How To Turn Off Snapchat’s Stalkerish Snap Map Feature

Snapchat has always known exactly where you are. What, you thought everyone saw that “Greetings from the Brooklyn Bridge” filter? Until recently, …

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Snapchat’s New Feature Is Concerning For People Who Want To Keep Their Lives Separate From Social Media

On one hand, Snapchat’s new opt-in feature, Snap Map, seems like a great idea. Basically, a user shares their location with friends on a map within Snapchat which can allow them to see what you’re up to. An easy click on a buddy in the map will show their snaps and if they’re nearby, you can drop …

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Snapchat's newest update is potentially dangerous | Commentary

On Wednesday, Snapchat rolled out an update with a new feature called Snap Map. And it’s downright creepy.<p>If location services are turned on, users …

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How to use the Snapchat Map while everyone else continues to be confused about it

Snapchat announced Wednesday that iOS and Android users have access to a new feature: Snap Map. The feature lets users see what others are doing …

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Snapchat's new map feature raises fears of stalking and bullying

Snap Maps lets users track each other’s movements in real time, but child safety groups are cautioning young people against sharing their location<p>Snapchat has introduced a map feature that lets users track other people’s location in real time, raising concerns among safety and privacy …


Snapchat’s newest feature is also its biggest privacy threat

This detail about Snap Map is frightening<p>Snap Map introduction<p>Earlier this week, Snapchat introduced Snap Map, an opt-in function that allows you to share your location with your friends on a map. Snapchat’s introduction video to Snap Map, seen above, focuses on sharing the location of posted Snaps …

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Snapchat lets you see where people are in real time

Snapchat has just launched a new feature that lets other people find out exactly where you are at any given moment.<p>Snap Map lets you share your …

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Instagram Stories blasts past Snapchat in popularity

You have to feel for Snapchat. Not only are its best features constantly ripped off by the competition, but they’re sometimes even more popular on rival platforms.<p>Take Stories, for example. Less than a year after being copied, the feature is already more popular on Instagram than the entire …


'Next level creepy': Parents warned over 'invasive' Snapchat update (Yahoo7 News)

"This Snapchat update is actually insane, I suggest everyone turns off their location because this is actually unsafe."

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Here's how Snapchat's business benefits from its new mapping feature

<i>This story was delivered to BI Intelligence Apps and Platforms Briefing subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here.</i><p>On Wednesday, Snapchat owner Snap launched a feature that lets users pull up a map that shows where Stories are being posted locally and around the world.<p>Dubbed “Snap …


Instagram Is Crushing Snapchat With Stories, And Here Are The Biggest Reasons Why

When Instagram launched its Stories feature in August 2016, most people scoffed at what appeared to be a blatant rip off of Snapchat. However, it soon became pretty clear that social media addicts were being wooed away (or at least were willing to share serious time with) from Snapchat’s dog …


Snapchat Now Lets You Spy on Friends' Locations

The new Snap Map has a 'ghost mode' that lets you browse a map of your friends' locations without sharing your own.<p>Bored Snapchat users looking for something to do should update their apps today: they'll be greeted with a new map view that shows where exactly their friends are and what they're up …


Spectacles review: a great addition for a Snapchat fanatic

The retro sunglasses with a built-in video camera could be a must for serial posters on Snapchat, even if they’re not much good for anything else<p>Snap Inc’s Spectacles are one of the oddest pieces of hardware I’ve ever used.<p>Typically, when a new technology is introduced it lives or dies based on how …

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Snapchat Just Launched a New Feature That Will Change the Way We Use Social Media

The new mapping feature may soon be a huge opportunity for local businesses.<p>Snap Map, which debuted yesterday, is an entirely new feature on Snapchat that shows you where your friends are and where the most Snaps are coming from at any given moment -- on a map and in real time.<p>"We've built a whole …

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Snapchat Just Created a Marauder's Map for the Entire World

On Wednesday, Snapchat rolled out a new feature that will please every Muggle who has yearned for a Hogwarts letter: “Snap Map,” which is actually …

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Snapchat Wants To Help You Stalk Your Friends With New Map Feature

Because there is apparently no such thing as oversharing on social media these days, Snapchat is rolling out a new “Snap Map” feature that lets users …

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Uber's CEO is out, Snapchat's Snap Map

The biggest stories in tech include Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick's departure, Snapchat's latest location-aware map and Twitch's exclusive broadcasting deal with Blizzard Entertainment.


Battle Of The Social Media Platforms - Instagram V Snapchat

"<p>In the summer of 2016, you likely opened Instagram to quite a surprise: colourful bubbles, full-screen videos, stickers galore...all of it vanishing after 24 hours and looking suspiciously familiar.<p>Before then, the ephemeral photo and video platform par excellence was, without doubts, Snapchat; …

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Snapchat's Latest Feature Lets You View Your Friends' Stories on a Map

Welcome to "Snapchat Maps."<p>Thanks to Snapchat, finding Saturday night plans just got a whole lot easier.<p>The app unveiled its latest update, Snapchat Maps, on Wednesday, <i>Mashable</i> reports. The feature allows you to view nearby users' stories using a map, so that you can see all of the events happening …


Snapchat has a new feature called 'Snap Map' -- here's how it works

Snapchat launched a new feature called Snap Map on Wednesday.<p>Snap Map lets you see where your friends are Snapchatting from. It's easy to access and …

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Snapchat’s Snap Map plots Stories by location but not ads (yet)

Snapchat users can browse Stories by location, which could eventually put the app more prominently on the map with location-minded marketers.

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Mom shocked after breaking 50-year-old family history of baby girls

COLUMBUS, Ga. — A mother-to-be in Georgia decided to keep the sex of her baby a surprise, but she had no idea just how shocked she’d be. For Dara …


New Snapchat and Instagram milestones reflect their different strategies

Two tech milestones reported Tuesday show how drastically different the strategies are for Snapchat and its rival Instagram, which has been putting a …

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Snapchat reportedly paid over $250 million for an app that lets you track your friends

Snap recently snapped up mapping app maker Zenly in what was likely one of its largest acquisitions ever, TechCrunch reported Wednesday.<p>And it looks like Snapchat's parent company is already using Zenly's technology.<p>Snap Inc., bought Zenly for somewhere between $250 million to $350 million, …


Instagram Live videos can now be saved for playback for 24 hours

Why it matters to you<p>The ephemerality of Instagram Live videos was once its differentiating factor, but now, Instagram is making these videos last a …


Snap adds Snap Map to Snapchat, offering global view of friends' locations in Bitmoji form

Instagram is still clobbering Snapchat, and it's worse than we thought

Instagram Stories is still eating Snapchat alive, and we have fresh data to prove it.<p>Instagram's Stories now have 250 million daily active users, up from 200 million in April, according to the company. At the same time, engagement with Snapchat Stories declined 50 percent in June compared with the …


Instagram Stories hits 250M daily users; Snap -2.9%

Just two months after rushing to the 200M-user mark and passing Snapchat (NYSE:SNAP) in daily users, Instagram Stories (NASDAQ:FB) now says it's hit …


Welcome to Three-Minute TV; Snapchat Plans a Lineup of New Shows

If you are an on-the-go urban millennial who demands premium content across various platforms in order to be engaged, especially platforms which make …

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In Case It Wasn't Already Obvious, Instagram Is Crushing Snapchat

Back in March we posed the question of which social media platform has the best story feature. That question has now soundly been answered by the …