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North Korea Shows Off New Solid Fuel Missile Tech Amidst New Sanctions

Images seem to pointedly show that US pressure and threats haven't curtailed the country's ominous developments.<p>AP<p>North Korea has released pictures …

North Korea

US may soon carry out drone strikes in Pakistan to stabilise Afghanistan: Rex Tillerson

He added that India is ‘emerging as a very important regional strategic partner’.<p>The United States’ Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday …


ExxonMobil: Oil and gas giant ‘misled’ the public about climate change, say Harvard experts

Fossil fuel giant ExxonMobil “misled the public” about the risks posed by climate change, an analysis of its public and private announcements on the …


Time Is Up on Rex Tillerson

Having proven a failure at every aspect of being Secretary of State, he should do the country a favor and resign.<p>With U.S. President Donald Trump …

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Trump's call for healing goes out the window with wild speech

<b>WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TODAY</b><p><b>THE TAKE with ABC News' Rick Klein</b><p>Raise your hand if you thought Afghanistan was the only war he was committing to this …

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Rex Tillerson muddies Trump's messaging on Afghanistan

1:35 a.m. ET<p>After watching the events in Charlottesville unfold, a Catholic priest in Virginia came forward with some personal information he had …

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Trump Turns Up the Heat in Phoenix

President Trump didn’t hold back much at a rally in the Phoenix Convention Center; outside, thousands took to the streets. Here are the stories you shouldn’t miss today:<p><b>TOP STORIES</b><p><b>Trump Turns Up the Heat in Phoenix</b><p>Defiant. Freewheeling. Blistering. Those were just a few descriptions of President …

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After Donald Trump's Afghanistan speech, James Mattis promises action against Pakistan

<b>Washington:</b> A day after President Donald Trump warned Pakistan of the consequences of providing safe haven to terrorists, US defence secretary James …

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Rex Tillerson ramps up pressure on Pakistan

Credits Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesAlt Text Rex Tillerson puts pressure on Pakistan to stop aiding TalibanThe country's special status as a military …

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Breaking: Rex Tillerson Issues Surprise North Korea Announcement

Advertisement - story continues below<p>Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday the United States was “pleased” North Korea has not launched any …

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America's mistrust of Pakistan has taken a new course

It was a telling moment.<p>Key points:<p>Continued co-operation depends on Pakistan driving terrorists out<br>• Many in Pakistan argue thousands have lost their …


US cuts, delays $300 million in aid to Egypt, citing rights

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration on Tuesday cut nearly $100 million in military and economic aid to Egypt and delayed almost $200 million more in military financing to Egypt, pending human rights improvements and action to ease harsh restrictions on civic and other non-governmental groups.<p>…


Raddatz to Tillerson: 'People deserve to know' how many troops are going to Afghanistan

ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz pressed Secretary of State Rex TillersonRex Wayne TillersonOPINION | There is no Trump administration Why the …

Martha Raddatz

Rex Tillerson says Pakistan must help get Taliban to peace table

<b>Washington:</b> US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Pakistan must adopt a "different approach" to ending the 16-year Afghanistan conflict and play a …

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Tillerson Defends Trump’s ‘End to Nation-Building’ Stance on Afghanistan

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the U.S. will provide outside encouragement, but, ultimately, it is up to the Afghanistan government and Taliban representatives to reconcile.


The VICE News Guide to the World — Week of August 21 – VICE News

<i>Donald Trump may be a world of chaos all by himself, but the world beyond Trump is changing in dramatic ways, often with little notice. We’d like to tell you about it and we’re keeping track of these global changes, from the incremental to the monumental, so that you don’t have to.</i><p><i>Sign up for our</i> …

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Rex Tillerson totally undercut Trump’s ‘We will win’ rhetoric on Afghanistan

President Trump assured us Monday night — repeatedly — that the United States would win the war in Afghanistan. But his secretary of state would apparently like to set the bar considerably lower than that.<p>In a classic case of Trump's big talk running into stubborn realities — almost immediately — …


Rex Tillerson appeared to undermine Trump's message on Afghanistan

President Donald Trump's message Monday night was that the US would "win" under his new strategy in Afghanistan. But his secretary of state appeared …

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Rex Tillerson Outlines Potential Diplomatic Strategy In Afghanistan

A day after President Trump outlined his strategy for the war in Afghanistan, his secretary of state took questions about the potential for diplomacy. Rex Tillerson has downgraded the office dealing with the conflict.

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Diminishing American diplomacy around the globe a dangerous prospect

You’re robbed on a trip overseas. It’s late on a Friday night. A short message at the American Embassy informs you that due to budget cuts they no …

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Condoleezza Rice and Bob Gates Should Apologize for Endorsing Rex Tillerson

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates each have led inspiring lives of public service. They are …

Foreign Policy

Is Rex Tillerson Destroying the State Department in Order to Save It?

Amid a year-long “reorganization,” veteran diplomats say the department is crippled and unable to fully function—and the condition could be long-lasting.<p>Shortly after he was confirmed to lead the State Department, <b>Rex Tillerson</b> was tasked with overseeing its diminution. With President <b>Donald Trump</b> …

Foreign Policy

Why top White House officials won't quit Trump

There's lots of punditry about why people like Gary Cohn, Rex Tillerson, Dina Powell, Steve Mnuchin and many others don't quit the Trump White House …


Haley: 'We all have a responsibility to stand up and condemn' hate

United Nations Ambassador Nikki HaleyNimrata (Nikki) HaleyAdministration lacking a detailed coherent strategy on North Korea Trump on North Korea: …


US news | Page 374 of 6384 | The Guardian

A firm but restrained US presence in Asia Pacific is in Australia’s interests. A rash power that threatens open conflict with our biggest trading partner is not<p>Published: 11:56 PM<p>Australia’s former prime minister says claims by US secretary of state nominee threaten to involve the country in …

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US news | Page 256 of 6384 | The Guardian

Yukiya Amano, chief of International Atomic Energy Agency, gave ‘confident’ remarks after meeting with US secretary of state Rex Tillerson

Secretary Of State

Time to dismantle nuclear weapons

President Donald Trump’s threats to pre-emptively strike North Korea continue to alarm citizens as well as international diplomats and military …

North Korea

Tillerson denounces hate in State Department speech

The secretary highlights need for diversity in address to interns and fellows at the department

Trump Administration

The trio that pulled the U.S. back from the nuclear brink

Chip Somodevilla, Getty ImagesU.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (center), Defense Secretary James Mattis (right), and Chairman of the Joint …

North Korea

American Confirmed Dead in the Spain Attacks That Killed 14

An American citizen was killed in a pair of vehicle attacks in Spain on Thursday and early Friday that left 14 dead, the U.S. State Department has …