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NFL, NFLPA Release Statement on 'Productive' Social Change, Inequality Meeting

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy released a joint statement Tuesday from the league and NFL Players Association that said they held a meeting to discuss the ongoing protests during the national anthem.<p>The statement said the two parties "had a productive meeting focused on how we can work together to …

NFL Players Association

Three times as many young mothers employed than in 1980

The number of working mothers with preschool-age children has almost trebled in Switzerland since 1980 – but regional and socioeconomic differences …

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Change behaviors by changing perception of normal

In a study, people ate less meat and conserved more water when they thought those behaviors reflected how society is changing. The findings could …

Stanford University | Boks, Laureus join forces to educate youngsters the active way

Members of the Springboks teamed up with Laureus to host a community-building sports activity in Cape Town.

Sport (South Africa)

Conflict Resolution Requires Innovators And Orchestrators As Well As Agitators

Given the problems the U.K. has brought on itself by granting people direct votes on Scottish independence and membership of the European Union, one could perhaps understand the Spanish government’s reluctance to allow Catalonia a referendum on independence. But the scenes now appearing on news …

Harvard Business School

Probe: The scientific equivalent of Culture Night comes to TCD

Analyse your digital footprint, visit the Long Room and eat a crowdsourced meal

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What Antifa gets wrong: Guest opinion

While Antifa deserves credit for standing up to white supremacists and neo-Nazis, its style of "resistance" lacks the guts and dedication to defeat …


How a rock concert inspires social change

The world is awash with massive inter-sectional social problems, from devastating hurricanes and tsunamis driven by climate change to the refugee …

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Saudi Arabia Will Finally Allow Women to Drive Cars

Saudi Arabia’s government announced on Tuesday that it will grant women the right to drive cars next year in a major sign of social change for the …

Middle East

Marketing campaigns that challenge

Powerful campaigns that challenge societal norms can be a force for change and boost brand awareness, as these examples show.<p>There has been a recent shift in the way that some big businesses market their products and services. Rather than building campaigns that reflect society and what their …


Dolphins owner on Trump’s protest remarks: Country needs leadership, not divisiveness

Stephen Ross is loudly and proudly supportive of Miami Dolphins players who use their platform to fight for social change.<p>President Donald Trump, …

Miami Dolphins

Should You Agitate, Innovate, or Orchestrate?

By Julie Battilana & Marissa Kimsey A framework for understanding the roles you can play in a movement for social change.

Social Movements

Antifa should take a cue from history and drop its tantrums

Antifa is good at throwing bottles and punches, even against people falsely maligned as white supremacists like the conservative Ben Shapiro, as it …


Watch the first-ever U.S. youth poet laureate perform a stunning poem about social change

This summer, 19-year-old Amanda Gorman sat down to outline her priorities. As the very first U.S. youth poet laureate, a position she earned for her …

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Does property destruction advance progressive social change?

CLOSE<p>Jessica Reznicek (purple shirt) and Ruby Montoya (blue shirt) claim responsibility for Dakota Access equipment vandalism on February 1st.<p>I was …

Des Moines

The Wolf of Social Impact: How We Use Capital as a Driver of Systemic Change

In the early 1990s, the wolf was reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park nearly 70 years after it was eradicated from the park. The effects of the …

Yellowstone National Park

Jessica Chastain calls for social change in tearful video

LOS ANGELES - Jessica Chastain has called for “transformative social change” in an emotional video posted to her Twitter account.<p>The 40-year-old …

Jessica Chastain

Stand-Up Comedy in India: Path to bring a Social Change

<b>“Humor is a rubber sword – it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.”</b> <b><br>– Mary Hirsch.</b><p>I’ve been following the Indian comedy group ‘AIB’ for …

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Book Review: Ethnography at the Frontier: Space, Memory, and Society in Southern Balochistan by Ugo E.M. Fabietti

<i>In this rare anthropological study based on extensive fieldwork in Balochistan, Ugo Fabietti explores the question of social change in this</i> …

London School of Economics

Government Inaction On Immigrant Integration Is A Loss To Us All

In 2008, a Parliamentary Inquiry into Community Cohesion and Migration called upon the Government to be more proactive on integrating immigrants and …

British Isles

A Whole New Ball Game: New Book Rethinks the History of Religion in Sport

Author Daniel Grano answers RD's 10 Questions

Theodor W. Adorno

To drive social change, we must unshackle philanthropic capital

<i>Paul Klein is founder and CEO of Impakt and founder of Impakt Labs</i><p>Today, good is for everyone. Blackbaud's Rachel Hutchisson said this in a recent <i>Champions for Social Good</i> podcast called Innovation & Social Change and I couldn't agree more. The combination of technology and social innovation has …


Brain Health: The Promise of Science & Social Change

The brain is an organ, just like any other. This is one of principles that guides our work at the Flawless Foundation, and we believe it’s essential that the medical community, political leaders, and the broader public come to embrace this view of the brain as well. For too long, we’ve understood, …

The Brain

Connecting Climate Change to Social Change

Victoria Fenner | August 17, 2017<br>Climate Change isn't just about economics and science. It's about our entire way of life. This panel from the 5th …

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Reimer: Athletes must do more than sit if they want to enact social change

Colin Kaepernick became the most polarizing athlete in the country one year ago, when he decided to kneel during the national anthem. When first …

Colin Kaepernick

How New York Restaurants Are Embedding Social Change in Business

It’s on the rise<p>Most people head over to <b>Butter & Scotch</b>, the 30-seat bakery and bar in Crown Heights, for creative cakes and kitschy cocktails. These days, though, their menu has expanded to include a side of activism in the form of cue cards for calling U.S. representatives, and free shots for …

New York City

Lessons in Social Entrepreneurship from the People Making a Real Impact

There is clearly a balance to be struck between making a profit and making an impact (of the social variety). How do you straddle that line?<p>Finding a balance between profit and social impact has long been an issue for entrepreneurs. It's also spawned a debate: On one side (profit), the argument …


The Gulf crisis produces snail-pace social change and a dangerous arms race

On the one hand, it has revived momentum for unprecedented, albeit snail-paced social reforms, initially sparked by Qatar’s winning bid for the 2022 …

Middle East

The Ecology of Addiction Recovery | Blog & New Postings | William L. White

Addiction and addiction recovery are most often portrayed in the form of highly personal stories, but vulnerability to addiction and efforts to …


Kayla Robinson: The Afro-Latina Using Fashion For Social Change

If Kayla Robinson is any indication of where we’re headed as a people, it’s clear the future is bright and woke AF. The South Florida-based …

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