How to Become a Runner!

If you're anything like me then you were definitely not born a runner. I dreaded running that mile in PE class as a kid and admittedly endurance …


Guess how much this Barkley Marathons finisher ran on his birthday?

John Kelly, the only finisher of the 2017 Barkley Marathons, recently capped off a year by celebrating his birthday with a long run. Kelly, who is …


Battle Inflammation By Adding These 5 Foods To Your Diet

Photo by Justin McChesney-Wachs.We’ve all been there: We start seeing swelling and redness or feeling pain and heat after pushing through a niggle or …

Healthy Eating

Not Enough Money to Start a Business? Here's How to Get It

Many entrepreneurs turn to personal or business loans to fund their entrepreneurial ventures, but with only 20% of businesses surviving past their …

Small Business

Under Armour Shares Thanksgiving Statistics From 2016

In celebration of Thanksgiving, Under Armour is sharing data collected during the 2016 holiday concerning runners’ eating, exercising and sleeping …


American Thanksgiving day race sees heck of a sprint finish!

The Manchester Road Race went ahead today. While Americans prepped for their massive Thanksgiving dinners, two U.S. elites – Molly Huddle and Paul …

The menstruation app aiming to tackle sport's 'last taboo'

Hilary Clinton is on stage addressing the media, telling her audience she will take their questions when, mid-sentence, she yells: "Oh no, my period!"<p>…

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5 Fun Facts For Runners About Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving, readers! In celebration of the holiday and the delicious meal soon to be consumed, we’re sharing five fun facts about the animal …


FIRST LOOK: Hoka One One Cavu

Surviving The Holiday Season During Peak Training

For many runners, the peak fall racing season is over and the time has come to relax, enjoy some fun, easy miles and get into holiday mode.However, …


Too busy? This is how Laura Muir makes vet life and pro running both work

If you’ve used the “I’m too busy” excuse in the past day, week or couple of months, British athlete Laura Muir is about to put you to shame.<p>If anyone …


First Look: Hoka One One Tracer 2

Former UGA runner Christoforou wins Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon


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The workout that helped this runner trim 20 minutes off her marathon time

When Jess Movold moved to New York, she explored the city by running it. “I started with a 5K here and a 10K there, and then one day, I ran to …


Six lessons high school cross-country taught me that are still applicable today

A decade and some ago, I was a high school student in southwestern Ontario whose life revolved around her running. I spent class time daydreaming …


Running as a masters athlete episode one: How 800m intervals can make you faster

Don’t let your workout routines go stale. If your week is in need of a lift or a little restructuring, tune in to our new video series on running as …


This Cincinnati-Based Truck Driver Went From 300 Pounds to 45 Marathons

“I always knew I had to do something about my health because of family health issues,” he told <i>Runner’s World</i>. “I was getting close to 40, and I kept thinking about my father passing away at 41.”<p>His father passed away from a sudden heart attack and his mother passed away at 60 after struggling with …


Ridge Running in Switzerland

This ridge, in the Gantrisch Nature Park, is a trail runner's dream.<p>Trail Runner magazine November 22nd, 2017<p>The Gantrisch Nature Park is located …

Trail Running

Bernard Lagat to run marathon in 2019

<b>Bernard Lagat, photo by</b><b>B. Lagat plans marathon in 2019</b>MANCHESTER (USA): Former world 1500m and 5000m champion Bernard Lagat has said he …


News - Second-Place Portland Pilots Use Impromptu Meeting To Give Thanks

UP cross country runners share moment of thanks By Doug Binder, DyeStat Editor ...