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Missing Sunspots - Briefing Materials

NASA sponsored research has resulted in the first computer model developed to explain the recent period of decreased solar activity during the sun's …

Solar Cycle

Meteor showers on demand will be the fireworks display of the future

A Japanese start-up aims to light up the night’s sky with artificial meteor showers as soon as the beginning of the next decade.<p>For the ultra-wealthy …


Curbing space debris in the era of mega-constellations

An example of a mega-constellation.<p>18 July 2018<p>Satellite mega-constellations consisting of hundreds to thousands of spacecraft are becoming a popular …

Space Exploration

Space wars: the new arms race above our heads

Forget the traditional battlegrounds of land, sea and air. Rapid developments in technology and our reliance on satellites for everything from …


Satellite studying Earth’s diminishing ice swerves to avoid collision

CryoSat. Credit: ESA/P. Carril<p>On Monday 9 July, 2018, engineers based at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Germany made the decision to …


ESA’s satellite just dodged a piece of space junk in Orbit


Latest report on space junk

Space Debris<p>6 July 2018<p>ESA’s Annual Space Environment Report is full of facts, figures and tables that provide a detailed picture of how the space …

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The Space Roomba

<i>The clean way is the right way</i><p>FlashForward, a podcast presented by Rose Eveleth, invited Andrew and Tiago from Clean Space to discuss technology …


A Satellite With a Harpoon, Net and Drag Sail to Capture Space Junk is in Orbit and Will be Tested Soon

After almost seventy years of spaceflight, space debris has become a rather serious problem. This junk, which floats around in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), …

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RemoveDEBRIS Launched from ISS with Airbus Space Debris Capture Removal Technology

RemoveDEBRIS spacecraft during final assembly at SSTL. (Credit SSTL/Max Alexander)Toulouse/Stevenage/Bremen, 20/06/2018 (Airbus PR) – The space …


First satellite to collect space junk set deployed from ISS

London, June 23 (IANS) The first-ever satellite to test possible solutions in cleaning up space junk has been deployed by the International Space …

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Trump wants a Space Force. He won’t get one

<i>Michael Byers holds the Canada research chair in global politics and international law at the University of British Columbia.</i><p>“We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force – separate but equal. It is going to be something so important.”<p>Donald Trump surprised his staff …

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ISS Deploys First Space Debris Removal Tool

Back in April, the 14th mission of SpaceX carried into space 2.5 tons of supplies and hardware to the International Space Station (ISS). Among the …

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RemoveDEBRIS spacecraft launched from ISS

To read this article, go to Air & Cosmos International.


New Trump directive seeks to avert major space debris problem

As private companies plan to send thousands of satellites into space to expand broadband internet services and for other uses, the Trump …


Russia develops space laser cannon to evaporate space junk

Russia develops space laser cannon to evaporate space junk<p>Source: Xinhua 2018-06-14 12:35:14<p>MOSCOW, June 14 (Xinhua) -- Russian scientists are …

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Asteroids and space debris come together for the first time

In January 2019, ESA will hold its first-ever joint technology conference that brings together two fundamental pillars of space safety and security: …


Russia reportedly built a laser cannon to blast space debris

A Russian company affiliated with the Russian space agency Roscosmos claims that it is working on developing a laser that could eliminate space …

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Russia builds laser cannon to blast space debris, report claims

A Russian company affiliated with the Russian space agency Roscosmos claims that it is working on developing a laser that could eliminate space debris.<p>The report, first written about in RT, a Russian media company funded by the Russian government, said researchers at the Scientific and Industrial …

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The Dilemma of Space Debris

On February 10, 2009, two communications satellites—Cosmos 2251 and Iridium 33—collided catastrophically in Earth orbit, 789 kilometers above …


The Clean Space industrial days aim at providing an insight to the technological advancement achieved to date in the fields of ecoDesign for space, technologies for Space Debris Mitigation (SDM), 

The Clean Space industrial days aim at providing an insight to the technological advancement achieved to date in the fields of ecoDesign for space, …

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Man claims this is space debris falling over Liverpool this morning

A commuter claims to have spotted mysterious space debris falling over the skies of Liverpool.<p>Computer graphics expert Gary O’Grady, 44, from …


Challenges of space debris tackled by university students in pioneering new course

ESA’s Education and Space Debris Offices have combined forces to pilot a new and innovative educational experience: the Space Debris Training Course …


Meet the teen who's cleaning up space junk

Amber Yang is on a mission to create a better way to track space debris and prevent collisions in the Earth's atmosphere.<p>Nineteen-year-old Amber Yang …

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Ahmedabad: NID students set to solve space debris issue, develop robust int’l space law

Conscious of the fact that dealing with space debris is a global issue, students of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, are working on a project …

International Law

The 2018 Lyrid meteor shower peaks this weekend. Here’s how to watch.

Watch pieces of comet debris burn up in the night sky.<p>It takes 415.5 years for a comet called C/1861 G1 Thatcher to circle to sun. But every year in late April, our planet plows into the trail of dust the comet has left behind in its long journey around the sun. These bits of debris burn up in our …


Low Earth Orbit Contains Nearly 13,000 Pieces of Space Debris

Joint Space Operations Command is tracking nearly 13,000 objects that are classified as space debris, <b>Axios reported.</b><p> collects data to …

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VP Pence: Commerce Department will oversee new space debris policy

Vice President Mike Pence announced Monday the latest set of recommendations on space policy, this time looking to tackle the persistent problem of …

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Giant Harpoon to Shoot Down Space Junk

A European satellite launched this week to try out ways of tackling the growing amount of garbage in space will use technology as familiar to the …

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This harpoon could be the solution to space junk in Earth's orbit

RemoveDEBRIS is testing technologies to remove the 500,000 pieces of space debris in Earth's orbit.