature. The 600-pound warm-water mammal spends most of its time flopping in the shore break, roughhousing with mates, and lazing about in the sun. Blogs like MonkSealMania are repositories of photos of the endangered animals sleeping in improbable positions. …


Huge 25ft dead shark washes up on Cornwall coast

A monster 25ft shark has washed up on rocks on the Cornish coast.<p>The massive shark, which was spotted floating upside-down at Chapel Point, Mevagissey, is believed to be a basking shark.<p>Marine experts say that although basking sharks are a common sight in our waters, to see a dead one is a "rare …

Scuba Diving

10 emperor penguin facts for World Penguin Day – in pictures

Emperor penguins are perfectly adapted to survive harsh Antarctic conditions but their habitat is threatened due to climate change. To celebrate World Penguin Day, the WWF has chosen its top 10 emperor penguin facts


To understand climate change, look at it from a mussel's perspective

The phrase “climate change” triggers images of a huge, global phenomenon. Rising seas. Drought. Ocean acidification.<p>But it's actually experienced on a much smaller scale, by individual plants, animals and people.<p>And most of the world’s organisms experience it much differently than humans do.<p>“As …


Penguins may be about to go extinct

Penguins and other species are facing extinction as the fish they feed on are harvested to make fishmeal to feed farmed salmon, chickens, pigs and …


Can you find the snake hiding in these dried leaves?

A venomous snake shows off its perfect camouflage in a tricky image that requires some visual sleuthing.<p>Snakes can be masters of camouflage, artfully blending into their surroundings thanks to the coloration and patterns of their scales. Mashable brought our attention to an image that will freak …


16-foot great white eats away at ‘Scarlet,’ a dead whale off California shoreline

The 16-foot great white shark sank its sharp teeth into the whale’s bloated carcass, taking a few bites of her breakfast in the early morning hours …

Marine Biology

The Ocean's Most Fascinating Macro Creatures Captured on Video

The muck of Indonesia hides some of the most intricately detailed and magnificently colored creatures on the planet. These tiny macro critters live …

Life Sciences

'Whale cams' capture massive mammals' mysterious daily habits

Whales' social lives have largely remained a mystery to scientists, until now.<p>Researchers have gained a whale's-eye view of the marine mammals' lives in Antarctica, thanks to a research project that placed noninvasive digital tags — containing sensors and a camera — on minke and humpback whales.<p>The …


How a dolphin eats an octopus without dying

Most people who eat octopus prefer it immobile, cut into pieces and nicely grilled or otherwise cooked. For some, though, the wiggly, sucker-covered …


Should penguins be an animal attraction?

Penguins are cute to watch, which makes them ideal candidates for animal attractions. But are the sensitive animals really cut out for life in zoos, spas and entertainment parks?<p>A group of small honking and flapping penguins gathers around an aloe vera plant in what seems to be the wildlife …


Stonyfield Wants To Save Penguins

Stonyfield is celebrating World Penguin Day on April 25 with the "Save Animals. With Cows" campaign developed in support of the organic yogurt …


Research shows global warming making oceans more toxic

"The model predicts increasing temperatures will cause an increase in Alexandrium growth and bloom duration for the south-central and southeast …


Florida wildlife officers searching for loose monkey

Officials are warning residents against approaching the wild animal or making eye contact.


5 Mind-Blowing Penguin Stories to Celebrate World Penguin Day

It brings us at <i>Inverse</i> great joy to wish you a happy World Penguin Day! What’s that you say? “What’s World Penguin Day?” We’re so happy you …


Synthetic life and biodiversity

<i>Written by Dr Chris Gyngell</i><p>Last year, the first truly novel synthetic life form was created. The <i>Minimal Cell</i> created by the Venter Lab, contains the …


How Scientists Use Teeny Bits of Leftover DNA to Solve Wildlife Mysteries

Neil Gemmell has a secret plan for finding the whereabouts of Nessie the Loch Ness Monster.<p>No, really, he’s thought this through. If there is …


It is World Penguin Day – and they need our help

<b>Today is World Penguin Day, and that obviously calls for pictures of those cute little birds in tuxedos.</b><p>But scientists warned that we need to do more …


Brrrd count: Penguin population in Antarctica is 12 million, report says

If you've ever wondered how many penguins there are in Antarctica, now we know: There are 12 million of the famed flightless waddling birds down there.<p>In the most comprehensive survey of Antarctic penguins ever, researchers have for the first time calculated the number of each of the five species …


Newswire: New species of ant named after Radiohead, ennui ensues

In news that almost certainly made Thom Yorke sit back from his 19th-century novel, look up at the ceiling, and sigh at the ironic existential situation that is contemporary life, some biologists have decided to honor his band with the ultimate tribute: naming an insect after the group. As <i>Pitchfork</i> …


World Penguin Day 2017: 24 photos to celebrate the flightless sea bird

World Penguin Day is celebrated on 25 April every year, coinciding with the time of the birds annual northward migration. Penguins are one of roughly …


Be The Best Fur Parent: 10 Top Pet Care Reads

<b>You love your pet just as much as anyone loves their human child. You enter them in costume contests, they have standing monthly acupuncture</b> …

Animal Behavior

Threatened road verges keep rare wild flowers from extinction, says charity

Long disregarded as insignificant, roadside verges are helping some of the rarest wild flowers in the UK survive, according to a new study by conservation charity Plantlife. But these verges are also under threat.<p>Mostly glimpsed flashing by in wing mirrors, road verges don't usually garner much …


Plastic-Eating Worms Could Help Clean Up the Earth

Scientists made a discovery that could have wide-ranging impacts on our planet: a type of waxworm that can digest man-made plastics.


Injured manatee in Keys rehabilitated, set free

Last August, a boat struck a manatee in the waters off Key Colony Beach in Monroe County, leaving it with grave injuries to its tail.<p>Fast-forward …


Last male northern white rhino needs a mate

Sudan is the world's last male northern white rhino and conservationists have put him on the dating app in a desperate bid to help him find a …


Crabs invade Cuba's Bay of Pigs

BAY OF PIGS, Cuba (Reuters) - Cuba's Bay of Pigs has been invaded again, this time not by U.S.-backed anti-Castro forces, but by millions of red, yellow and black landcrabs.<p>Each year, after the first spring rains, the crabs march for days from the surrounding forests to the bay on Cuba's southern …


Rare avocets spotted at Belfast docks RSPB reserve

<b>The appearance of a rare pair of waders has Belfast birdwatchers in a flap.</b><p>Enthusiasts have been flocking to catch a glimpse of the two avocets since they were spotted at Belfast docks RSPB reserve at the weekend.<p>The bird last bred in Ireland in 1938 and there are hopes this mating pair could …


6 fun facts about penguins on Penguin Day

Everyone loves penguins. They have a cute waddle, wear tuxedos, are fierce, and are excellent tap dancers.


Whales 'whisper' to evade predators

Humpback whales are renown for their loud, haunting songs, but new research has discovered the huge marine mammals are able to “whisper” as well.<p>Scientists found that baby humpbacks avoid the attention of predators while communicating with their mothers by using intimate grunts and squeaks.<p>The …