The Irony of Socialists Calling for Abolishing Prisons

Some self-described socialist candidates running within the Democratic Party "advocate more extreme changes, such as abolishing the prison system,"</i> …


Rees-Mogg claims Home Office 'socialism' to blame for Windrush injustices - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen<p>Kogan’s evidence to MPs on Facebook/Cambridge Analytica - Summary


Democratic socialists fixing broken brake lights for free April 28

If you see strangers in the Central West End on the afternoon of Saturday, April 28 trying to flag you down to change your broken brake light for …

African-American News

Fox's Varney: Blame Obama for 'Left Turn in American Politics'

Stuart Varney, the host of Fox Business' "Varney & Company," said he blames former president Barack Obama for a turn in American politics toward …

Conservative View

NRA Demands ‘Gun-Hating Socialist’ Obama Apologize For Florida School Massacre

Trump Divorce Lawyer: Cohen Will Flip So He Doesn’t Get Raped By Black Guys In Prison<p>Published<p>3 mins ago<p>on<p>April 22, 2018<p>Sessions: If Trump Fires …


Editorial: What about Socialism?

For the last year and a half, many American liberals and progressives have been fretting the rise of fascism in America. Left-of-center commentators …

Political Science

Neo-Nazi Group Burns Massive Swastika After Georgia Protest

Two dozen neo-Nazi protesters flooded a small Georgia town outside Atlanta with law enforcement Saturday, before retreating to a hillside to burn a …

Jewish Culture

The CIA Democrats vs. Julian Assange

Julian Assange eyes DDC_4793<br>(Image by Abode of Chaos) Permission Details DMCA<p>Patrick Martin of writes: 'The lawsuit filed by the Democratic …

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Socialists last stand for power: The Committee of the Regions?

Click for full view<p>Author<p>By Kassandra Legendary EU insider, uncovering the deepest and darkest realities of EU governance and administration<p>Read …

European News

Social inequality and oligarchy in the US and Europe

A report by Thomas Piketty shows that the Democratic Party in the US, the Labour Party in Britain and the Socialist Party in France have become the …


We are all socialists now

Socialism is much more than public ownership of productive enterprises. Still, if there is one policy that clearly distinguishes socialists from …


What’s in a name?

Daniel once quipped that political views among the Crooked Timber team span the gamut: from social democrat to democratic socialist. Having spent the …

Political Science

Britain’s Stop the War Coalition: Tying the working class to the pro-war Labour Party

The building of a genuine anti-war movement can only proceed through a ruthless exposure of Labour’s apologists.

Middle East

Fox panel panics over public disapproval of Trump's tax law: "Socialism is back, socialism is now acceptable"

STUART VARNEY (HOST): You know, look, we all faulted [Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)] when she said it's just crumbs, we all said "oh, she's totally out of …

Liberal View

‘I’m running as a socialist’: Candidates aren’t afraid to use the label anymore

<b>What’s going on?</b><p>Political candidates aren’t afraid to be labeled “socialists” anymore. Texas Democrats have nominated Franklin Bynum, an attorney and self-proclaimed socialist, to become a criminal court judge in Houston.<p><b>What did he say?</b><p>“Yes, I’m running as a socialist,” Bynum told the New York …


Porn star claims Bernie Sanders disrespected her mom

The American porn star and writer Lorelei Lee said Bernie Sanders was disrespectful to her mother during one of his speeches at a Democratic …

Bernie Sanders

North Korean regime 'shifting to traditional socialist party system'

The North Korean regime appears to be shifting towards a model socialist government, by holding a key policy meeting on Friday.

North Korea

Why socialism still doesn't work | Opinion |

We use the terms mostly as pejoratives these days, but socialism and capitalism are not just ideological labels used to divide liberal and …


Building socialism in Bolshevik Russia

• Title<br>• Building socialism in Bolshevik Russia: ideology and industrial organization, 1917-1921<br>• Date<br>• 1984<br>• Identifier<br>• 31735057896064<br>• Extent<br>• x, 222 p. ; 22 …


USS Portland? Democratic Socialists of America and Other Portland Activists Are Ready to Protest Naming a Navy Warship After the Rose City

A newly-built, massive Navy warship sailed into Portland over the weekend.<p>The USS Portland, which is in town to be formally named after the city, has …


You Can't Argue against Socialism's 100 Percent Record of Failure

Socialism is extremely in vogue. Opinion pieces which tell us to stop obsessing over socialism’s past failures, and start to get excited about its …

South African Politics

Premises of leading Flemish socialist candidate raided in Antwerp

Police have raided the property of Tom Meeuws, second candidate on the Flemish socialist list in Antwerp for next autumn's local elections. The raid …


BI says EU Socialist Party official showed 'disrespect' in 2017 visit

A Socialist Party official from Europe was barred from entering the Philippines for being part of a 2017 human rights mission in Manila, which …


Blacklisted EU Socialist Party official 'worried' about PH political conditions

MANILA - A European Socialist Party official said he is worried about the political conditions in the country after he was barred by Immigration …

Human Rights

European socialists' party condemns Philippines' deportation of official

The Party of European Socialists denounced what it called the “unjustified” detention and deportation of its official who has criticized President …

Human Rights

Veteran pro-EU candidate Djukanovic set to win Montenegro presidency: projection

PODGORICA (Reuters) - Veteran pro-European Union politician Milo Djukanovic was set to win Montenegro's presidential election on Sunday with 53 percent of the votes, according to projected results.<p>Mladen Bojanic, a businessman backed by an alliance of parties, including some wanting closer ties …


Gallery of Socialist Modernism on Your Smartphone: This Research Group is Raising Funds for a Crowdsourcing Mobile App - 35

Image 35 of 43 from gallery of Socialist Modernism on Your Smartphone: This Research Group is Raising Funds for a Crowdsourcing Mobile App. Romanita …


War, lies and censorship

The <i>New York Times</i>, <i>Washington Post</i> and other mainstream news outlets function not as journalists, but as propagandists for the US/NATO war drive …

Middle East

Prosecco Socialist: Songs from Behind Bars — ‘sturdily melodic’

<b>Prosecco Socialist</b><p><i>Songs from Behind Bars</i><p>(Gypsy Chicken Box Records)<p>There is a lot of drinking on Prosecco Socialist’s <i>Songs from Behind Bars</i>, none …


The Intergalactic Socialism of J. Posadas

[image] The Argentinian radical J. Posadas (1912–1981) was a charismatic and eccentric figure in the Latin American Bureau of the Trotskyist Fourth …

Latin America