The Mediterranean island of Menorca feeds body and soul

A vacation requiring long treks leading to lots of people was not what we had planned.<p>Hidden beaches backed by limestone cliffs, temperate waters and an under-the-radar status (at least for now) were the lures of Menorca, asmall island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain.<p>Not that we have …


Spain plans to take control of Catalonia

In Madrid, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy appeared to have the support of the locals as he announced measures to suspend Catalonia's administration and hold new elections over its secession bid, which Madrid has said is illegal.<p>In Madrid, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy appeared to have …

Mariano Rajoy

Catalan separatists weigh options after Spain 'coup'

Catalonia’s separatists were weighing their options Sunday after Spain took drastic steps to stop the region from breaking away by dissolving its …

Mariano Rajoy

Anxiety rises in Catalonia as Spain’s political crisis deepens

Spain’s political crisis has rattled its economy and raised fears of prolonged unrest.<p>In Catalonia’s regional capital Barcelona, many locals say they are apprehensive after its leaders said they would not accept direct rule from Madrid.<p>“I’m very scared,” said 72-year-old Rosa Maria,” and I think …

Mariano Rajoy

Brexit: British expats in Spain allowed to stay even if "no deal" says foreign minister Alfonso Dastis

British expats living in Spain have been reassured they will be able to stay in the country after Brexit id no deal is reached by the time of leaving.<p>…


Spain needs responsible politicians. Instead, they are stoking insurrection

Compromise and careful negotiation can ease the Catalan crisis. Yet both sides in the debate are sticking doggedly, and dangerously, to their moral certitude<p>It happened before in the bourgeois capital of a prosperous region that proclaimed itself a republic. The year was 1919 and the revolutionary …


What matters more in a democracy: the rule of law or the voice of the people?

Some commentators suggest the firm line being taken by the Spanish government against the law-breaking maneuvering of the Catalan separatist …


Uproar in Catalonia

Thousands protest against Madrid's plan to dismiss the Catalan government. CNN's Erin McLaughlin reports.

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The Observer view on the crisis in Europe

Beyond Brexit, from Catalonia to the Czech Republic, the European dream is under threat<p>The unprecedented measures initiated on Saturday by Spain’s government, aimed at thwarting Catalonia’s secession, are but the latest expression of a developing, Europe-wide crisis of identity and political …


Spain identifies 800 Britons suspected of making fake sickness claims

Spanish police identified around 800 British tourists suspected of having made fake food poisoning claims after going on holiday in the Balearic …


What’s behind the Catalan movement for independence

<b>Malcolm Brabant:</b><p>At Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the soundtrack was not of chiming bells, but of banging pots and pans on neighboring …

Buddhist monk, wife sentenced for filing false tax returns involving $2.3M

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is expected to set out Saturday how his government will begin the process of imposing direct rule on Catalonia, …


Catalonia’s drive for self-government faces crucial decisions

Analysis: Hard to view Madrid taking control as anything other than ‘hard’ re-centralisation<p>32 minutes ago Updated: 26 minutes ago


Direct Catalonia crisis key risk to Spain rating: S&P

LONDON (Reuters) - S&P Global said on Wednesday it had no specific view on whether or not Spain reinstates direct rule over Catalonia, but is instead waiting to see whether the crisis does any sustained damage to a robust economic recovery.<p>S&P has a "positive outlook" on its BBB+ Spanish sovereign …


The deadlock between Spain and Catalonia can only be solved through dialogue

There is one question about the future of Spain that overrides even that of Catalan independence itself: the prospect of a violent conflict between …

Carles Puigdemont

Protests in Barcelona against suspension of Catalan autonomy – in pictures

Supporters of Catalan independence rallied on Saturday night to demand the release of jailed secessionist leaders Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart after the Spanish government announced it will implement article 155 to impose direct rule from Madrid


La Liga: Barcelona stride past Malaga to consolidate top spot amidst Catalan chaos; Valencia thrash Sevilla

<b>Madrid:</b> Barcelona dismissed another day of political chaos in Catalonia to continue on their merry way at the top of La Liga by beating Malaga 2-0 at …


Spain conducting 'coup' in Catalonia

MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's decision to fire Catalonia's government and force a new election is a "coup" and an "attack …

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Bologna city guide: what to see plus the best bars, restaurants and hotels

The opening of a foodie theme park will further elevate Bologna’s reputation as Italy’s culinary capital but the city has plenty more to offer, including superb art, music and medieval architecture<p>Europe’s oldest university town (it was founded in 1088) has been a haven for intellectuals and …


Spanish authorities prepare to arrest Catalonia president

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy confirmed Spain is imposing direct rule over Catalonia to 'restore orde

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San Sebastian Sans Michelin Stars

If you’ve heard anything about San Sebastian, Spain, it’s probably the fact they have recently accumulated the highest number of Michelin-starred …


Spain set to remove Catalan officials from power, call new elections

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Spain Moves to Seize Control of Catalan Government, Call Regional Elections

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy seeks to use measures to quell Catalonia’s push for independence<p>BARCELONA—Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy asked lawmakers to grant him unprecedented power to remove the leaders of Catalonia and temporarily control the region from Madrid, a forceful move aimed at …

Mariano Rajoy

Rajoy invokes Article 155 - seeks to oust Catalan government

Following an emergency cabinet meeting, Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy announced plans to remove Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and his …


Teenagers’ View of the News

<i>We received more than 1,000 letters from high school students on a wide range of topics in response to our Student Challenge. The most popular subjects included Donald Trump, teenage anxiety, N.F.L. kneeling, birth control, Columbus Day, Harvey Weinstein, Puerto Rico and the Boy Scouts. Here are 20</i> …


Sneak Peek: The Almanac Barcelona Is Set to Make Its Stylish Debut

With 91 chic rooms and suites located just steps from Paseo de Gracia, this new property is sure to be a jet-set hot spot.<p>Located just steps from …


Catalan leader pressured from all sides Yahoo7 News

Barcelona (AFP) - The battle between Spain's central government and the separatist leaders of Catalonia escalates day after day, forcing Catalan …

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Spain to suspend Catalonia's government, call elections

Spain's government said Saturday that it will move to suspend Catalonia's separatist government and call fresh elections in the region in a bid to …

Spain's government has stripped Catalonia of its 'autonomous powers'

Mariano Rajoy Source: Xinhua News Agency/PA Images<p>THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT has taken control of Catalonia back from the country’s north-eastern …

Mariano Rajoy

Catalan president considers response to Spain taking control

Uncertainty after prime minister takes unprecedented step of intervening in region<p>Sat, Oct 21, 2017, 10:21 Updated: about an hour ago<p>The Catalan …

Carles Puigdemont