Some like it hot: tips for enjoying Finland's sauna culture

As winter approaches and the flakes start to fall thick and fast in northern climes, what better way to keep toasty than by stripping off and sweating it out in a little pine-clad room heated to 80°C, before taking a joyous leap into an icy lake just for the hell of it. Finland invented the sauna …


Bad Skin? Feeling Zonked? You Should Try An Infrared Sauna ASAP

Style<p>Hate sweat, love heat? This is for you!<p>From a steaming bubble bath to a frothy hot chocolate, there are countless ways to make yourself feel …


Why saunas are good for your health

November 14, 2017 5:00 AM<br>Things are hotting up in the world of sauna research. Previously, anecdotal claims of possible benefits were rarely backed …


My life in sex: ‘Many men visit gay saunas. Very few will tell you that they do’

The 64-year-old regular at a gay sauna<p>I first visited a gay sauna 25 years ago and have done so about once every six weeks since. I once heard such visits described as “holidays from morality”, but that has not been my experience. Only adults are admitted; all that happens is by mutual consent; no …


Outbuilding of the Week: A Floating Sauna on a Swedish Shore

Three hours north of Sweden in a lake district the locals call the Finnskogen (Finnish Forest), a freestanding sauna seems to float above the …


8 health benefits of saunas

As an authentic sauna arrives on the Southbank Centre's rooftop, Laura Hampson shows you why it's about time we adopted the Finnish way of living


An authentic Finnish sauna opens on the South Bank

Londoners dreading short days and cold nights will now be able to brighten their winters Nordic-style in the middle of the city.<p>A genuine Finnish …


Sauna in underground garage catches fire in CSL condo complex

A small fire broke out in the early hours of Thursday morning in a sauna in a large condo complex in Cote St-Luc.<p>The fire began at 1:50 a.m. in the …

NDG sauna fire forces evacuation of 2 apartment buildings

Montreal firefighters were called to a fire on Notre-Dame-de-Grâce’s Cavendish Street near Heywood around 1:50 a.m. Thursday morning.<p>The fire was …

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Winter Fun in Ruka

Skiing, ice climbing, hiking on Finland’s most popular backpacking trail, floating in an ice cold river, a Sauna made from ice and the most delicious …


This Floating Sauna in Sweden Is Relaxation Goals

From infrared to microwave, saunas are <i>like so hot right now</i><i>.</i> But when it comes to those good ol' cozy, healthful feelings, nothing does it quite like …


This Swedish Floating Sauna is Inspired by 'Lagom' and Japanese Minimalism

The Swedish concept of 'Lagom' has been fused with Japanese minimalism in this beautiful floating sauna in Åmot by Small Architecture Workshop.


Minimalist tiny sauna ‘floats’ above lake in Sweden

The space was designed for minimal environmental impact<p>It’s no giant golden egg, but this minimalist sauna in Åmot, Sweden, is still pretty sweet. The small sauna was commissioned by a bed and breakfast to offer a relaxing retreat without mucking up their pristine lakefront site. Milan-based firm …


Why Finland Has a National Day for Sweating it Out in the Sauna

Find out why Helsinki is offering free saunas for tourists on Sauna Day, when it will take place, and where you can go to get your free sauna visit.


Floating sauna with charred timber cladding boasts minimal site impact

When Milan-based Small Architecture Workshop was asked to design a tiny sauna for a bed and breakfast in Åmot, Sweden, they wanted to do so with …

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Helsinki’s Best Public Saunas: A Guide

Finnish culture revolves around the sauna. Historically, saunas were where Finns brewed their beer, washed their laundry and cured their hams; where babies were born, the sick were healed and the dead were prepared for burial.<p>Today, Finland has more than three million saunas for its 5.5 million …


Small Architecture Workshop's charred-timber sauna floats on a Swedish lake

Milan-based studio Small Architecture Workshop has built a sauna on a floating platform in Åmot, Sweden, which features a blackened-wood exterior and …


All of Helsinki's Saunas — Public and Private —Will Open to Visitors for One Day

Sure, it may only be October, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about exciting spring break destinations.<p>Next year, instead of …


Elegant and Modern Family Apartment Full of Charm and Warmth

This elegant project, with 1,399 square feet of space, was designed in 2017 by the firm ALLARTSDESIGN, led by designer Saranin Artemy, in the city of …

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Follow the Finns: Why we should all jump into a sauna

Finnish saunas 101

There’s almost one sauna per person in Finland, and sitting inside a refined sweat-box has become a national pastime. But don’t expect to find …


Using a sauna twice a week lowers our risk of infection, says study

It seems the Finns are on to something<p>A swim and a trip to the sauna are seen as a healthy way to relax and unwind, while doing your body some good. …


Going to a sauna twice a week cuts pneumonia risk, study finds

Sweating in a sauna at least twice a week could slash the risk of potentially deadly infections like pneumonia, research shows. Men who enjoyed sauna sessions on a regular basis were almost 30 per cent less likely to develop the life-threatening illness.<p>And four times a week or more cut the risk …


Saunas Have Quite a Few Surprising Health Benefits

This article originally appeared on Time. For more stories like this, visit<p>Spending time in the sauna may help lower your chances of …


Here’s How to Lower Your Blood Pressure—Without Diet or Exercise

There’s a new-and-improved way to lower your blood pressure—and you’ll hardly have to lift a finger. (But if you want to go above and beyond, these …


The Health Benefits of Saunas

Saunas are common in spas and are popping up in fitness centers across the United States. Most people find a sauna relaxing after a spa treatment or …


Sauna sweat seshes could keep your blood pressure low, science says

Heading to the sauna isn’t just a great way to detox or relax—it’s also an easy way to manage your blood pressure, says new research.<p>In the study, …


Regular sauna use could slash men's hypertension risk

Sauna bathing may be more than just a relaxing pastime; a new study finds that regular sauna use could almost halve men's risk of developing high …


This Chilly City is About to Get an Awesome Rooftop Sauna

As October begins, a lot of cities around the world are beginning to see their temperatures drop — London included. But the British capital needn't …


Vienna Open House: Resort-Like With Pool, Sauna

This Vienna home is an ideal place to unwind after work with a sauna and indoor pool.<p>VIENNA, VA—If you want a home that feels more like a getaway, …