Short Films

Dancers & Choreographers: 'Principal Dancer'

Casting "Principal Dancer," a short film based on Will, an Asian-American male ballet dancer, who is making his way to a potentially life changing …


Uncharted Short Film Stars Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake

If you've ever doubted that Nathan Fillion was born to play Nathan Drake, then just take a look at this short film that Fillion starred in that sees …

Nathan Drake

Short Films: 'Churros'

Casting "Churros," a dramatic short film. Synopsis: Jo-Jo, a 13 year-old Mexican-American boy, lives with his street vendor single mother and little …

Short Films

Multimedia: True Inception Entertainment Films

Seeking talent for a series of short film projects. Production states: "The projects will be for my YouTube channel and will be entered into future …


Short Films: 'Flick'

Casting "Flick," an original short film following a day in the life of a young man steeping in his own drug addiction while coping with the loss of a …

Short Films

Short Films: 'Mountain Men'

Casting "Mountain Men", an original short film. Synopsis: After a global crisis wipes out the electrical grid, it's every man for themselves. A man …

Electrical Grid

Student Films: 'Flowers'

Casting a high school student's short film. Synopsis: The project is an LBGTQ+ film about two girls; they meet in preschool and one girl falls in …

High School

Watch "The Frog," a deeply weird short film from 1908

Spanish film director and cinematographer Segundo Chomón (1871-1929) was a pioneer of movie special effects, camera tricks, and optical illusions at …


Bentley Motors celebrates 100th anniversary with short film depicting its history- Technology News, Firstpost

The story of Bentley Motors enters its centenary this month. And to celebrate its entry into the 100th year, Bentley has released a short film titled …

Bentley Motors

Short Films: 'Ace'

Casting "Ace," a short film. Synopsis: Marred by a rundown world of an alcoholic stepfather and a pill-popping mother, a six year old boy finds …

Short Films

Student Films: 'House Arrest'

Casting “House Arrest,” a student film. Project description: "This is a short film that takes place in a nonspecific Middle Eastern country, just …

Short Films

Short Films: 'Justin Time'

Casting Indian/South Asian actors in "Justin Time," a short film. Project description: "About paperboy Leslie James, who is on a mission to finish …

Short Films

Short Films: 'Coming Out'

Casting "Coming Out," a political satire short film. Based on the life of a conflicted young man living in Los Angeles during the Trump …

Los Angeles

Short Films: Katherine Ohara Short Film

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Career Development

Virgil Abloh-Approved Producer Brodinski Unveils Short Film for “Split”

Parisian artist Brodinski has already had the pleasure of working with some of rap’s biggest names including Kanye West, Danny Brown and 21 Savage. …

21 Savage

Short Films: 'Virtually Happy'

Casting principal roles for 'Virtually Happy," a short film. Synopsis: A vibrant young woman accidentally dies taking a selfie on virtually the best …

Short Films

Short Films: 'A Beginners Mask'

Casting "A Beginners Mask," a short film. Synopsis: A cheerful, musically inclined boy is frantically sent to live with his convert Orthodox Muslim …

Short Films

Short Films: 'Paper'

Casting a short film. Synopsis: A grade school student has a curiously strong attachment to her art class' papier-mâché dolls. Production states: …


Short Films: 'Formatting'

Casting a hybrid project based on a short film. Synopsis: A science fiction story that happens in two different worlds, the real world and 'easy …

Short Films

Student Films: 'Kleptomaniac'

Casting "Kleptomaniac," a short film produced by London University of the Arts. Crew members are graduate students from London College of …

College & University

Short Films: 'Don't Blame Jack' (Northwest Actors)

Mental Health

Sonu Nigam: Acting not my goal

As he returns to face the camera after 14 years with short film, Sonu Nigam on why he hasn't pursued the art for long<p>Sonu Nigam

Indian Pop

Short Films: 'Two Words'

Casting "Two Words," a short film. Synopsis: A couple competes on a public access game show as a rowdy audience heckle them while they struggle to …

Short Films

Short Films: Pacific Northwest Vignettes Short Film

Casting a short film. Project description: "This short follows best friends dealing with the issues involved with high rent (close quarters, …

Pacific Northwest

Short Films: 'Dope Beat'

Casting "Dope Beat," a short film. Synopsis: An aspiring musician takes up selling drugs to fund his hopes and dreams, but gets in too deep with his …


Student Films: 'Judith'

Casting "Judith," an ArtCenter College of Design graduate student short film. Production states: "We are going to shoot this with a cell phone. We've …

College & University

Short Films: 'The Ultimate Spider-Man Short Film/Music Video'

Casting "'The Ultimate Spider-Man Short Film/Music Video," Some characters may return. Film is based on the comic books.

Music Videos

Taapsee Pannu received the Best Actress award for her short film 'Nitishastra'

Nitishastra, produced by Large Short Films, starring Tapsee Pannu and Vicky Arora has received appreciation from one and all. Directed by Kapil …

Entertainment (India)

Kate NV's Surreal Short Film Captures 'The Beauty In Simple Things'

There is not only love in a dedication, but an understanding of what it means to love that person or place or thing. Single songs and entire books are dedicated to lovers and family and enemies, and all that comes with them. The Russian electronic musician Kate NV's new album is simply titled <i>для …


Years & Years Drop New Short Film for 'Palo Santo'

8 hours ago<p>After releasing their second album, Years & Years continues their breakout year in the U.S.! To celebrate the release of their new album</i> …

New Albums