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6 Bond Gadgets That Are Now Obsolete

Bond's gadgets are as out of date as his dad jokes.<p>By Inverse Videoon<p>The future, straight to your inbox.<p>After 55 years in the business of spying, …

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GroupM's Pattison Takes On New WPP Transformation Role

GroupM veteran Lindsay Pattison has been appointed chief transformation officer at parent company WPP.<p>Pattison, the former Maxus CEO, was appointed …


4 Famous Mascots (Who Have Needlessly Creepy Origin Stories)

By Spencer Thew,James Kinneen,David Klesh Published: November 01st, 2017 Creating an advertising mascot should be simple: All you need is a memorable …


How to Live like James Bond Today

Author: Michael WalshJames Bond is so much more than a British Secret Intelligence Service agent. He is a man of class, culture and conviction. His …


Explainer: Why Ericsson is closing its $1.3-billion Vaudreuil facility

It was the type of news greeted with fanfare — a major multinational company was going to invest $1.3 billion to open a high-tech facility in a …

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VC-backed TrackR beefs up senior team with three new appointments

<b>TrackR</b>, a provider of personal item tracking solutions, has named <b>Nathan Kelly</b> as chief operating officer, <b>Matthew Pigeon</b> as chief financial officer …


Moving from Android to iOS? Here’s what happens

Thinking about switching from an Android device to an iPhone? Here are five stages you would go through.<p>After five long years of being an Android …

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Nokia Has No Growth Prospects At The Moment

During the latest quarter, Nokia showed a decrease of its net sales and a slow growth of its network business.<p>Strong competition that increases …



WebJack is a JavaScript library that uses SoftModem, an Arduino library, to create two-way communication between a browser window and an Arduino. No …


History of Android 2008-2017: T3 charts the progression of this revolutionary mobile platform

PreviousNext 1/26<p>Introduction<p>It has almost been a decade since the first Android phone appeared. But what were the most important phones? And when …


Razer Hints at Smartphone Launch on November 1st: "Watch, Listen, Play"

Just months after Razer made a filing for IPO in Hong Kong, the company has hinted on plans to enter the smartphone market. In the recent weeks, the …

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Pilot episode | The Best in Tech: ‘Logitech’s big SA push’

When it comes to peripherals, two brands should jump out at you straight away: Microsoft and Logitech. Indeed, we have all, at one point or other, …


Game Design Deep Dive: Managing randomization, frustration in Everspace

Hans-Christian Kühl of Rockfish Games on dealing with randomization and frustration in Everspace, a 3D sci-fi shooter with roguelike elements. ...

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19 Cell Phones We All Had In The 2000s

Here's the the return of flip phones, ostentatious design, and blinding colors.<p><i>This post was translated from Portuguese.</i>

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The Service Journey: Evolution and Revolution

It was in 1999 that an article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) drew attention to the fact that industrial revenue and profit pools had shifted, …

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Relive some recent history at a museum of mobile phones in Slovakia

A museum in Slovakia is sure to bring back fond memories of simpler times, displaying thousands of old mobile phones that may only be a decade old, but now look ages behind the smartphones that many people carry in their pockets each day.<p>The Múzeum Mobilov in Dobšiná, Slovakia, is a private museum …


What will the design industry look like in 2022?

From MS Paint and Flash to Framer and Figma: The evolution of design tools<p><i>By</i> <i>Ben Bate</i><p>The design industry has progressed at a remarkable rate over the …


Three things that will never be the same after the iPhone X

Apple retains an unmatched ability to bring the latest tech and the biggest mass of people together<p>If you listen to Apple’s inflationary marketing spiel, every time the company launches a new iPhone, it “changes everything.” The prosaic truth, however, is that most iPhone releases aren’t all that …


Articles about eco friendly prototype whose furniture maximizes energy efficiency on - Dwell

We used and abused seven eco-friendly countertops to investigate if they could stand the heat of Dwell’s kitchen.<p>If choosing paint colors doesn’t give you a headache, the fumes probably will—unless you pick from the growing array formulated...<p>With careful planning and wise material choices, you can …

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The Ugly Evolution of Cyberbullying

How we progressed from passive-aggressive Myspace bulletins to kids creating two Instagram profiles—one for their friends, another for their bullies.<p>Myspace bulletins were the original Facebook status: whiny letters that all your followers could read. When I was 14, I sent out a passive-aggressive …

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The Brand New Face of Cyberbullying

How we progressed from pass-agg Myspace bulletins to kids creating two Instagram profiles – one for their friends, another for their bullies.<p>Myspace bulletins were the original Facebook status: whiny letters that all your followers could read. When I was 14 I sent out a passive-aggressive bulletin …

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10 best 'dumbphones' to help you kick your iPhone addiction

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Woman targeted with 120 images on public transport via AirDrop

Bluejacking is back, this time via Apple's AirDrop technology, allowing strangers to bombard women with unwanted photos


My First Phone: The Teardown

When I was 14, I begged my mom to get me the Sony Ericsson T616 phone. I didn’t actually have a good reason for wanting that specific phone; I just …


As Lenovo goes for Stock Android… I will weep for Vibe UI

Another one bites the dust. No, we are not talking about Queen’s immortal rock number, or even someone chucked casually aside by The Rock (Siri’s …


Does the segmented-self mean the death of demographics for marketers?

Just because you are the same age as some of the people you see, earn about the same or are the same sex doesn’t mean you buy the same things or love …


Platforms in Industry – Part 1: Disrupting the world of products

By on July 27, 2017 • ( 2 Comments )<p>In 2014, estimates suggested that PC makers controlling an aggregate of 60% market share (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer …

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The 2 trends watchmakers fear

What a decade. When we launched <i>Watch</i> in August 2007, Apple’s iPhone had been released just four weeks earlier. That same year the Kindle launched, …


These Brilliant Smartwatches ALL Cost Less Than $100

Michael Grothaus 17/07/2017 - 10:23am You don’t need to break the bank to get a good smartwatch. These one's all retail for under $100 I know, I …

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Platform Sprawl Leaves No Industry Behind

The “age of platforms” is now firmly established. As we described in our 2016 book, Platform Revolution, platforms are no longer restricted to retail …