A Deadly Dog Virus Has Infected the World's Most Endangered Big Cat

Canine distemper virus (CDV) causes a serious illness that can threaten the lives of our beloved dogs, so many pet owners take care to vaccinate …


Russian Orthodox Christians celebrate the Epiphany

A goose attacks an Orthodox believer as he leaves the icy waters of a pond during the celebration of the Orthodox Epiphany holiday in Kiev on 19 …

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30 Top Adventure Trips to Take Before Turning 30

Bookmark these action-packed itineraries.<p>Exploring far-flung places, immersing yourself in diverse cultures and venturing out of your comfort zone on …


Thermometers fail in freezing Siberia - BBC Weather

Minus 62C was recorded in Oymyakon, in the Russian region of Yakutia, before thermometers broke. Chris Fawkes explains what's causing the deep freeze

As temperatures sink to -60C in Yakutia, heroic Chinese tourists take a swim!

Chinese tourists decided to take a dip in temperatures believed to be below -60C. Picture: YakutiaMedia<p>Never mind how cold it gets, life goes on as …

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Watch a Baby Duck Try His First Flight on New Nat Geo Wild Show (Video)

TCA 2018: “America’s Wild Frontier” attempt is… unsuccessful<p>Wanna watch a duckling attempt his first flight? Of course you do — it’s Friday.<p>TheWrap‘s …


Possible Scythian Tomb Found in Siberia

BERN, SWITZERLAND—<i>Newsweek</i> reports that an undisturbed kurgan thought to hold the tomb of a Scythian prince has been found in southern Siberia by …


10 Amazing Ancient Businesses Discovered By Archaeologists

Too many times, the idea floats that commerce in the past wasn’t as interesting as it is today. Archaeologists beg to differ. There’s nothing like …


The 60 greatest train journeys on Earth

The best train journey I’ve ever done? Tricky. In terms of sheer pinch-me-is-this-for-real wow-factor, it has to be the Trans-Mongolian, a journey of truly epic proportions. In my case it involved four days of travelling between Moscow and Lake Baikal on the traditional Trans-Siberian before …


The best train journeys in Europe for 2018

Our rail experts offer a guide to the best rail journeys in Europe for 2018.<p>1. Eurostar, London to Amsterdam<p>It’s the biggest Eurostar news for a decade. From spring 2018 direct trains will zip from London St Pancras to Rotterdam in just over three hours, plus Amsterdam in around four. The speedy …


Remains of Extinct 'Cave Lion' Predator Discovered in Siberian Coal Mine

Coal miners in Siberia may have found the remains of a long-extinct Ice Age predator that is thought to be a distant ancestor of the lion.<p>The KRU …

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Best adventure vacations for 2018

<b>(CNN) —</b> Precious vacation shouldn't be squandered on revisiting the same old destinations and doing the same old things.<p>Instead, Instead, fill days off in 2018 with new, exciting travel experiences on one of these adventure vacations.<p>Here are 12 of the best for 2018:<p>Sailing for non-sailors in the …


A land of endless wonders and achievements: Why is Russia so awesome? - Russia Beyond

<b>Lake Baikal</b><p>Russia is vast, and so are its treasures. Lake Baikal, for example, is the largest freshwater lake in the world.<p><b>Diamonds</b><p>Oil is a major export, but Russia is also the global leader in diamond production. In 2016, the country produced 30 percent of all diamonds in the world.<p><b>Valley of</b> …


Stories you may have missed this week

This week, countries across the world welcomed a new year, anti-government protests broke out in one Asian country, and a tweet from US President Donald Trump sparked angry scenes in another.<p>Can you identify what happened in the video above?<p>Scroll down to find out the answers. You can click on the …

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China land grab on Lake Baikal raises Russian ire

A sleepy tourist town on the shores of Siberia’s Lake Baikal has become an unlikely lightning rod among Russian nationalists after Chinese investors …


A Previously Unknown Group of Ancient Native Americans Was Just Revealed

W hen scientists recently sequenced the genome of a six-week-old infant girl who lived 11,500 years ago at an Alaskan site now called Upward Sun …


Russia shoe factory fire leaves workers dead

A fire at a shoe factory in Siberia has left at least 10 people dead, including seven Chinese migrant workers.<p>It happened in a village in Russia's Novosibirsk region on Thursday.


Where to go in 2018

1: South Africa<p><b>Why it’s hot:</b> Remembering Nelson Mandela in the Eastern Cape<p>A century ago, the man who went on to change the face of modern South …


Rare tomb of Scythian prince discovered in Siberia

Archaeologists working in Siberia have discovered an undisturbed ancient kurgan—a tomb of a Scythian prince. The tomb appears to be both the oldest …

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Where are you going in 2018? These destinations may inspire you

Should Russia’s Lake Baikal be one of your 2018 dream destinations? Perhaps. Business Insider magazine polled travel experts and came up with a breathtaking list of 25 must-see places in the new year.<p>Here are some of the magazine’s recommendations made by sources from Lonely Planet writers to …


Wild swans migrate to N China's Shanxi from Siberia

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Best of 2017

Young people will laugh incredulously when you tell them that once upon a time, there was only one television channel in Britain. Now we've lost …


Does Pure Water Exist?

It seems like so-called pure water is very important to people. Bottled-spring-water brands put the word "pure" before "fresh" and "clean" in their …


Uncle Sam as Santa Claus: Wasteful spending under the tree

While parents were busy buying gifts for their children earlier this month, the office of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., was hard at work figuring out what …

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Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia

Discoveries of ancient tombs have unearthed a wealth of Scythian treasures. Amazingly preserved in the permafrost, clothes and fabrics, food and …


Bruins’ Anton Khudobin has warm feelings about Siberia

His parents gave up everything so the Boston goalie could make the journey from northern Kazakhstan to the NHL.

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Fashion houses find winning recipe for high jewellery collections | Style Magazine | South China Morning Post

The striking use of pearls in haute joaillerie by international design houses celebrates this mystical creation of nature. All shapes, sizes and hues …


Goodbye Russia: A generation packs its bags

<b>Russia's leading environmental activist is one of more than a million people - many of them young and well-educated - who have packed their bags and left the country in recent years, writes the BBC's Lucy Ash. Russian even has a word for the phenomenon, "poravalism".</b><p>"Do I feel homesick?" says …


Da! Da! Da! 7 unique Russian adventures you’ll want to book right now

1: Explore Russia’s cultural heartland<p>Head straight into the heart of Russian history and culture on this nine-day adventure through the country’s …


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In December 2014, the publisher Scientific Research issued a retraction notice for a paper that had appeared in its journal Health with the anodyne …

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