Scottish Highlands

World's rarest kittens rescued in the Scottish highlands

A pair of wildcat kittens have been rescued in Scotland, sparking fresh hope for the endangered species.<p>The orphaned felines were discovered in the …


‘Priceless’ pair of endangered wildcat kittens rescued in Scottish Highlands

Two “priceless” wildcat kittens have been rescued by conservationists after being discovered near a road in the Scottish Highlands, with their mother …


Expert Sleepers Limited Edition Disting mk4

To celebrate Expert Sleepers recent move to Scotland and their distribution partnership with Rubadub they have announced a limited edition run of the …

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Lockheed chosen for UK's first spaceport

Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) is helping take Britain into the commercial space age after claiming government grants totaling £23.5M to launch small …


A 15th-Century Castle in the Scottish Highlands With its Own Pub and Tree House

Ackergill Tower is on the market for $5.1 million.<p>A spectacular 15th-century Scottish castle—with its very own pub and tree house—can be yours for …

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International Mountain Bike Conference returns to Scottish Highlands

The 2018 conference will be taking place in November at Aviemore<p>Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS) has partnered with Cairngorms …

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AirShip002 Airbnb In Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are majestic lands, situated above the Atlantic Ocean. The area, while scarcely populated by people, is instead populated by …


Idyllic home for sale in Scottish Highlands with breathtaking loch and mountain views

All for £325,000.<p><b>Lag na Feidh – translated as ‘Hollow of the Deer’ in English – is a cosy modern home situated on the shore of a beautiful loch in the Scottish Highlands.</b><p>The house is located in Unapool, close to the small fishing hamlet of Kylesku in Sutherland, and enjoys spectacular views of Loch …

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A Clear View of Scottish Highlands


Plan A Trip Through Europe And We'll Reveal Your Celebrity BFF

It's time to plan your holiday!


If You Plan A European Trip, We'll Give You A Celebrity BFF

It's time to plan your holiday!


Expert Sleepers and Rubadub team up on Eurorack module inspired by the Scottish highlands

<b>Bring a taste of the Scottish landscape to your modular synth.</b>Eurorack company Expert Sleepers has released a limited edition version of its popular …


Be Like Pablo Ask: ​'Do You Wanna Go Surfin?'

<b>Be Like Pablo</b> hail from the Scottish Highlands, and are responsible for a fine line in witty, infectious geek rock.<p>The band are currently working on …


A message from above?

<b>Highlights:</b> A stunning shaft of light, which resembles a brilliant angel, lit up the evening sky over the Scottish Highlands on June 14, 2018. The …

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Large fenced reserves an effective way to bring wolves back to Scotland

Research indicates that for wolves to be effective at directly reducing red deer numbers and allowing nature to recover in the Scottish Highlands …


Stunning! Could this be the real hand of God?

<b>Highlights:</b> A woman captured this jaw-dropping cloud formation, which looks strikingly like the hand of God reaching down from the sky to touch the …

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Katie Archibald column: Taking an impromptu hiatus in the Scottish Highlands

<b>A broken collarbone makes a late change to Katie's original holiday plans</b><p>I broke my collarbone a few weeks ago, clean in two. One end was visibly …

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55 - James' roadtrip to Glasgow, Edinburgh & the Scottish Highlands (plus Ireland's repeal the 8th)

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The Weird & Wonderful World of The Dudes of Hazzard

It's not all plain sailing in the Scottish Highlands – Ferg & Joe and Lachlan & Liam head to the dual slalom track to find out who is right and who …

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3 Reasons to Drop Everything and Book a Stay in a Scottish Highlands Hotel

Scotland is one of those rare countries in the world with landscapes so diverse you could travel for months and still not have seen it all!From the …


Travelogue: My Visit to the Scottish Highlands

One of my most memorable trips so far was the trip I took from Edinburgh to the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye. Even though it was a while …


7 of the best places to spot birds of prey in the UK

From golden eagles in the Scottish Highlands to peregrine falcons at Land's End, the UK has an amazing variety of birds of prey. Russell Barnett …

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Win a trip to the Scottish Highlands with Komoot

<b>Route planning and sharing app Komoot is on the look-out for new 'Pioneers' – and you could join them on a trip to the Scottish Highlands just by</b> …

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'Cloudless' view of the Highlands captured from space

<b>A stunning shot of the Scottish Highlands has been captured by the International Space Station.</b><p>Nasa said the image from around the end of February was notable for its lack of clouds, which hamper space photography, especially during Scottish winters.<p>The view shows snow-capped mountains north of …


A Clear View of Scottish Highlands : Image of the Day

Looking out from a window on the International Space Station, an astronaut captured this rare photograph of the Scottish Highlands. Cloud-covered …


Art dealers Iwan and Manuela Wirth to open hotel in Scottish highlands

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Stunning holiday home in Scottish Highlands is made entirely from STRAW - but it's seriously luxurious

If the Three Little Pigs taught us anything, it's to avoid houses made from straw - but we reckon if they'd seen this holiday home in the Scottish …

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An eco-friendly straw bale cottage in the Scottish Highlands could be your next weekend getaway

A unique new property aimed at environmentally-conscious travellers has been unveiled in the Scottish Highlands that sees guests staying in a stunning cottage that is as ecological as it is cosy.<p>Called the Jill Strawbale House, the cottage has been constructed using over 500 bales of straw and sits …


Tiny prefabricated cabin has a Scottish Highlands flavor

The Artist Bothy takes up a physical footprint of 5.5 x 3 m (18 x 9.84 ft) and comprises just 12.25 sq m (131 sq ft) of floorspace. Its interior is …