A flying snake robot code-named DRAGON. What could go wrong?

Boston Dynamics' robot hell hounds may be scary, but at least they can't fly. But if you thought you could evade the robot apocalypse by taking to the skies, well, we have some bad news for you.<p>Scientists from the University of Tokyo have created a transforming drone code-named "DRAGON". That name …


Boston Dynamics Says It Can Build 1,000 Robot Dogs a Year By Mid-2019

Boston Dynamics is preparing to build its terrifying army of robot dogs, according to a Saturday report in Inverse that the company has set a target …


Girl with robotic arm throws inspirational 1st pitch

PHOENIX -- Eight-year-old Hailey Dawson threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the D-backs game Saturday, delivering another inspirational strike …


From robot insects to human-sniffing sensors, this rescue tech could save lives

Elon Musk’s futuristic “mini-sub” ultimately wasn’t used in the recent daring rescue of 13 people trapped in a cave in Thailand. However, its …


Robotics Online

Universal Robots Raises the Bar for Collaborative Robots with New e-Series Line Featuring Unique Sensing, Safety and Precision Tools<p><b>Universal Robots</b> …


Hack Can Turn Robotic Vacuum Into Creepy Rolling Surveillance Machine

Buying a robotic vacuum cleaner probably sounds like a great idea. Who the hell likes to vacuum? But if it was marketed as an internet-connected …


Killer robot developers promise not to develop killer robots

After years of scaring the pants off of the world’s human population with plans which obviously seemed designed to change the <i>Terminator</i> movies into …

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Mega Man: Fully Charged 101A - NEW Episode Trailer | SDCC 2018

Aki Light is a regular, upbeat, robot schoolboy. He lives in the futuristic world of Silicon City, co-inhabited by robots and humans. But this robot boy has a secret… Deep within his programming lie protocols that can transform him into the powerful hero, Mega Man<p>by on

Mega Man

Boston Dynamics Is Gearing Up to Produce Thousands of Robot Dogs

Boston Dynamics, maker of uncannily agile robots, is poised to bring its first commercial product to market — a small, dog-like robot called the …


Bug-Sized Robot Competitors to Swarm DARPA's 'Robot Olympics'

Picture the Olympic Games — except instead of human athletes, the competitors are all insect-sized robots.<p>That's the scenario proposed by the Defense …


Watch Juarez 2045 Online | Watch Full Juarez 2045 (2015) Online For Free

Its the year 2045. War on drugs in Mexico has escalated as a ruthless drug Cartel use robots to enforce their operations.


Fans claim the new Doctor's redesigned sonic screwdriver resembles a ‘sex toy’

DOCTOR Who fans reckon the show’s re-designed sonic screwdriver is a bit time-lewd — as it resembles a sex toy.<p>It was unveiled this week in a …

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Russia Is Gearing Up To Send Androids Into Space As Part Of ISS Crew

Russia could be sending its first pair of FEDOR androids to crew the International Space Station as early as August 2019.<p>Russia could soon be sending …

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Video Friday: Japanese Androids, Rolls-Royce Microrobots, and Robotic Racecar

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videosVideo Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers. …


Putin's robo-nauts 'to be in space by 2019'

Putin's robo-nauts 'to be in space by 2019': Russia says androids could join International Space Station crew as early as next year<p><b>Russian scientists</b> …

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Harvard's robot arm can grab squishy sea animals without hurting them

As you might imagine, you can't just grab extra-soft sea creatures like jellyfish or octopuses when you want to study them. Not if you want them to remain intact, anyway. Thankfully, researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute have a far more delicate solution. They've created a robot arm (the RAD …


The Robot Changing School for Students with Disabilities

Second grader Maeve Coffey of New York City has spinal muscular atrophy—and a “telepresence” bot that puts her in the classroom when she’s too sick to leave home.


Meet the man behind the world’s first AI cardboard robot

Smartibot is the world’s first cardboard robot that can think for itself. We’ve been talking to the man behind it to find out how you’ll be able to …

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This Folding Robotic Device Captures Delicate Sea Creatures Without Crushing Them

Our oceans are home to a diverse array of aquatic organisms, a surprising number of which have yet to be discovered. To help in the search for these …


Will A 'Moat' Continue Protecting This Big Cap 20 From Rivals?

<b>Intuitive Surgical</b> (ISRG) is building a "moat" to protect itself from surgical robotics rivals like <b>Johnson & Johnson</b> (JNJ) and <b>Medtronic</b> (MDT), one …


The Best of the Physics arXiv (week ending July 21, 2018) - MIT Technology Review

A roundup of the most interesting papers from the arXiv:<p>Couldn't make it to EmTech Next to meet experts in AI, Robotics and the Economy?


We’ve got a racism problem with our robots, too

If there was any chance that robots would skirt humanity’s tendency towards skin color-based judgments, we were wrong. It turns out humans have a …

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Berger & Wyse on robots – cartoon<p>1afaacf459c75f0c5e415e4fccdfb7fe733305fa<p><p>Pascal Wyse | The Guardian<p><p>rss<p>b2611feb27271307c8849352c285d0789d7a2690<p>en-GB<p>2018-07-21T05:00:30Z<p>Illustration: …


Exoskeleton Ethics: Work

A staple of science fiction, an exoskeleton is a powered frame that attaches to the body to provide support and strength. The movie Live, Die Repeat: …

Call of Duty

UpGuard: sensitive documents from 100+ companies including VW, Toyota, and Tesla were exposed on a publicly accessible server belonging to Level One Robotics


ARHT Media Signs Deal to Bring Holographic Display Technology to Cannabis Market

TORONTO, July 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ARHT Media Inc. ("ARHT" or the "Company") (TSXV:ART), a global leader in the development, production and …

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'Robotic' frozen-yogurt vending machines in the works for central Ohio

At least a dozen robotic vending machines serving up frozen yogurt may soon be on the way to locations in the Columbus area.<p>San Diego-based …

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Watch Dive Under the Ice With the Brave Robots of Antarctica | WIRED Video | CNE

Dive Under the Ice With the Brave Robots of Antarctica<p>Sending a robot into the icy depths and getting it back alive can be more challenging than …

Mars Rover

This company specialises in talking, AI-powered sex dolls

China’s online sex toy market is worth nearly $3 billion. That includes a factory that pumps out sex dolls with artificial intelligence.<p><i>CONTENT ADVISORY: This video contains images of a sexual nature.</i><p>The cavernous warehouses in TV series Westworld are filled with fleshy, realistic, AI-powered …

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Meet the robot snakes and bugs that will repair your car's engine

Rolls-Royce is showing off a brigade of nature-inspired robots tailored for vehicle maintenance.<p>Ripping apart the engines of planes and road vehicles …