25,000 tons of Australian salt arrives

Twenty-five thousand tons of the total 75,000 tons of salt to be imported from Australia has started arriving on Thursday at Ciwandan Port in …


How Much Salt in Pasta Water Is Necessary When Cooking?

How Much Salt Does Your Water Really Need to Make the Best Pasta?<p>The saltier, the better.<p>I love pasta, but I've always struggled to make my pasta …

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Ross Reels Unveils Evolution R Salt

Expanding upon the success of the Ross Reels Evolution R, Ross has unveiled the new Evolution R Salt reel.From Ross Reels:“Fishing in the salt is a …

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20 genius uses for salt: Clean your appliances, remove stains and more


8 Facts That'll Make You Rethink Salt's Bad Rap

In the wake of the rise in high blood pressure and diabetes, it’s natural to look for the enemy. Because of that, salt has faced some serious …


How to Make Soleseife or Salt Water Soap

Soleseife or brine soap is becoming a popular product in the bath department but many shoppers are confused as to what it really is. This German soap …


Put Salt In Your Shampoo And This Will Happen! The Amazing Results Are Visible Even After The First Wash!

Salt can't miss in the kitchen, but there are others important roles of salt, this is one of …


Leaders Like Salt

<b>By Ananta Gauranga Das</b>When Alexander the Great lead his men through the Gedrosian Desert, the loss of life was colossal. He sent phalanxes of his …

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This is exactly how much salt you need in your diet

Plus, easy food swaps...<p>Current recommendations state that adults should eat <b>no more than 6g</b> of salt a day, but why does it matter?<p>Well, a diet high …


Recipe makeovers: 5 tips for healthier dishes

<b>Reduce the amount of fat, sugar and salt</b><p>You can often reduce the amount of fat, sugar and salt without sacrificing flavor in healthy recipes. Use …


Will Democrats Pound SALT?

After a humbling loss in Tuesday’s special election in Georgia, Democrats may be wondering if they ought to stop demonizing President Trump and instead work with him to kick-start economic growth.<p>An often overlooked but critical feature of Mr. Trump’s tax-reform proposal gives Democrats the perfect …


Salt and Pepper

Following on from last week’s post about things that could be used in the fourteenth century to add flavour to food, and a short discussion on …

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Simple and Easy Boiled Cabbage

Directions for boiled cabbage<p>Add about 1/2 inch of lightly salted water to a large skillet or Dutch oven; bring to a boil. Add cabbage wedges and …


Clearing Up the Confusion About Salt

We consumers may find ourselves all shook up when it comes to salt — unsure about how to absorb the latest research, which can seem to conflict. One …


Why Is Salt So Special?

Every living thing on Earth needs salt in order to survive. But for most modern humans, the problem is too much salt instead of not enough. Unlike …

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Salt & Stone has you covered this summer with their new sunscreen range

With all the warnings you hear about sunscreens being bad for you, it can be a bit difficult to wade through all the options to find something that's …


How Can You Inhale Himalayan Pink Salt And Cleanse Mucus, Bacteria And Toxins Off The Lungs?

This post was made by Elisha from My Health haven. She is passionate for educating people to be healthier. See her blog here.<p>There is a lot of info …

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Here's What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Too Much Salt

Salt makes pretty much everything taste better, so it's hard to resist the urge to put it on whatever meal is in front of you. Yet it feels like we're constantly being warned not to eat too much of it. So what is it that makes salt such a problem?<p>As this new <i>SciShow</i> video explains, the issue with …

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The fastest way to chill your beer

For an icy drink in under 10 minutes<p>You always forget to chill the booze. Somehow the burgers get prepped and the decorations get hung, but fifteen minutes before the cookout begins, you’re stuck with lukewarm beer.<p>Well, not anymore. Because if there’s one thing science can help us with, it’s …

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Has salt been given a bad name? This beloved seasoning may be healthier than we think

For more than 40 years, we've been told eating too much salt is killing us. Doctors say it's as bad for our health as smoking or not exercising, and …


Salt Chair

The compact footprint of the Salt Chair makes it a smart choice for cafés or just about anywhere you need to maximize seating. Unlike chairs that have widely splayed legs, a Salt Chair can be placed side by side with another without wasting space in between. Its lack of ornamentation and …

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Your Guide to Laeso - What to do and see while there!

<b><br>Laeso. The danish island that welcomes you with open arms (and a lot of salt). Take the ferry out to this gem and explore. Eat langoustine and watch</b> …


Why Do We Consume So Much Salt?

Hint: It's not coming from your salt shaker.<p>If you ask some people—present company included—a little salt makes everything better—except, of course, …


Why You Should Put Salt on Your Fruit

Sorry for blowing up your fruit life<p>Quick show of hands: Who here puts salt on fruit? Wow, huh—not that many. Maybe on a trip to Vietnam or Thailand …

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Salt Might Not Be As Bad As You Think It Is

Salt has long played the role of diet villain, but a series of new studies is writing a very different narrative for the maligned seasoning. The …


The single most important ingredient

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Sicilian Salt Mills

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4 ways to make food taste better without salt

Luckily reducing your salt intake isn’t that hard and doesn’t have to mean bland meals that bore your tastebuds. In this video you can learn about four ways to add flavor to your meals without sky-high sodium. Time


The single most important ingredient: Salt

Growing up, I thought salt belonged in a shaker at the table, and nowhere else.<p>I never added it to food, or saw Maman add it. When my aunt Ziba …

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London Dairy India assigns digital mandate to Salt Brand Solutions

London Dairy has been regularly reinforcing its premium position in India with innovations that are not only sensitive to the consumers’ discerning …