FuzzHeavy Podcast - Episode 47 - Sasquatch

The FuzzHeavy Podcast, with host Marcus Greybeard!<br>Artist Spotlight: Sasquatch - My favorite tracks from each of their first 5 albums<br>(see tracklist …


An Encounter With Sasquatch On ‘SNL’ Goes Horribly Wrong For Sterling K. Brown And Friends

What secrets do you hold, Sasquatch? Humanity’s been fascinated by this allegedly mythical creature for decades (millions of stoners rerunning In Search of Bigfoot can’t be wrong!) and he’s even managed to make himself at home in our Christmas fare. <i>Saturday Night Live</i> had a Bigfoot sighting of …


Sasquatch finally found (on 'SNL')

Commentary: When the long-awaited meeting of Bigfoot and human occurs, it doesn't go well.<p><i>Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.</i><p>It's the legend that's kept on giving -- to scammers -- for decades.<p>Call it Bigfoot, call it Sasquatch, few surely …


Bigfoot Encounter in Northern Minnesota Captured on Video

A sasquatch walks around the house and yard. The dog goes after the bigfoot but runs back inside. After the animal leaves the property the family …


Scientist John Bindernagel spent decades stalking sasquatch

In 1963, John Bindernagel shared with his university class a magazine report about a tall, hairy creature said to populate the forests of North America. His biology professor and classmates dismissed his interest with a laugh.<p>In the ensuing years, Mr. Bindernagel became a respected scientist who …


Carmichael Lynch Launches ‘Runnin’ With Sasquatch’ Campaign for Jack Link’s Amidst Client Review

Earlier this month, Carmichael Lynch confirmed it was not participating in Jack Link’s creative review, conducted by agency search consulting firm …

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A Woman Is Convinced She Saw Bigfoot, So Now She's Suing California

Bold claims call for... evidence.


Bigfoot researchers in Canada and the U.S. have launched Sasquatch lawsuits

John LucasIt's not often that multiple Sasquatch-related stories pop up in the news, but Bigfoot is so hot right now.The Second Annual Bigfoot …


Woman Sues California For Not Recognizing Bigfoot As A Species

Bigfoot has been spotted hundreds of times over the years. It usually turns out to be some dude in a gorilla costume, or a bear. But occasionally, …


Honk if you've seen Bigfoot: Nebraska believers talk Sasquatch in Hastings

HASTINGS, Neb. — It took 47 years, but this weekend 63-year-old Marshall Garner stood up in public and told the story of when he and a buddy saw a …


B.C. government responds to Sasquatch lawsuit

The B.C. government has responded to a lawsuit filed by a sasquatch tracker who claims the province has “breached its stewardship responsibility” by …


Government responds to sasquatch lawsuit

The B.C. government has responded to a lawsuit filed by a sasquatch tracker who claims the province has “breached its stewardship responsibility” by …


B.C. rebuts lawsuit filed by sasquatch researcher


California Hiker Sues State to Recognize Sasquatch

A Crestline woman sued the state of California last month, saying the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Natural Resources Agency have been …


Bigfoot hunters sue state of California for denying existence of Sasquatch

The California fish and wildlife department's dismissal of Sasquatch, the lawsuit claims, has undermined Bigfoot researchers' "public image and …


Sasquatch! 2018 Lineup

The people behind the Pacific Northwest festival Sasquatch! have just announced the lineup for this year's show. The 2018 version of Sasquatch! goes …

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Sasquatch Country Challenge

We're not sure if Bigfoot exists. We are sure staying in an area known for sightings of the mythical beast sounds more exciting than your average …


Lawmaker wants Bigfoot made state symbol, pictured on license plates

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Sasquatch may or may not be roaming through the woods of Washington state right now, but a bill is trying to make Bigfoot one of the …

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Grab your monster hunting gear, cause Capcom is offering big money for evidence of cryptids

Calling all cryptozoologists! Grab your gear and get ready to go 'squatching, because Capcom is shelling out big bucks if you can provide evidence of …


Bigfoot may soon stomp across best license plate ever

It's a big hairy deal: Senator proposes a specialty plate honoring Sasquatch, calling him a Washington state native.<p>There are hundreds of specialty license plates out there. They honor colleges, sports teams, cultural groups and hobbies. They often raise money for worthy causes.<p>Pretty soon, …


Sasquatch may become specialty Washington license plate

Bigfoot may appear on Washington state license plates.<p>The Everett Herald reports state Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, has proposed specialty plates …


Sasquatch License Plate Would Help Fund WA State Parks

State Sen. Ann Rivers is back this year with another Sasquatch-related bill.<p>OLYMPIA, WA - Last year, state Sen. Ann Rivers tried (but ultimately …


Jack Link’s Sasquatch Rediscovers His Wild Side in Super Bowl Debut in Minneapolis

Aren’t there enough brawny, big-footed bruisers suiting up for the Super Bowl already? Apparently not, because Jack Link’s is putting Sasquatch in …

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Bigfoot Sightings 2018 - An Ongoing List of This Year's Evidence

<b>Bigfoot sightings are often dubious, but always entertaining. And sometimes, you’ll come upon a video or an account that really jumps out at you, and</b> …


A shirt that depicts Sasquatch as a bloodthirsty apex predator

San Francisco-based fashion brand Betabrand sent me an important email today. The subject line, "Sasquatch Conquers All!," immediately caught my …


A man is filing a lawsuit in B.C. asking the government to acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot

“Stand up Fish and Wildlife, and I will show you a Sasquatch.”<p>This is the challenge that Todd Standing, the director of the documentary Discovering …

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Alberta man part of California lawsuit to prove sasquatch is real: ‘We can’t lose’

An Alberta man is part of a group of people petitioning a California court to recognize the existence of the sasquatch.<p>A lawsuit was filed with the …


Wildlife Biologist and Sasquatch Researcher John Bindernagel Dies

A kind and gentle soul has passed away.



Genetic testing confirms the legendary Bigfoot is a human relative that arose some 15,000 years ago — at least according to a press release issued by …

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Beard Bro Beard-Shaping Tool

Keeping that beard trim and neat can be a full-time job. You trim and tidy things up and it looks good for a few days until you suddenly notice that …

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