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Ask Ethan: Why Can't I See Mercury Without A Telescope?

Since ancient times, humans have known of five planets — or “wandering stars” — in the sky: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Each of them appears to move against the backdrop of stars from night-to-night, rather than staying in the same fixed position like the other points of light do. But …


Mercury Is Finally Out of Retrograde—Here's How to Make the Most of It

<i>At MyDomaine, we want to prepare you for all of life’s challenges, and what better way to do that than by getting some foresight from the stars? Each</i> …


Io’s shadow on Jupiter

Here’s is Jupiter’s closest moon, Io, casting its shadow on Jupiter’s cloud tops. Another moon, Europa, is to the left.<p>Scott MacNeill wrote:<p>On …


Cassini spots "giant hurricane" on Saturn

NASA's Cassini spacecraft snapped a view of what scientists called a swirling "giant hurricane" in Saturn's atmosphere


NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Sends Back Stunning Photo Of Earth As Seen From Saturn

NASA's Cassini spacecraft was launched into space in 1997 to study the planet Saturn - and since reaching it's orbit in 2004, it has sent back some …


Mind-blowing images of space from the Cassini orbiter


New Study of Kuiper Belt Reveals Neptune Formed Quite Smoothly All Those Years Ago

Using two world-class telescopes, the Frederick C. Gillett Gemini North Telescope and Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), simultaneously, Dr Wes …


No Sleeping Back on Earth! | Pluto New Horizons

Today’s blog is from Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado—principal investigator for NASA’s New Horizons mission.<p>Did …


How Kepler saw Neptune

New video from NASA depicting the observations of our solar system’s 8th planet, Neptune, by the famous planet-hunting Kepler telescope.<p>NASA’s …


NASA just got its closest look at Saturn yet — here's what it saw

On April 26, NASA flew its Cassini spacecraft closer to Saturn than ever before. In fact, it's the closest any spacecraft has ever come to Saturn — just 1,900 miles from the beautiful planet's cloud tops.<p>Even more exciting, Cassini has already transmitted images of what it saw from its deepest dive …


NASA Trip To Pluto: Some Researchers Already Are Working On It

Pluto was stripped of its full planet status in 2006, more than 75 years after it was discovered, and demoted to dwarf planet. It has been treated as …

Dwarf Planet

NASA’s Cassini flies inside Saturn’s rings and beams back images

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has taken a trip through Saturn’s rings for the first time – and has been back in touch with Earth.<p>The probe has sent images through space of its journey to within 3,000 kilometres of the planet’s clouds and within 300 kilometres of its innermost ring – the closest a probe …


Cassini: the 17th-century astronomer who shrank France and inspired a spacecraft

The Cassini spacecraft and its dramatic dive towards Saturn have been in the news this week, but the human Cassini is no less memorable<p>As a historian of science, when I scroll through my Twitter timeline and see mentions of Cassini, my thoughts tend to go not to the spacecraft that is, at the time …


When the Hell Will We Find Planet Nine?

The hunt for Planet 9—a hypothetical, Neptune-sized object beyond Pluto—has stirred the scientific community since last year year, when a pair of …


The Next Pluto Mission: An Orbiter and Lander?

For decades, we could only imagine what the view of Pluto’s surface might be. Now, we have the real thing.<p>The images and data from the<p>” …

Space Travel

Icy Earth-mass exoplanet is 'colder than Hoth'

<b>(CNN) —</b> This newly discovered exoplanet may be Earth's twin in terms of mass and the distance from its host star, but you wouldn't want to visit. Researchers say it's an "iceball."<p>In "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back," Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and the rest of the rebels toughed it out on …


Mars Crater History Shows Break From Asteroid Impacts In Early Solar System

Mars was bombarded with asteroids and other objects during its youth, carving out craters from its surface, but at least it got a little breather of …


NASA’s Juno Space Probe Sends Back Stunning Images of Jupiter

Traveling 1.74 billion miles over 5 years, NASA's Juno space probe entered Jupiter's polar orbit on July 5, 2016. Set to explore the Solar System's largest planet until 2018, the Juno probe will provide valuable information previously unavailable to scientists.<p>Why study Jupiter? Being the largest …


Distant Dwarf Planet DeeDee Stirs Up the Pluto Planethood Debate

What's a planet? What's a dwarf planet? Should we make a distinction? Should we really care about these definitions in the first place? <br>As we learn …


Heliosphere, Our Sun's Sphere Of Influence, Is Not Shaped Like A Comet

The heliosphere, despite the “sphere” in its name, has long been picturized with a comet-like tail trailing behind the sun. Analysis of new …


27 of Hubble's Best Photos for Its 27th Birthday

Hubble turns 27 today. Here's a look back at some of its most noteworthy accomplishments.


What's The Largest Planet In The Universe?

In our Solar System, Jupiter is the largest planet we have, but what’s the upper limit to planetary size?<p>If you get too much mass together in a single object, its core will fuse lighter elements into heavier ones.<p>At about eighty times the mass of Jupiter, you’ll have a true star, burning hydrogen …


When Pluto Changed from a Fuzzy Dot into a Full Fledged World

Two years ago this coming July, the long journey of NASA’s <i>New Horizons</i> spacecraft to Pluto was approaching its end. Years earlier we had used <i>New</i> …


NASA captures incredible image of Earth from 870 million miles away

<b>NASA spacecraft has captured an incredible image of Earth – pictured between the rings of Saturn.</b><p>Tragic photo of father saying hello and goodbye to …


Happy Birthday, Taurus!

Those of the sign Taurus are lovely creatures. They are soft and warm, sensual and playful, and have an enchanting way of having practical, sage …


Bizarre Temperatures on Mimas

This figure illustrates the unexpected and bizarre pattern of daytime temperatures found on Saturn's small inner moon Mimas (396 kilometers, or 246 …


South Australia, Wet and Dry : Image of the Day

acquired January 27, 2017 download large image (9 MB, JPEG, 4928x3280)<p>An astronaut aboard the International Space Station captured these photographs …


The Day the Earth Smiled: Sneak Preview (annotated)

Photojournal: PIA17171<p>July 22, 2013<p>In this rare image taken on July 19, 2013, the wide-angle camera on NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured …


Cassini to meet ‘spectacular end’

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA’s Cassini spacecraft faces one last perilous adventure around Saturn. Cassini swung past Saturn’s mega moon Titan early …


Catalog Page for PIA00452

<b>PIA00452: Solar System Portrait - Earth as 'Pale Blue Dot'</b><p> Target Name: <p> Is a satellite of: <p> Mission: <p> Spacecraft: <p> Instrument: <p> Product Size: <p><b>453 x</b> …