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Weighing The Week Ahead: Technical Danger Signals?

The economic news continues to be modestly positive.<p>Stock market action shows little volatility.<p>Bonds show continued strength along with stocks.<p>In a …

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Concrete Driveways Melbourne | Repair Concrete Driveway

When it comes to paving and concrete jobs in your own home, in a local residential area, within a governmental or council project or for an …


Time To Trim Some High-Yield Positions And Shelter In Investment Grade

The current benign backdrop for risky assets will not continue forever and is already showing signs of change.<p>Increasing risk aversion in markets …


Online portfolio allocation with a very simple algorithm

(This article was first published on <b>R – insightR</b>, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)<p><b>By Yuri Resende</b><p>Today we will use an online convex optimization …

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Save 98% On The IT Security Specialist Super Bundle [Deals]

Begin your training for an IT security job with this massive 10-course bundle in our Nerd Approved Deals Store. For a limited time you can get access …


Fire safety list issued - for immediate action

At least 79 people are dead, or missing, presumed dead, following the blaze in west London.<p>As homes across the country are checked for <b>combustible</b> …

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Invasive species have a massive impact, but wise policy can keep them out

<i>This article is the second in a series The Conversation Africa is running on invasive species</i><p>Invasive alien species harm ecosystems, economies and …

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Michigan fires contractor doing Enbridge oil pipeline risk analysis

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - Michigan said on Wednesday it has fired a consultant after state officials discovered a conflict of interest with an employee of the company conducting an independent analysis on the risks of an oil spill from Calgary-based Enbridge Inc's Line 5 pipeline in the Great …

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Insurance & Risk Management

The role of the board in risk management<p><b>THE TAKEAWAY:</b> The board is ultimately responsible for the organisation's risk management strategy. While some …


Grenfell Tower - Neglect Of The Most Vulnerable

I was woken on the morning of the Grenfell Tower fire by text alerts. My friends who lived there had escaped from their fifth floor flat. They were one level higher than where the fire started and whilst shocked, were alive.<p>Far too many people have perished in the blaze. Every disabled person I've …

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SOC, meet cybersecurity

As global cyberattacks become more common, organizations are fine tuning, or even implementing, a cybersecurity risk management program — and there …


Dear CTO & CIO, Good Job. Now All You Have to do is Integrate That Risk Management.

Risk management programs must address a widening array of IT threats associated with digital business.

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Global risk analysis gets an artificial intelligence upgrade with GeoQuant

The global risk analysis used by big banks, hedge funds, and governments to inform their decision-making around everything from foreign currency investment to foreign aid is getting the machine learning treatment with the launch of the new startup GeoQuant.<p>In the months since the company launched …

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Sun Life Financial, Inc. - Less Volatile Than Its Largest Canadian Counterpart

Sun Life’s medium term objectives are 8–10% EPS growth, 12–14% ROE, and a 40–50% dividend payout ratio.<p>SLF is more of “steady as she goes” type of …


Bitcoin Price Watch; Profitable Bounce Trades

Ok then, here we go – off on another day’s worth of trading in the bitcoin price. Right now, it’s all about how long the correction is going to last. …


Total circulation: using legal resources to understand and control new flows

Our environment is radically changing. Man-made objects constitute both a new space (the technosphere) and a new geological era (the …

When is it legally too hot to work?

Keeping cool over the past couple of days has proved to be a difficult task for many people. Some may be lucky enough to have air-conditioned cars …

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Choosing a Sound Path Forward for Cybersecurity

Capital market stakeholders across the spectrum are as primed as ever to take action on an issue that affects us…


Hardening the Workforce: Developing Cyber Defenses

Former U.S. CISO Gregory Touhill says the federal government must rethink how it hardens its workforce to prevent cyberattackers from …


WHITEPAPER | Black Duck | 2017 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis Report

Learn about: Common open source components, Costly challenges with stated and hidden OS license terms, Steps you can take to defend against security …

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How Mature is Your Vendor Risk Management Program?

Take this short assessment to measure how advanced your organization's vendor risk management program is - and find out how to get to the next level.

Free How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk Book by Wiley Offer

For a limited time, the How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk <b></b>eBook by Wiley is available for free. This eBook will offer new risk management …


Machine Learning Could Help When Sentencing Criminals - If Used Right | Articles | Big Data

The US Justice system is a big beast, with 350,000 cases passing through the courts each year. There are roughly 6.7 million adults under some form …

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Energy Week: Why Risk Management Is Key

The penultimate day of our Marketplace Energy Week features an interview with Robert Boslego, who believes risk management is the key to success for …


Pekin Insurance Ushers In New Era for Vendor Risk Assessments

Streamlining third party vendor risk assessments with a cloud-based solution<p>Pekin Insurance, a provider of life, business, auto, home and health …


7 Ransomware Myths

What’s the difference between ransomware and typical malware? Mostly, the effects. In a ransomware attack, the data is encrypted and the decryption …


Implications of ‘Big Data’ for Customs Risk Management Capability

Historically, a customs officer’s “intuition” backed up by his/her knowledge and experience served as the means for effective risk management. In the …

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WannaCry hackers just getting started, former federal CISO says

More attacks are coming and they will be much worse, Greg Touhill and other security experts told a House Science subcommittee.


Live from the 2017 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit: IBM Introduces Cloud Identity Connect

Fire Safety Information Guide for Landlords

Introduction<p>Landlords are responsible for the fire safety of their tenants. Whilst this is a clear enough statement, the considerations and …

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