Sandra Day O'Connor

What are your legal rights as a working parent? Resources and info you need. | Spawned Ep 101

Did you hear the one about the pregnant woman who wasn’t allowed to drink a glass of water on the job? If only this were an isolated story. That’s …

Billie Jean King

Before There Was Wonder Woman, There Was St. Brigid

An early Irish legend tells the story of a sermon that St. Patrick (yes, <i>that</i> St. Patrick) once gave that was so dull that one of his listeners fell …


2018 Top 300 MLB Draft Prospects (Updated March 1)

<i>Baseball America’s Top 300 prospects for the 2018 draft was compiled in consultation with scouts and evaluators from major league clubs.</i><p>With two …


Top 10 high school prospects for 2018 Draft

On Monday, a list of the Top 10 college prospects for the 2018 Draft was unveiled. Now it's time to take a look at the high school crop.<p>By all …

U.S. Supreme Court

Women in Business Q&A: Rachel Spiegelman, CEO, Pitch

Rachel has been leading at Pitch since the very beginning, when the advertising agency was launched in 2008. Now, as Pitch’s CEO, she is the living, breathing embodiment of the agency’s working philosophy that demands a ‘Return on Creativity’. Rachel has been instrumental in Pitch’s year-over-year …


Your Fave Heroic Actress Is Replacing Natalie Portman to Play RBG

The British actress will play the Supreme Court justice in 'On the Basis of Sex.'<p>Felicity Jones will star as Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a new biopic, <i>Variety</i> reports. The British actress is taking over from Natalie Portman, who has been attached to the project since 2015.<p><i>On the</i> …

Natalie Portman

Edward Gero Was Born to Play Antonin Scalia

As John Strand’s play about the late associate justice battling wits with a liberal clerk returns to the Washington stage, the actor who plays Scalia …

U.S. Politics

Circuit Court Nominees In The Trump Administration: The Latest News And Rumor (Part 1)

The John Minor Wisdom Courthouse in New Orleans, home of the Fifth Circuit (by Bobak Ha’Eri via Wikimedia).<p>I’m politically moderate, or maybe …


Draft Notes and Scouting Reports: Picks 25-40

Miniature Scouting Reports and Draft Notes on Angels draft selections, rounds 25-40.


TIME 100: The Most Influential People of 2017 |

U.S. Supreme Court

How Democrats Can Win in the West

HELENA, MONT. — I AM no fan of Neil Gorsuch or his legal theories, but his appointment to the Supreme Court raises a question that Democrats must answer. Justice Gorsuch is the first person from the Mountain States named to the court since Ronald Reagan chose Sandra Day O’Connor from Arizona in …


See the Childhood Artworks of Famous Artists, from Laurie Simmons to Olafur Eliasson


Here's How Frequently Women Supreme Court Justices Are Interrupted By Men

With just four of the 112 total justices who have served on the Supreme Court being women, it's clear that the judicial branch has long been a …

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

9 Things You Should Know About Neil Gorsuch and Supreme Court Confirmations

Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, is scheduled to start his confirmation …


Ruth Bader Ginsburg's workout routine puts ours to shame

Ruth Bader Ginsburg may only be 5"1', but the 84-year-old (and oldest) Supreme Court Justice has a workout routine that puts ours to shame. It's all thanks to her personal trainer Bryant Johnson, a man Ginsburg jokingly called "the most important person" in her life. Don't let that fool you though, …

U.S. Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch Is A Charming Man. But Steve Bannon's Pick Will Destroy America As We Know It

Steve Bannon did a great job picking Neil Gorsuch.<p>He’s handsome. He’s well spoken. Has a stellar CV. Was confirmed by a unanimous vote for his current job. And we’re going to hear lots of people say awesome things about him during his confirmation hearings.<p>But Neil Gorsuch is a “wolf in sheep’s …

Neil Gorsuch

Avoid, Sidestep, Retreat: Justices’ Advice on Confirmation Tactics

WASHINGTON — As Judge Neil M. Gorsuch prepares for his Supreme Court confirmation hearing, which starts Monday, he might want to review advice, reflections and criticism from former nominees who successfully navigated the process.<p><b>Roberts: Avoid Specifics but Demonstrate Mastery</b><p>In 1981, on his first …

U.S. Supreme Court

50 Women Who Made American Political History

Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Adverti …

U.S. Politics

15 notable firsts for women in history

Women's history is much more than chronicling a string of "firsts."<p>Female pioneers have long fought for equal rights and demanded to be treated equally as they chartered new territory in fields of science, art, politics, entrepreneurship and beyond.<p>But the pioneers who achieved those "first" titles …


21 women who shattered barriers and paved the way for future generations

There are thousands of women pushing boundaries and shattering glass ceilings everyday so that future generations won't have to worry that their dreams aren't achievable.<p>Each of these historic triumphs helped move the women's movement forward and they've inspired young children — of all genders! — …


Double Standard: 5x More Ideological Labels for Conservative Court Appointees than Liberal Nominees

Besides tit-for-tat vindictiveness aimed at punishing Republicans for their treatment of Obama Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland, the …

Conservative View

Battling over Neil Gorsuch is beside the point: The Supreme Court needs an institutional overhaul

President Trump nominated Neil M. Gorsuch as the next Supreme Court justice Tuesday, and Senate Democrats are already lined up to oppose the nomination. Despite the super-heated political rhetoric, the nomination of another conservative jurist to replace Justice Antonin Scalia won't move the …

Jonathan Turley

The path ahead for Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Here’s how the nominee for Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat could fit in with the justices on the bench.

Raymond Kethledge

What You Need To Know About The Secret Trump Dossier

An unverified memo alleges ties between Trump and Moscow. Trump strongly denies them. So does Russia. Facts, analysis, and more on this ongoing story.<p>Here are the things you need to know about the fallout from the dossier, published yesterday by BuzzFeed News, alleging that Donald J. Trump has deep …

World News

Inside Trump’s strategy to remodel the Supreme Court

The president-elect is narrowing his short list while his advisers look beyond the current opening.<p>Donald Trump has narrowed his short list for his first Supreme Court pick down to roughly a half-dozen finalists but the president-elect and his top advisers are already thinking about a second …

Donald Trump

Roberts praises lower court judges in annual SCOTUS report

<b>(CNN) —</b> Chief Justice John Roberts devoted his annual report on the state of the judiciary Saturday to the role of lower court judges who he called "selfless, patriotic and brave individuals."<p>"This is no job for impulsive, timid or inattentive souls," Roberts wrote in the report, which sheds light …


15 important jobs women have yet to hold in the US

Women have come a long way since they started joining the workforce in large numbers in the late 19th century, and since then there have been many historic firsts.<p>In law and politics, Annette Adams became the first female US attorney general in 1918. Rebecca Felton was sworn in as the first female …

U.S. Politics

Wind and Solar Costs Are Plummeting: Now What Do We Do?

New research shows renewables are now the cheapest available sources of electricity in many areas. This flips the question of clean-versus-cost on …

Renewable Energy

How similar are Trump and Reagan?

<b>Why? One huge reason:</b><p>divided government. The House of Representatives was in Democratic hands all eight years of his presidency; the Senate for the …

Republican Party

SCOTUS Gives Samsung a Victory Over Apple

U.S. Supreme Court