Sebastian Gorka

Rising: August 17, 2018

<i>16 hours 21 min</i> ago<p>Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka on Thursday claimed that the comments President Trump made in which he called Mexican …

Donald Trump

Sebastian Gorka, Scourge Of ‘The Swamp’, Cashes Out

It’s been almost a year since off-brand James Bond supervillain Sebastian Gorka was fired or resigned (definitely fired) from his ill-defined job in …

Donald Trump

Sebastian Gorka’s Back With A New Title At Fox News

Despite his two recent Fox News controversies, former White House official Sebastian Gorka blithely returned to the station Tuesday night.<p>Gorka, the …

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Former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka has been handing out fake Fox News business cards

When you are a Nazi collaborator/apologist who managed to ride the reactionary racist wave of “economic anxiety” all the way to the White House, it’s …

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Sebastian Gorka Is Giving Out Fake Fox News Business Cards

Our favorite Nazi-linked Hungarian and former Trump staffer Sebastian Gorka has apparently been handing out fake Fox News business cards. A …

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Omarosa is following in the footsteps of Michael Wolff: Sebastian Gorka

Michael Wolff

Sebastian Gorka: The Establishment Media Aren’t Journalists, They’re ‘Political Activists’

8:19 AM 08/10/2018<p>Former Trump Administration official Sebastian Gorka called out the establishment news media for their ‘political activist’ nature …

Conservative View

Trump legal team drafting letter about 'reluctance' to answer obstruction questions

President Trump’s legal team said Monday they are preparing to send special counsel Robert Mueller a letter that would largely turn down a meeting that would include any “questions related to obstruction of justice,” sources told Fox News.<p>Trump attorneys are expected to send their response to …

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Sebastian Gorka facing 'soft ban' at Fox News: Report

Former Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka is “banned” from certain Fox News shows, The Daily Beast reported Monday.<p>The report points …

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Fox News’ ‘Hard News’ Shows Have a ‘Ban’ on Sebastian Gorka

The firebrand former Trump aide’s Fox appearances highlight the rift between Fox’s unabashed pro-Trump opinion programming and its hard-news division.<p>…

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Sebastian Gorka Has A Message For Socialist-Loving 'Lunatics' -- 'This System Crushes Human Souls'

"There is no equality under socialism, it's a lie."

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Judge Pirro And Sebastian Gorka LAUGH At Obama Econ Advisor Who Isn’t Happy With The Economy

2:43 AM 08/04/2018<p>Judge Pirro and Sebastian Gorka laughed at a former Obama economic advisor who was not pleased with the recent economic numbers on …

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Sebastian Gorka Sides With Sean Hannity, Calls CNN’s Jim Acosta a ‘Little Baby’

1:53 AM 08/03/2018<p>WATCH:<p>Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka told The Daily Caller during a Facebook Live interview on Thursday that he agrees …

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Lou Dobbs calls Mueller investigation “an ideologically inspired jihad”

TOM DUPREE: My sense is that the president knows that even if he doesn't have a legal argument that would warrant Mueller's disqualification, that is …

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Trump is prepared to test Congress over immigration reform: Sebastian Gorka

Immigration Reform

Sebastian Gorka: Trump understands how fragile Iran is

Sebastian Gorka

Hungarian Police Have A Warrant Out For Former Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka

Mary Calvert / Reuters<p>Former Trump White House staffer Sebastian Gorka has an active warrant out for his arrest in Hungary, according to the …

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Gorka: Why Didn't The Left Care About Russian Intervention For Past 70 Years?

Sebastian Gorka follows Mark Levin on Tuesday's <i>Hannity</i> and said the left only cares about Russian meddling because Trump won the presidential …

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Sebastian Gorka's pathetic defense of Trump's press conference with Putin: "He's just a human being"

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): Today, obviously, it's the trend everywhere. Optics-wise, how do you think this has been for President Donald Trump? Good, …

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Sebastian Gorka criticizes Obama’s speech in South Africa

South Africa

Dr. Sebastian Gorka sounds off about the Helsinki hysteria


Miranda Live: The latest boat intercept and major visa scam

How big is too big? Has Australia’s immigration system become a joke? Is it time for the government to put the brakes on once and for all? Tune in …

Vladimir Putin

Full interview: Sebastian Gorka talks about Trump and Putin

<i>1 week 20 hours</i> ago<p><i>11 hours 55 min</i> ago<p>Former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) acting Director John Sandweg emphasized in an interview …

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Sebastian Gorka slams liberal media's conspiracy theories

Liberal Media

Fox's Sebastian Gorka speaks directly to Bill Shine on Hannity, says "I just want to make sure the White House is listening"

Gorka: "I just want to make sure the White House is listening. Bill Shine, this is going to be a very important communications message, because this …

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka defends Trump’s travel ban

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American leadership is back: Sebastian Gorka

Sebastian Gorka

EU slaps new tariffs on US goods

Fox News national security strategist Sebastian Gorka discusses how the European Union imposed new tariffs on U.S. goods in response to the Trump …

Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

Sebastian Gorka on Angela Merkel's border policies

Angela Merkel

Sebastian Gorka: IG report is 560-page cover-up

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