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Don Lemon to Nye: Is US 'Doing Enough' to Address 'Root Cause' of Hurricanes?

Wednesday on <i>CNN Tonight With Don Lemon</i>, the host brought on a former children’s television host to push the idea that the recent hurricanes and …


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Market Guide for AIOps Platforms<p><b>Published:</b> 03 August 2017 <b>ID:</b> G00322184<p>Analyst(s):<p>Summary<p>AIOps platforms combine big data and machine learning …

Big Data

Slavery as America’s Original Sin & Root Cause of the Civil War

Slave market in Atlanta, Georgia in 1864. Photograph by George N. Barnard [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]<p>(3-3-04)<p>If we ask what was the major …


ECRI Weekly Leading Index: 'Finding The Root Cause Of Recessions'

<i>By Jill Mislinski</i><p>Today's release of the publicly available data from ECRI puts its Weekly Leading Index (WLI) at 143.9, down from the previous week. …


New Orleans still searching for 'root cause' of Aug. 5 flood |

The search continues to find a team to investigate what went wrong at the Sewerage & Water Board that may have resulted in several New Orleans …

New Orleans

Analysis vs. Analytics: Past vs. Future

What's the difference between analysis and analytics? One looks at the past while the other tries to predict the future.


How devops tools accelerate software delivery

Once upon a time, there was a developer who needed to write code against a database. So he asked the database administrator for access to the …


Disaster recovery vs. security recovery plans: Why you need separate strategies

Many enterprises blend their disaster recovery and security recovery plans into a single, neat, easy-to-sip package. But does this approach make …

Disaster Recovery

I Went From Weeklong Migraines To Headache-Free: Here's How

Get to the root cause of your headaches....


Perform advanced analytics on Application Insights data using Jupyter Notebook

To help you leverage your telemetry data and better monitor the behavior of your Azure applications, we are happy to provide a Jupyter Notebook …

Python Programming

Growing a protocol

Growing a protocol Ramasubramanian et al., <i>HotCloud’17</i>I’ve been really enjoying working my way through a selection of the HotCloud papers – they’re …

Software Development

APVMA boss orders review into chemical regulator's performance slump

A review will examine what is behind a slump in the rate of approvals by national chemical regulator, the APVMA, which has lost senior staff ahead of …

Australian News

FDA investigates deaths connected to certain weight-loss balloons

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating five deaths associated with certain weight-loss balloon systems. However, the FDA adds that it does not know the root cause of the deaths at this time.


Root cause analysis and time exploration updates to Azure Time Series Insights

Azure Time Series Insights is currently in public preview, and we’ve been hard at work the last couple months to help our customers better manage and …


Cylance vs. Cryptocurrency Malware

<b>Background</b><p>It’s not news that cybercriminals can use malware to steal items of value. Whether it’s encrypting your personal family photos and charging …

Stop piling on physicians: The last straw in burnout

We are all familiar with the saying: “the last straw.” It refers to the fable of the camel who could carry heavy loads.In the story, the camel is a …

Health Care

Find Hidden Insights in Manufacturing Data

By analyzing data across several manufacturing operations, engineers at semiconductor companies could identity the root causes of defects.

Big Data

With four years to live, she found hope in an ancient therapy

First came weakness, then swollen joints, then the prognosis. When you’re given four years to live, your options are limited. Pump your body with …

News (South Africa)

Zimbabwe: Policy Reforms Urgently Required, Says IMF Chief

[Zimbabwe Independent] The prospect of high inflation in Zimbabwe is high should government continue creating new money to fund fiscal deficits and …


Potemkin Subway

Anybody still wondering what New York City is going to look like post-Broken Windows policing? Just check out Gotham’s latest wide-screen drama—the …

Bill de Blasio

SignifAI Uses Machine Learning to Monitor the Full Stack

Picture this: You’re sitting in front of a bank of monitors, watching dashboards from eight different systems. You allow yourself a smile because …

Machine Learning

'Somewhat chaotic': Hospital criticised for heart disease patient care

It stopped short of identifying a single cause but identified a "not insignificant constellation of 'contributing factors'" in the decision to …

Australian News

Always Be Closing: The Tale of a Go Resource Leak

This is the story of a resource leak in one of Square’s Go services and the process of uncovering the root cause. Facing spiky and mysterious system …


Meet The Startups That Bring Artificial Intelligence To Log Management And Analysis

Artificial Intelligence is set to disrupt every industry vertical. While scenarios like self-driving cars and cancer diagnosis instantly get our attention, more common areas such as IT operations and DevOps are also impacted by AI.<p>Log Analysis<p>One of the core aspects of DevOps is monitoring and …


ICAEW: Accountants should ignore Artificial Intelligence at their own peril

In 2013, Oxford University published research that said accountants and auditors have a 94 per cent chance of being replaced by robots.<p>It is no …


9 Behaviors of Great Problem Solvers

Dealing with ProblemsProblems.We deal with them all day. Whether at work or at home, they seem to chase us down.<i>What if our problem-solving efforts</i> …

Design Thinking

Concerns With DevOps

To gather insights on the state of the DevOps movement in 2017, we talked to 16 executives from 14 companies who are implementing DevOps in their own …


GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Slams Colleagues: We Refuse to Be ‘Honest and Courageous’ on Health Care

As of Tuesday morning, six GOP Senators oppose the health care proposal ticketed for a vote this week, four more than the party can afford to lose in …

Health Care

What’s New

<b>We’re pleased to announce the new release of</b> <b>vRealize Log Insight 4.5</b><b>. You can download the new release here.</b><p><b>Full 360-Degree Log Integration with</b> …


Honda engineer debunks own claim about cause of Takata airbag failures

DETROIT, June 23 (Reuters) - Honda on Friday released a 2013 email in which one of its engineers suggested that he knew some hidden truth about "the root cause" of Takata Corp airbag failures, but the engineer later said he was mistaken. The engineer's email was disclosed in a statement from Honda …