Crescent Enceladus: Icy Saturn Moon Shines in Cassini Photo

Cassini may be gone, but the spacecraft's gorgeous photos will be with us forever, as a newly released shot of the Saturn moon Enceladus shows.<p>In the …


Look for the Moon, Saturn and Antares in the Sky Tonight

If the weather is clear in your area on Tuesday evening (Sept. 26), you’ll have an opportunity to see what probably are the two "most asked for" …


Astronomy Picture of the Week – Cassini’s Impact Site on Saturn

I know I’m late. I got about 30 minutes of sleep last night and I had work at 12pm, so… sorry. But at least I got it in on Wednesday this time! …


See Cassini's last look at Saturn's weird yin-yang moon

NASA's Cassini spacecraft vaporized itself in Saturn's atmosphere last week, but it leaves behind an incredible legacy of exploration. The space agency shared Cassini's last view of Saturn's moon Iapetus Monday.<p>Saturn has dozens of moons, but Iapetus is a standout thanks to its strange …


DEATH OF CASSINI: Saturn's Great Explorer Crashes Into Planet's Atmosphere

After 20 years of traveling across the solar system, exploring Saturn and its moons, and collecting over 600 gigabytes of data, the Cassini sp

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The Cassini Satellite Sent an Eerie Last Photo Before NASA Crashed It Into Saturn

After 13 years of studying Saturn and nearly 20 years since it first launched into space, NASA's Cassini satellite took a "death dive" into the upper …


Cassini’s Saturn discoveries led to space aircraft’s destruction

Cassini was launched in October 1997 and began orbiting Saturn in June 2004. The data it transmitted since then was invaluable to astronomers investigating the origins of Saturn, its rings and moons.<p>Cassini was launched in October 1997 and began orbiting Saturn in June 2004.<p>The data it transmitted …


The Cassini Satellite Just Crashed into Saturn's Surface.

NASA’s Cassini Satellite will be put out of commission on Sept. 15th and plunged onto Saturn’s surface to send us data about the planet’s atmosphere. …


NASA Officials Meet the End of Cassini’s Voyage With Applause, Tears - ASHARQ AL

London- US space agency NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will end its groundbreaking 13-year mission to Saturn on Friday with a meteor-like plunge into the …

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Cassini: Mission to Saturn: Resources

Cassini is one of the most ambitious efforts in planetary space exploration. A joint endeavour of NASA, ESA and the Italian space agency, Cassini is …

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These breathtaking images of Saturn were taken by Cassini as it crashed into the planet

These are the closest-ever images of Saturn.<p>They were taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft just days before it crashed into Saturn. The results are spectacular. Shortly after Cassini took its final image, it flew into Saturn's atmosphere where it burned up and disintegrated.<p>Cassini is now a part of …


See Cassini's last image before it died at Saturn

Cassini showed us worlds beyond our own. The NASA spacecraft's cameras saw propellers in the rings of Saturn, a snowman on an icy moon and their own home planet from far, far away. Early on Friday, Cassini plunged into Saturn's atmosphere, but it sent back one final image before its destruction.<p>The …


The best images taken by Cassini

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft mission has ended. After 13 years of exploration, one-of-a-kind snapshots of Saturn and its surroundings, and a giant …


Cassini spacecraft plunges into Saturn, ends 20-year mission

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is no more: It disintegrated in the skies above Saturn early Friday, following a remarkable journey of 20 …


There's a Mystery at Saturn's Poles — NOVA Next

Deep inside Saturn, buried under more than 10,000 miles of clouds, a sea of liquid hydrogen blisters and boils, racing with electricity that …


NASA crashes Cassini into Saturn

Cassini's mission has come to an end. The 20 year old satellite explored Saturn's atmosphere and its many moons. NASA retired the craft by crashing it into Saturn.


21 spectacular photos from Saturn: A photographic ode to Cassini

Earlier today, NASA's Cassini spacecraft ended its 20-year long mission by plunging into Saturn's atmosphere and incinerating itself. The probe, …


Cassini Signs Off After 13 Years of Running Rings Around Saturn - WSJ

NASA’s aging Cassini spacecraft plunged like a falling torch into the atmosphere of Saturn early Friday morning, ending in a blaze of burning plastic and molten aluminum its 13 years of exploration around the ringed planet.<p>At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., which manages mission …


Impact Site: Infrared Image

Photojournal: PIA21896<p>September 15, 2017<p>This montage of images, made from data obtained by Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer, shows …


Farewell: Cassini makes its final plunge to Saturn - Futurity

After 4.9 billion miles, NASA's Cassini spacecraft crashed into Saturn early this morning.

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In Pictures: Saturn as captured by Cassini over the years

IN PICTURES<p>© 2017 All rights reserved.<p>Advertisement<p>Quebec provincial police continue to search for a missing six-year-old boy, who is the subject of …

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Astronomers bid farewell to $3.9 billion Saturn spacecraft Cassini

Global astronomers bid farewell Friday to NASA's famed Cassini spacecraft, which launched 20 years ago to circle Saturn and transformed the way we …


Cassini 1997-2017: Voyage of endless discovery, hope for life in mysterious ocean over a billion km away

Written by Amitabha Ghosh |<p>Saturn, as seen by Cassini (NASA)<p>Akshay Kumar tweets THANK YOU to fans who celebrated his birthday by organising free …

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Good night, Saturn

Not long ago — a few nights after the solar eclipse, in fact — I was looking at Saturn.<p>I was in rural Wyoming, and the sky was a bit hazy, but it was …


Cassini will plunge into Saturn on Friday as NASA and the world watches: Live video

On Friday morning the Cassini spacecraft will turn its antennae towards earth one last time as it plunges into Saturn’s atmosphere and eventually …

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Fireball ending set for Saturn explorer Cassini after 20-year voyage

Now that is has used up almost every bit of its rocket propellant, the space agency said, operators will deliberately plunge Cassini into the planet …

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World to see Saturn via Canberra satellite Yahoo7 News

NASA's Cassini spacecraft will send its final images of Saturn to Canberra's space centre on Friday.<p>The stars have aligned for Canberra's deep space …

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Cassini's Mission at a Glance

August 28, 2017<p>This graphic summarizes Cassini's 13 years orbiting Saturn, with moon flybys grouped into columns for each phase of the mission. The …

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Final Titan Pass Sets Cassini On One-Way Trip Into Saturn

REGISTER FOR FREE ACCESS (Valid Email Required)<p>Register now for free access to "Final Titan Pass Sets Cassini On One-Way Trip Into Saturn" and other …


Cassini: Mission to Saturn: Latest Status

As Cassini makes its final approach to Saturn, this page will be updated with the latest mission status. For an updated timeline of planned mission …

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