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<b>Taps microphone:</b> ‘Is this still on?’<p>I’ve been blogging on here for over 10 years and this article marks the end of the largest gap in posting that …


Master of Data Science Webinar

Attend our webinar to find out more about the UWA Master of Data Science<p>Delivered by School of Computer Science and Software Engineering Professor …

Data Science

3 Things to Look For in Your Next Software Developer

Hiring engineers is only getting harder. Here's how to get it right.<p><i>By Nathan Klarer, technology entrepreneur.</i><p>According to The App Association, there are nearly a quarter of a million unfilled software engineering jobs in the U.S. Clearly, demand for talented engineers far outstrips supply. When …


Help users find, interact & re-engage with your app on the Google Assistant

article<p>en_US<p><p>Google Developers …


Launchpad comes to Africa to support tech startups! Apply to join the first accelerator class

article<p>en_US<p><p>Google Developers …


The Developer Show (Grace Hopper ‘17) w/ Avni Shah


Mercedes-Benz reportedly set to open new Seattle software engineering center

Mercedes-Benz has tapped former Amazon software development manager Mike Dosenbach to lead a new engineering center in Seattle that could employ up …


The Developer Show (TL;DR 088)


Best practices to succeed with Universal App campaigns

article<p>en_US<p><p>Google Developers …


AdMob + Kotlin - Mobile Ads Garage #18


Voice Experiments

Explore voice interaction in fun new ways.<p>Voice Experiments is a showcase of what’s possible when you bring open-ended, natural conversation into …

Google Home



Resonance Audio: Multi-platform spatial audio at scale

Computer Science

Is Good UX Research Dead?

UX has become hot, there’s no doubt about it. Some describe it as design thinking, others as user-centered design, but no matter what you call it, it …

UX Design

Advice from a real "Woman of NASA," for kids who dream of working in science

Last year, Hamilton, who is best known for writing the code that brought Apollo 11 to the moon—and widely credited with coining the term “software engineering,” spoke to the science and tech website Futurism about her career in science. She shared some advice for girls who want to enter science, …


Who Can Build a Smarter Smart Garden? - Build Out #1


The Single Most Important Job Skill You Can Learn (It'll Be Relevant Forever)

Here are 11 reasons why.<p><i>What will software engineers do when everybody can program? originally appeared on Quora:</i> <i>the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world</i>.<p><b>Answer by Ken Mazaika, CTO and Co-founder of The Firehose Project, on</b> …

Computer Science

Google Developers Launchpad Studio works with top startups to tackle healthcare challenges with machine learning

<i>Posted by Malika Cantor, Developer Relations Program Manager</i>Google is an artificial intelligence-first company. Machine Learning (ML) and Cloud are …


Technical debt: we need better communication, not better metaphors

Technical debt as a metaphor is not serving our profession well. It was meant to help us talk to business people and make better decisions about our …


Intro to Feature Engineering with TensorFlow - Machine Learning Recipes #9

Machine Learning

Join a Tech Community Meetup at Future Decoded

By Andrew Spooner, Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft<p>As well as the daytime sessions on the agenda for Future Decoded, Microsoft is hosting …


Cloud, Containers, and Kubernetes over Coffee with Carter Morgan


Trint Beyond Transcription

Road cyclist, avid cook, and aspiring cheesemaker<p>Recently, we had the chance to sit down and catch up with our very own Simon Turvey. Simon’s been …


Parasoft announces latest release of Parasoft SOAtest and Virtualize

Parasoft has announced the latest release of Parasoft SOAtest and Virtualize, which has extended support for continuous integration platforms. New …


Gmail Add-ons framework now available to all developers

<i>Originally posted by Wesley Chun, G Suite Developer Advocate on the G Suite Blog</i>Email remains at the heart of how companies operate. That's why …


How Harness Provides CD as a Service Informed by AI to Accelerate Time to Market While Reducing Errors by 99%

Thanks to Jyoti Bansol, CEO and Co-founder of Harness, for introducing me to the industry’s first Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform …


Why I did my master's in software engineering instead of computer science

In 2013, I became demoralized in my career. I had left a fulfilling role as a web applications and services developer in the non-profit sector …

Computer Science

Save Time and Money with Unit Testing

Test engineers are familiar on the best ways to design their hardware tests. However, they don't apply the same principles to their software.Test …

Unit Testing

Artificial Intelligence and High School Students -- Trying AIY for the First Time!


Think you understand the Single Responsibility Principle?

The Single Responsibility Principle is the key software engineering principle which determines how we should modularise code in object oriented …