Favorite Gear MIA from 2018 SHOT Show

<i>Image courtesy BSF Barrels</i><p>While industry innovation and trends change year after year, the comments from my envious friends do not, who consistently …


[Watch] SHOT Show 2018: Remington Custom Shop

RECOILtv All Access SHOT Show 2018: Remington Custom Shop Remington’s Custom Shop has long been renown for their attention to detail and …


SHOT Show 2018: Archon Type B 9 mm Pistol

On the outside, the Archon Firearms Type B striker fired 9 mm pistol (formerly known as the Arsenal Firearms Stryk B) looks a good deal like other …

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Leaper's/UTG Brings New Products to SHOT Show 2018

Leaper’s/UTG has come a LONG way since the days of airsoft parts and accessories. From their versatile handguards to their after-market stocks, the …

A Millennial Shares Memories of SHOT Show 2018

I am Cassie Todd-Jameson, Cheryl Todd’s (aka “The Flame’s”) daughter, and I am taking over her column this month to give my Millennial perspective of …

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Tactical-Life’s Top 5 Guns & Products from SHOT Show 2018

SHOT Show 2018 served as quite the stage for a lot of innovative and refined shooting sports and outdoor items in Las Vegas. While there were …

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Sheriff Jim's Picks from SHOT Show 2018

With SHOT Show 2018 in the rearview, Sheriff Jim talks about overall trends and particular products to tune into for the upcoming year.


As Promised, a SHOT Show Report

I’m back from Vegas and the 40th Annual SHOT Show and I didn’t even get sick. Shaking hands with hundreds of people each day and breathing that same …

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SHOT Show: Things That Made Us Say “Huh?”

Coverage of SHOT Show wouldn’t be complete without a rundown of some of the odder things we saw on the show floor. The sorts of products that make …

New .224 Valkyrie Cartridge Debuts at 2018 SHOT Show

Easily one of the most hotly debated and talked about cartridges during SHOT Show, the .224 Valkyrie made its official debut in the deserts of Las …


SHOT Show 2018: White River Knife & Tool Camp Cleaver

White River Knife & Tool of Coopersville, Mich., is now offering a new handy, all-around fixed blade camp knife called the Camp Clever.


[SHOT Show] Cool Stuff from the Cutting Room Floor

There was literally so much stuff at SHOT Show that, even with the floor divided up among our team, plenty of cool products only got glimpsed in …

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Questions and Answers from SHOT Show 2018

“Being of the old school—the very old school—I wish to warn youthful readers against putting their faith in ‘gun writers.’ These people have a right …

Ithaca leaked a pair of shorty non-NFA shotties at SHOT Show (PHOTOS)

While the Ithaca Model 37 trench gun at the top seems fairly standard, the two pumps below are new and not in the company’s catalog. (<i>Photos: Chris</i> …

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SHOT Show 2018: Ruger EC9s

Ruger economized its popular LC9s pistol platform to produce the new-for-2018 EC9s, an affordable concealed-carry option for anyone.


SHOT Show 2018: Brownells Retro AR-15 and AR-10 Rifles

For the first time in Brownells history, the company is manufacturing complete guns of it's own in addition to selling tools, components and firearms …


Bob Bigando shows us what he liked best at SHOT Show 2018 (VIDEO)

Big gun expert Bob Bigando shows us what he liked best at SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas. His business focus is more on the unusual aspects of the …

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SHOT Show 2018: Cimarron 1862 Colt Pocket .380 ACP Conversion Revolver

Last year, Cimarron Firearms gave some folks a sneak peek at an 1862 Colt Pocket .380 ACP Conversion revolver that was still in the prototype phase.


FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistol: SHOT Show Quick Look

What’s more fun than shooting steel targets? How about shooting steel targets with a pistol from 100 (or more) yards away? That’s exactly where the …

S&W's New PC Model 686 with Speed Release: SHOT Show Quick Look

New for this year, Smith & Wesson has updated it's popular Model 686 revolver, replacing the typical cylinder release with a large lever with a …

Smith & Wesson

SHOT Show 18 – Mayflower Jungle Ultralight Chest Rig

This is Mayflower’s new Jungle Ultralight Chest Rig features Trilor Grid, which is stronger than standard laser cut PALS slots due to its shape. It …

Savage 110 Scout Rifle with Accufit Stock: SHOT Show Quick Look

I’ve always had a thing for scout rifles. These bolt-action rifles are designed to be light and handy. They have a scope mount area, usually a rail …

SHOT Show 2018: Day Three Floor Finds

On the last day of SHOT Show 2018, five more floor finds jumped out at SI staff. Here's a quick overview of these stand-out products.


Hudson Mfg H9A Pistol: SHOT Show Quick Look

Last year, Hudson Manufacturing made a big splash with the introduction of its revolutionary H9 pistol and its innovative design that moved the …

SHOT Show Gallery Four

RECOIL got a ton of footage during SHOT Show, we’re continuing to go through pictures and will upload more as we go. Here’s the link to the first …

Lyman's New Auto-Advance Target System: SHOT Show Quick Look

Lyman had its new Auto-Advance Target System on display at it's SHOT Show booth, and the advatages of such a setup are immediately apparent to anyone …

Let No Good Deed Go Unpunished

This young lady is named Rochelle Hathaway. She was interviewed for a Glamour magazine article which asked women attendees of last week’s SHOT Show …

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SHOT Show 2018: Bushnell's New Tac Optics Red Dot Sights

At just 2.5" long and weighing in at just 8 oz., the LIL P(rism) is one of the most compact models available.


AMTAC's New Mantis Suppressor: SHOT Show Quick Look

I met the folks from AMTAC at SHOT Show one or two years ago. They machine suppressors out of huge hunks of steel instead of casting and welding …

SHOT Show 2018: STI International Hawk 5.0 2011 Pistol

Thanks to it's double-stack magazine grip frame and durable design, the 2011 forms the foundation of some of the company's most expensive custom …