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NASA fast-tracks mission to asteroid worth £8,000 quadrillion – which would crash the world economy

NASA has fast-tracked a mission to an asteroid so full of metallic iron and nickel that it’s worth £8,000 quadrillion – and would crash Earth’s …

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A Gorgeous Flyby of Jupiter Made with Photos from NASA’s Juno Spacecraft

Every 53 days, NASA’s Juno spacecraft flies close to Jupiter and travels from the giant gas planet’s north pole to and past its south pole, shooting …


NASA's newest photo of Jupiter will blow your mind

Lately, NASA's Cassini orbiter has been delivering some stunning photos from its trips around Saturn, but that's not the only fancy camera floating around a nearby planet. The agency's Juno spacecraft has been hanging out around Jupiter for nearly a year now, and it just delivered one of the most …

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The 15 Greatest Discoveries of the Cassini Telescope

During the three year flight to Saturn, Cassini got some great pictures of the trip there. Including this one of the earth and moon.<p>In the year 2000, …


We knew Jupiter was weird. Now we're finding out HOW weird.

If there’s one thing that shouldn’t surprise astronomers, it’s being surprised. The trend is pretty clear: Every single time we look at the Universe …

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Nasa is all set to announce first ever mission to 'touch the Sun'

The space agency is set to launch its solar probe that will break its own record.<p>Nasa is set to make a big announcement about its first ever mission …

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GOLD RUSH IN SPACE China plans to build asteroid ‘bases’ to mine TRILLIONS of dollars worth of precious metals – and take on the US

Beijing's bid to mine space rocks could bring so much wealth back to Earth that it crashes the planet's economy<p>CHINA plans to build a base on an …

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How the Humble CPU Launched NASA’s Golden Age of Space Exploration

Even today, retro-computing is carrying humanity to the edge of interstellar space.<p>In 1962, NASA launched the Mariner 2 probe past Venus, marking the first successful planetary flyby for the agency. It was done with an incredibly primitive computer that hardly fits the bill of anything we'd …

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Australia's 'loaf of bread' satellite is now orbiting Earth

Australia has returned to space with a CubeSat, a satellite the size of a loaf of bread.<p>The Australian CubeSat INSPIRE-2, part of a NASA program offering low-cost pathway to conduct science in space, launched from the International Space Station on Friday.<p>INSPIRE-2 carries five payloads, one from …


Japan's Space Agency Will Be Going to the Moons of Mars in 2024

In the coming decades, the world’s largest space agencies hope to mount some exciting missions to the Moon and to Mars. Between NASA, Roscosmos, the …

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This is what a micrometeoroid striking a spacecraft sounds like

*plonk*<p>Last week, NASA reported that a micrometeoroid struck its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in October 2014. NASA noted that the impact didn’t damage the orbiter, but made for a “fascinating example” for how the data from the spacecraft can be used in unexpected ways, including what that impact …

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NASA Spacecraft Finds Storms On Jupiter

Raging cyclones and an uneven magnetic field: NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to NASA scientist Jack Connerney about the surprising findings made by a spacecraft orbiting Jupiter.

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NASA Plans To "Listen" to the Ice of Europa to Find out What's Beneath It

Between the Europa Clipper and the proposed Europa Lander, NASA has made it clear that it intends to send a mission to this icy moon of Jupiter in …

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The 7 Strangest Asteroids: Weird Space Rocks in Our Solar System

Toutatis has made some close shaves to Earth, and passed within 1,000,000 miles (1.61 million kilometers) of Earth, or about four Moon distances, …

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These new images of Jupiter show its clouds in stunning detail

Damn, Jupiter looks sexy.<p>After nearly a year in orbit, the Juno spacecraft is starting to crack some of Jupiter’s many mysteries.<p>This week, the journals <i>Science</i> and <i>Geophysical Research Letters</i> published the first batch of scientific findings about Jupiter, based on Juno’s trips there. Discoveries …


A NASA Craft That Orbits The Moon Was Hit By A Meteoroid

In an extremely unlikely sequence of events a camera on a NASA craft fitted with three cameras was hit by a meteoroid while compiling an image, …


Juno sees something familiar looking out from Jupiter's rings

Imagine that you're standing on an alien world, far out in the galaxy. You look up and see a brilliant bed of stars above you, blanketing totally foreign sky.<p>But what if you were on a different planet a little closer to home? What would you see then?<p>A new photo beamed back from Jupiter by NASA's …


NASA And 5 More Top Space Agencies Around The World

<i>This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by Nicolas Nelson.</i><p>The Big Six are, in alphabetical order:<p><b>CNSA,</b> the Chinese National Space</b> …


Camera on NASA's Lunar Orbiter survived 2014 meteoroid hit

During LROC's development, a detailed computer model was made to insure the NAC would not fail during the severe vibrations caused by the launch of …


Two big asteroids to pass safely

Radar astronomers are peering toward asteroid 2017 CS, closest on May 29. Another asteroid – 418094 (2007 WV4) – will be closest June 1. Charts here …


The south pole of Jupiter

From Nasa's Juno probe:<p>This image shows Jupiter’s south pole, as seen by NASA’s Juno spacecraft from an altitude of 32,000 miles (52,000 kilometers). …

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9 Creepy Sounds Recorded in Space by NASA

• Home/<br>• Features/<br>• 9 Creepy Sounds Recorded in Space by NASA<p>9 Creepy Sounds Recorded in Space by NASA<p>Spacecraft traveling to the far reaches of the solar …

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Rocket Lab electron booster falls short in debut test launch

The debut flight of Rocket Lab's miniature satellite launcher wasn't perfect, but the company is confident enough to proceed with plans for a second test launch this summer, founder and CEO Peter Beck said today (May 25).<p>Speaking to reporters less than 12 hours after the first Electron rocket …


Tales of an Asteroid Hunter

People sometimes ask Carrie Nugent about the chances that real life will mimic the 1998 movie “Armageddon,” in which scientists discover that an asteroid the size of Texas is 18 days away from hitting the Earth and wiping out life as we know it. The 33-year-old planetary scientist at the California …

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NASA releases new pictures of Jupiter

Beneath its heavy cloud cover, Jupiter has been able to keep its secrets from astronomers. Now, first results from NASA's Juno mission are challenging researchers' beliefs about the gas giant.


NASA has plans of mining an asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion in metal

NASA has plans of mining an asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion in metal<p>Okay so how expensive would a rock floating about in space be worth? A few …


All you need to know about Chandrayaan-2, ISRO’s second mission to the moon

In October 2008, ISRO launched the Chandrayaan-1 mission on board a PSLV rocket. There were two payloads, a lunar orbiter and a lunar impactor. The …


NASA moves up launch of Psyche mission to a metal asteroid

Psyche, NASA's Discovery Mission to a unique metal asteroid, has been moved up one year with launch in the summer of 2022, and with a planned arrival …

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New Zealand launches 3D-printed rocket into space – video

Stunning images from New Zealand’s North Island as Rocket Lab, a Silicon Valley-funded company, launches the maiden space flight of its battery-powered, 3D-printed rocket from the Mahia peninsula<p>New Zealand launches into space race with 3D-printed rocket

New Zealand

DARPA reveals design of its space plane for faster, cheaper satellite launches

Launching satellites into orbit could get a lot cheaper thanks to an experimental space plane.<p>This week, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) revealed the design for the XS-1, which is set to be built by Boeing. The hypersonic aircraft would launch vertically, deploy a second stage …