Roman Polanski

Sharon Tate’s dress from wedding to Roman Polanski heading to auction

Mini-dresses and a wedding dress are among the items from estate of actress Sharon Tate are going up for auction.<p>Tate starred in the 1967 film …


Sharon Tate's wedding dress expected to go for as much as $50K at auction

Jan. 20, 1968, was a day to remember for Sharon Tate. Fresh off her breakthrough movie, the hit <i>Valley of the Dolls</i>, the actress married director Roman Polanski at a London fete attended by celebrities including Candice Bergen and Joan Collins.


Roman Polanski’s Actress Wife Emmanuelle Seigner Refuses Oscar Academy Invitation After Husband Expelled

Home Movies Roman Polanski’s Actress Wife Emmanuelle Seigner Refuses Oscar Academy Invitation After Husband...<p>by - July 7, 2018 10:10 pm<p>0 11<p>French …


Student Films: 'Murder, They Wrote'

Casting "Murder, They Wrote," an experimental short film that excavates the oeuvre of Roman Polanski to both illuminate the link between artist and …

Roman Polanski

David Lynch on Louis CK and Roman Polanski: ‘This Subject Is Tricky Business’

"Things get a little out of hand. You feel terrible for anyone who's been a victim," "Twin Peaks" creator says<p>Filmmaker David Lynch has thoughts on the “tricky business” of sexual misconduct accusations, specifically the ones posed against fellow Hollywood heavyweights, Louis C.K. and Roman …

Louis C.K.

Peter Fonda And Roman Polanski On Rape Vs. Murder

Peter Fonda has joined the growing list of Hollywood rape apologists, telling a Zurich radio station, "we should have been celebrating the arrest of …

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Robert Harris on working with Roman Polanski again

The historical fiction writer Robert Harris talks about whether he would work again with director Roman Polanski, who was recently expelled from the Oscars academy.<p>Polanski has admitted unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977 and has evaded various extradition attempts by US authorities.

Entertainment (UK)

Peter Fonda Wants Barron Trump Raped After Defending Roman Polanski

In response to the media hysteria over the Trump administration's enforcement of federal law on the Southern border, actor Peter Fonda (the prodigal …

Conservative View

Roman Polanski Calls The #MeToo Movement "Collective Hysteria"

2 months ago<p>Charlamagne Tha God awards director Roman Polanski <i>Donkey Of The Day</i> for Thursday, May 10th. Polanski, who has directed films like …

Me Too movement

Movie News: The Holocaust Movie Stanley Kubrick Never Made, Roman Polanski Scoffs At #MeToo

In an egregious act of censorship that can only be described as Orwellian, the Cannes Film Festival banned selfies on its red carpet this year. Can …

Jewish Culture

Roman Polanski Threatens To Sue Academy For Booting Him

Director Roman Polanski threatens to sue the Academy for expelling him without a hearing, but would he risk arrest to come plead his case?<p>HOLLYWOOD, …

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Child Sexual Predator Roman Polanski Calls Me Too Movement 'Total Hypocrisy'

The director argued that people are embracing Me Too "chiefly out of fear."<p>Roman Polanski thinks the ongoing Me Too reckoning is “total hypocrisy.”<p>The director, who pleaded guilty to raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977, told Newsweek Polska that the movement highlighting sexual violence in workplaces …

Me Too movement

Disgraced Filmmaker Roman Polanski Says the #MeToo Movement Is 'Total Hypocrisy'

(WARSAW, Poland) — Oscar-winning filmmaker Roman Polanski says the #MeToo movement that sheds light on sexual misconduct of powerful men in Hollywood …

Me Too movement

Convicted child rapist Roman Polanski: #MeToo is "collective hysteria" and "you can't stop laughing" at it

Roman Polanski, the filmmaker who drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl, plead guilty to statutory rape, then fled hours before his sentencing to live …

Me Too movement

Roman Polanski Bashes #MeToo: It’s ‘Collective Hysteria’ and ‘Total Hypocrisy’

Polanski was recently stripped of his 50-year Academy membership for being guilty of having sex with a minor in 1977.<p>Roman Polanski is not a fan of …

Sexual Harassment

Roman Polanski Blasts #MeToo and Threatens to Sue Academy

<i>By Max Godnick</i><p>Movie fans are used to hearing stars thank the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but it's rare for an Oscar winner to say he …

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Roman Polanski’s Thoughts on #MeToo Are Just As Bad As You’d Imagine

This week <i>Newsweek Polska</i> published an interview with filmmaker Roman Polanski — who fled the United States in 1977 after being charged with drugging …

Me Too movement

Associated Press Glosses Over Roman Polanski’s Statutory Rape

8:46 PM 05/09/2018<p>The Associated Press sent and then deleted a tweet sharing Roman Polanski’s comments on the #MeToo movement without mentioning that …

Conservative View

Roman Polanski Blasts #MeToo and Threatens to Sue Academy

<i>By Max Godnick</i><p>Movie fans are used to hearing stars thank the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but it's rare for an Oscar winner to say he …

Me Too movement

Roman Polanski, Kid-Sex Fugitive, Calls #MeToo 'Collective Hysteria'

Roman Polanski, the Oscar-winning filmmaker who remains a U.S. fugitive after pleading guilty to unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl, said the …

Me Too movement

Bonus Segment: Roman Polanski Dismisses #MeToo Movement

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Me Too movement

Roman Polanski sues Oscars organisation over his expulsion

Roman Polanski is suing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after being expelled from the organisation last week.<p>In a letter to the academy, Polanski’s lawyer, Harland Braun, said it failed to follow its own rules or California law by not allowing Polanski a chance to defend himself. …

Film (UK)

Roman Polanski calls #MeToo movement 'mass hysteria'

Film director Roman Polanski dismissed the #MeToo movement as "mass hysteria" and "hypocrisy" in a Polish interview carried out before he was expelled from the Oscars academy.<p>The 84-year-old Oscar-winning director of "Rosemary's Baby" was last week expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts …

Me Too movement

Roman Polanski calls #MeToo 'collective hysteria', threatens Academy with legal action over recent expulsion

Just after threating to take legal action against The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his recent expulsion, the disgraced director has criticized the #MeToo movement as "collective hysteria" and "total hypocrisy."<p>According to ABC News, Polanski made the comment in an interview …

United States

Roman Polanski Threatens Legal Action After Academy Expulsion

Roman Polanski threatened the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with legal action after the organization stripped him of his membership …


Roman Polanski Threatens Academy With Legal Action Over 'Illegal Expulsion'

Filmmaker was expelled from the film academy on May 1<p>Roman Polanski’s attorney Harland Braun threatened legal action if the Academy of Motion Picture …


Roman Polanski's Attorney Rips The Academy Lemme Fight My Case!!!

<b>Roman Polanski</b> got a heavy dose of injustice when The Academy blatantly disregarded its own rules to give him the boot ... so says his</b> …

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski Booted out of Academy

Director Roman Polanski and comedian Bill Cosby have been expelled from the membership of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.<p>The Board …

Bill Cosby

Did Roman Polanski Forget He's a Rapist?

The trades are reporting Friday that film director and convicted child rapist Roman Polanski was “blindsided” by his recent booting from the Academy …

Bill Cosby

MeToo Is ‘Collective Hysteria,’ Says Roman Polanski, Convicted Child Rapist

What is the biggest criticism of #MeToo, the social movement that has swept America since the Harvey Weinstein revelations in 2017, encouraging women …

Me Too movement