This British Startup Wants to Make Vaping Look Less Dorky

Vape pens have already started putting a dent in the number of people that smoke cigarettes each day, and now one company hopes that its new vape pen …

Lawyer who took on tobacco industry turns to opioids fight

Mike Moore calls himself a "country lawyer from Mississippi." Don't believe it


Report calls on Ontario to raise age to buy cigarettes to 21, hike taxes

TORONTO -- A government-commissioned report is calling on Ontario to raise taxes on cigarettes, ban anyone under 21 from buying them and impose a …


Auckland smoking ban at footpath dining areas deemed 'unfair targeting'

More than 800 Auckland restaurants have two weeks to ensure their footpath dining areas are smokefree.

New Zealand News

Study estimates the scale and growth potential of heat-not-burn cigarettes

Heat-not-burn products are taking off in markets they’ve been introduced into around the world [and] there is also clearly a demand for “safer” …

Stanford University

Smoking to be stubbed out on Thai beaches

Author: AFPID: 1508238268982878600Tue, 2017-10-17 10:43BANGKOK: Smokers who flout a smoking ban on 20 of Thailand’s most famous tourist beaches will …


Why Do People with Mental Health Illnesses Smoke so Much?

The overall rate of cigarette smoking among adults has been falling steadily since the 1960s, but people with mental illnesses have been left …

Mental Disorders

Could Opioid Lawsuit Against Pharma Lead To Tobacco-Like Court Settlement?

<b>Follow KDKA-TV</b>: Facebook | TwitterPITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Opioids and tobacco do share some things in common.“Relaxation, pleasurable feelings, stress …


Filters: a cigarette engineering hoax that harms both smokers and the environment

Cigarette filters were initially introduced by the tobacco industry in the 1960s to make cigarettes “safer”. But we now know they provide no safety, …

Public Health

Smoking ban in people's private homes is a step too far – but we must educate on dangers to kids' health

This Big Brother legislation on lighting up would take the power of the state into living rooms.<p>The ban on smoking in public places has benefited the …

Children's Hospital

British e-cigarette advocate urges Australian government to lift ban and save lives

Legalising e-cigarettes in Australia could make smoking obsolete and save lives, a British electronic cigarette advocate is poised to tell a …

David Leyonhjelm

Woman Punches Fellow Subway Rider For Complaining About E-Cig

Electronic cigarette smokers sometimes explode, too. [ more › ]

New York City

Schumer calls for regulations on e-cigs to limit teen vaping

Sen. Chuck Schumer wants the feds to start regulating electronic cigarettes due to the growing number of teens using the devices.

Chuck Schumer

Electronic Cigarettes Are Harmful To Your Lungs – TrdPip

Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes are marketed as a potentially safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, according to a new study, they …


Prisoners can buy zombie drug Spice cheaper than cigarettes after smoking ban in jail

Prisoner's can buy zombie drug Spice cheaper than ­cigarettes after the smoking ban in jails made prices soar.<p>An ounce of tobacco selling at £11 on …

Mac smoking ban worthy of a totalitarian regime

On September 18, McMaster's Daily News announced that as of this coming Jan. 1 McMaster University will prohibit the use of tobacco and of oral …

Canadian News

Tobacco companies should advertise lethality of smoking, say health experts

US court order forcing tobacco giants to air ads detailing dangers of smoking from November, should be mirrored in Australia say anti-smoking advocates<p>Eminent public health experts have written to the Australian heads of tobacco companies calling on them to advertise the lethality of smoking, the …

Public Health

1: Proper Thermometer Probe Placement in Turkeys

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s all about food, and your turkey is what takes center stage. This post is the first in a series of five essential …


Vapers Digest 13th October

Friday’s News at a glance:<p>More official support from the UK, and California vape bans derail – Signage And The Anti-Vaping Status Quo – Consultation …

Public Health

Mr. Throat and Me

<i>Arnold Thomas Fanning |</i> Banshee <i>| Spring 2017 | 17 minutes (4,695 words)</i>I love to smoke.I think it’s important to state that right at the beginning so …


Virtual reality tool to help stop smoking

LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- We all hear about virtual reality and how its advancing gaming. It's also becoming a premier tool in the medical field.<p>In …

Virtual Reality

Thailand bans smoking on 20 of its most popular tourist beaches

Tourists could face a year in prison for smoking on Thailand's beaches once new legislation comes into effect next month.


Denver’s proposed 16th Street Mall smoking ban a means to discriminate, homeless advocates say

A proposal that would make the 16th Street Mall smoke-free isn’t about public health, opponents say, but about creating another means to push …


Heated, smokeless tobacco could surpass e-cigarettes, study finds

Cigarette smoking foes face a new challenge: tobacco products that are heated but not burned, according to a study led by a San Diego State …

Public Health

Ontario urged to impose sky-high taxes on smokes [Video]

A new anti-tobacco strategy calls for sky-high increases in taxes, a forced reduction in tobacco retailers, a minimum purchase age of 21 and a ban on …

Canadian News

The House of Lords just debated smoking on Love Island and it was most enlightening

Sexy young men and women smoking on shows like Love Island encourage teenage viewers to take up the habit, peers were warned today<p>Lib Dem Lord Storey …

Love Island

FDA: Ban on free tobacco samples includes e-cigs

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalized guidance Wednesday to make clear that it's ban on free samples of tobacco products includes …

Public Health

Science Explains How Smoke Rings Happen and Why You Can't Do One

Don't exhale. Less tongue. Your mouth is now a vortex cannon.<p>By on<p>Face it: All your coolest friends are really good at vape tricks, and you can’t …

Tobacco Industry Targets African Markets

Vanguard, 29 September 2017<p>The World Health Organization on Thursday rejected an anti-smoking foundation endorsed by tobacco giant Philip Morris. …


Can Altria Actually Win by Attacking Cigarettes?

A lawsuit 20 years ago likely never envisioned the new industry environment.<p>For decades, <b>Altria Group</b> (NYSE:MO) has relied on the success of its …