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How to make Multiple Tabs in Javascript like Sublime Text has

Hi all I am trying to create multiple tabs in my Backbone/Rails app. The number of Tabs are going to be dynamic and there could be more tabs than can …

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How to change the default project that comes in the One Click App for Ruby on Rails image from DigitalOcean

I need to deploy my own app, I am using a image of Ruby on Rails One click app and I need to change the rails_project wich come by default by my own …

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I can not load styles to subpage in ruby ​on rails

I'm working on my project in ruby ​​on rails and I have a problem with loading styles into my subpage in ruby ​​on rails. I mean the job section. On …

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10 Ways to Screw up an IT Project with Technology Madness

Whether an IT project is of development, integration or transformation type, <b>Technology Selection</b> has always been a critical activity for it. It is …

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How do I remove ActiveRecord from an existing Rails 4 Application?

I started off a Ruby on Rails Project which includes a simple recommender system with ActiveRecord and Neography. Now I found out about neo4j.rb, …

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Modern Rails app boilerplate with React + TypeScript + Docker Compose

<b>Here is a just bootstrapped app built on Ruby on Rails + React.js + TypeScript + Docker Compose</b>: …

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What are the method arguments in some ruby on rails functions?

for example text_field on is documented text_field(object_name, method, options = …

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Learn to Write Code in Several Programming Languages - Technabob

Learning to write software doesn’t have to require an expensive tuition and years of schooling. With The Complete 2018 Learn to Code Bundle, you can …


PNG not found on Heroku / Ruby on Rails

PNG Files not loading after deploy on Heroku!I am deploying a project on Heroku, and all assets run perfectly, including images (jpgs, jpegs and …


How to use the `exec_insert` method?

I am using Ruby on Rails 3.2.2 and I am running the following raw SQL:However, I would like to use the Ruby on Rails exec_insert method but there …

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Table of Contents

Snibox is a self-hosted code snippets manager. Supports various programming languages, markdown, plain text. Developed to collect and organize code …


Rails: Include External JavaScript

I want to use a JavaScript library such as a jQuery plugin. Do I use the Rails asset pipeline? Or should I include it with a javascript_include_tag? …


Memory increases when upgrade ruby from 1.9.3 to 2.2.10

I was using Ruby 1.9.3 + Rails 3.2.22 in heroku, recently i have upgraded ruby 1.9.3 to 2.2.10 then i could see that memory is growing fast and …


Rails Linking to an alternative view other than show

This is Rails 3.2I have a list of visits and a button that I want to use to call a visit with an alternative view other than show . the button code …

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ASCII character for 4 space tab

ASCII equivalent for a tab is 0x09.chr but this creates an 8 space tab in a file. How can we have a tab space of 4 spaces instead? Once the file is …

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Redmine + PHP Wamp: How to Install Redmine inside existing Wamp server

I am completely new to RedMine. I want to use RedMine & It's API with PHP (Not Ruby on Rails) & MySQL Table data at local host Wamp Server.But I …


Ruby on Rails Heroku Error

I just tried to push my app to heroku but when I go to run heroku run rake db:migrate it says, "Cannot run one-off process at this time. Please try …

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active admin: are there more detailed documentation or resources?

I only come across this: I think many of the features one can choose from are not covered here.

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Ruby on Rails - How to delegate to polymorphic associations?

Is it possible to use delegate with has_many or has_one association in a polymorphic model? How does that work?

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PDF attachment in email is called 'Noname'

When I send an email with a attached pdf file the email only shows a file called 'Noname'. The file itself is the multipart section of the email with …

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ruby on rails, graphql QL autoload

I use graphQL v.1.8 with Ruby (v 2.5.1).My Problem is if I add more queries or mutations. E.g. mutations for CUD a User and several other resources …


Ruby on Rails: Why does my array set contain null, passing my null checker?

I have a code that looks like this:Originally in the database, it has these actor ids:.pluck and .uniq makes redundant ids from each studio distinct …


Bootstrap Dual Listbox : How to Paginate Options

I am using Bootstrap Dual Listbox for my ruby on rails project.I have a large dataset and I was wondering if pagination of the options is possible?I …

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named scope - wrong number of bind variables

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How to pass parameters from root html element to ReactJS from Ruby on Rails app

I am trying to implement <b>ReactJS</b> on a <b>Ruby on Rails application</b> using webpacker gem.Does anyone know how to read/pass data attributes to ReactJS …

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How This Entrepreneur Is Singlehandedly Rebranding His Industry

Dignified and ethical are not words you'd normally associate with marketing...until now.<p>With the exception of lawyers, there are few professionals despised more than marketers. We're considered sleazy, unethical, and "<i>all smoke and mirrors."</i><p>In an effort to return dignity to our field, Louis …


What's the most popular web server or architecture? [on hold]

I heard some companies use Django only and some use Ruby on Rails and some use Django/RubyOnRails + Java backend (the web server forward all the …

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ROR application continuous deployment from github/gitlab

I Have developed a simple application in Ruby on Rails(ROR), pushed it on github and gitlab and deployed it on Ubuntu server provided by Digital …

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Rails: validating a field is present only if another is present

I have a model where there are two fields that can technically be null. The field names are :is_activated and :activated_at. :activated_at is only …

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Class cookie_jar undefined when Reading a cookie in ruby on rails

I have a problem when trying to read the content of cookies in ruby on rails. I set the content of the cookie inside a helper-class using …

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